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Warwick Build Guide by robfordFTW

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League of Legends Build Guide Author robfordFTW

I hunger...- UPDATED FOR SEASON 5-Jungle AD Warwick Guide

robfordFTW Last updated on February 6, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys I'm robfordftw and this is my guide on AD Warwick in the Jungle. I'll tell you a bit about my league experience. I started playing league a year ago, I am in Bronze (yes noob) however I feel that I have played and that I know Warwick enough to make a half-decent guide. This is my first guide on MobaFire however I am familiar with the site. In this guide I will be underlining items that I use, Masteries and Runes as well as what to do in Teamfights. If you notice anything wrong with my guide such as grammar, spelling or just plain wrong tactics let me know. My in-game name is robfordftw (never would have guessed).

Acronyms That I will use:

WW-Warwick :D
MS-Movement Speed
BORK-Blade of the Ruined King
AD-Attack Damage
ADC-Attack Damage Carry
APC-Ability Power Carry
KDA-Kill:Death:Assist Ratio
MR-Magic Resist
AS-Attack Speed

Preseason Update! Warwick got some pretty hefty indirect buffs with the new jungle items and jungle changes. The new jungle Items fit his kit very well and the new jungle is much harder promoting sustain junglers such as the lifesteal king we all love: Warwick. I will explain what new item to get and when to use it. Also added a bit of extra content, hope you guys enjoy!

Season 5: Warick got a few nerfs which is understandable. His w length is shorter by 4 secons and his ult does less damage. Also challenging smite got nerfed so now chilling smite might be worth getting on him.

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Pros and Cons

-In my opinion best sustain out of any jungler
-Ult suppresses enemy champion for 1.8 seconds (suppresses CANNOT be removed by summoner spell cleanse)
-W gives everyone around you a large attack speed buff (allows you to rack the assists as well)
-Has a lot of magic damage (as a general rule, most champions have scaling armor but not scaling MR, as well MR items give less MR then Armor items resulting in champions have less MR then Armor therefore making magic damage superior in most cases)
-Scales well into late game
-Can focus down a fed target very easily
-Excellent dueler

-Ult can be interrupted
-No AOE abilites
-Q does not scale off of AD
-No gapclosers other than ult

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Recommended Items

There are 3 offensive items I like to get on Warwick:

Skirmishers Sabre with Devourer Enchantment-This Item was made for warwick, literally the riot designer of this item must be a friend of warwick's. The skirmishers sabre allows you to smite champions, marking them for a few seconds and when you auto attack the marked champion your auto's do extra true damage, and we all know why this is amazing on warwick because his ult procs on hit effects 5 TIMES in 1.8 seconds allowing for massive extra true damage on your ult. The Devourer is very similer to feral flare and just as good giving you extra on hit magic damage which again really suites his kit, the attack speed always helps too.

Blade of Ruined King-Has everything WW wants, more life steal, attack speed and a sweet active and passive. The passive is especially good on WW because his ult procs on hit effects 5 times so it procs blade of ruined kings passive 5 times doing a ton of damage to a full health target. The active works well with Warwick because he can be kited easily as he has no dash (other than his ult) the active counters that stealing movement speed and doing a bit of damage.

Wits End-I like this item for similar reasons to blade of ruined king, gives you attack speed a nice passive and some MR steal. The additional magic damage on hit (42) passive works wonders on WW's ult giving you an additional 210 magic damage on your ult which is more than the Bloodthirster/Infinity Edge would give you if you don't believe me the math is below. The other passive steals Magic Resistance from the enemy your AA-ing which can give you up to 25 additional MR plus the 25 base MR from the item alone which is altogether almost as much as Spirit Visage or Banshees veil (they give 55 MR). The MR steal also works with your ult so as soon as your done Ulting you instantly have an additional 25 MR (unless they somehow have less than 25 MR).

Blood Thirster VS Wits End-Ult damage

Blood Thirster-Gives 80 Damage. WW's ult has a 200% Bonus AD scaling.
Therefore 80x2=160 bonus physical damage on ult
Wits End-Gives 42 Magic damage on hit. WW's ult procs on hit 5 times.
Therefore 42x5=210 bonus magic damage on ult.

Wits end wins by 50 damage, but keep in mind BT does physical damage and Wits End does magic damage which could be good or bad (usually good because most champions will have more armor than MR do to armor scaling with levels on all champs).

Defensive Items

Spirit Visage-Best Defensive Item on WW hands down. Your gonna get this even if there AP carry is feeding or they have an all AD team. The passive is riduclous on WW proving useful on his Q, Passive and Ult (gives 30% Lifesteal for duration of Ult). The CDR is also very good on Warwick and the 400 health plus 55 Magic Resistance just tops it off.

Randuins-A great Defensive Item in general gives 500 health and 70 armor and in combination is extremely effective against AD champions, the Active slow also works with Warwicks kit preventing kiting.

Sunfire Cape-Another good armor item on warwick it also has an offenisve passive. It gives 45 armor and 450 health which is solid. The passive does 25 + champ level magic damage per second which may not sound like much but it sure adds up. It also makes it so you get assists in teamfights with out even touching someone hehe.


Ninja Tabi- I get these 70% of games mainly because Wits End and Spirit Visage have all the MR I need so I grab some armor. Also has a nice passive against AA champs like Fiora, Yi and Trynd.

Mercury Treads-I only grab these if I am against a heavy AP or CC team because of the Tenacity Passive.

What NOT to get on WW

Banshees Veil- similar to Spirit Visage but without the perks that makes it so awesome on Warwick do not ever replace spirit visage with this.

Bloodthirster- a great item on an ADC not so good on the Off-tank build for Warwick, its an expensive Item and it also is purely offensive giving no defensive perks. As well as proven above, Wits end will give more damage on WW's ult. The life steal is nice but still not good enough to make this a viable item on warwick. He just does't scale well with pure AD.

Beserker Greaves- I prefer defensive boots over offensive boots, Warwick just doesnt need the extra attack speed. He already gets a lot from Wits End, BORK and his W. The AS is simply not needed in this build.

Locket of the Iron Solari- yeah sure great item for a support of full tank jungler but you are neither. You are still meant to do damage, and also there are much better magic resistance items to get on Warwick like Spirit Visage and Wits End.

Last Whisper- this is a bad item on Warwick for a couple of reasons. One, like Bloodthirster it has no defensive perks and two, like I said Warwick does not scale well with with straight AD (the only ability that scales off ad is his ult and if you want extra ult damage go for on hit magic damage-wits end, devourer). The armor pen is not too great on WW, he does a lot of magic damage! His Q, Ult and Wits End (if you have it) all do magic damage so sure he does some physical damage but not enough to make this item worth it.

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This is the easiest part of Warwick, farming. Warwick has the one of the best if not the best sustain in the jungle of any jungler. His massive Q heal combined with his passive makes you almost never below full health.

First Buff: Always start blue, I don't give a **** were the ADC is you always start blue. Warwick uses a **** load of mana and the mana regen is a must. Also because of your sustain a large leash is not required although I usually ask 1 or 2 people to help for the clear time not because I can't 1v1 the buff (you can quite easily). Make sure to start with your W first so you can speed up your attack speed and everyone else around you leashing. With the new changes too the jungle some people have started Gromp (were the wight was) and having people leash that, I think this is a viable option but starting blue works just was well, make sure you do blue right after gromp though or you will notice your mana bar empty soon enough.

Second Buff: After the changes to the jungle in S4 always go to red right after blue, pop some health pots while your on the way and grab your Q second. Then you simply W, Q when you can and smite at the end (in case the enemy jungler tries to steal it).

After both buffs: Farm a couple of camps look for over extended enemies, make sure when you don't have blue buff on don't use your Q it will deplete your mana fast. On your first back grab skirmishers sabre and maybe a Dagger then go back to farming till you can grab your devourer enchantment then make sure to do a mix of farming and ganking to get stacks on the devourer (kills or assists grant you a stack too!).

Thats it for jungling not much to it, even a beginner can't fail at jungling with Warwick!

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Warwick Ganks post-6 are one the most feared simply because of the 1.8 second suppress which gives your lane buddy 1.8 seconds of unloading hell on your opponent and to top it off it cannot be cleansed by the summoner spell cleanse.

Pre-6 Ganks-Most people say pre-6 WW ganks are a non-existant myth I disagree. When a opponent is severely over extended or quite low don't be afraid to help out your laner! With your red buff slow and E MS boost you can stick quite well and do some good damage. I however do not recommend ganking a non-over extended full health opponent simply because all they have to do is back up and you can't do ****.

Post-6 Ganks-This is wear WW really shines, as soon as you get your ult look for a gank they don't have to be over extended remember, if you can't find one keep paying attention to the minimap. You should look for a gank as soon as your ult is up. If you find someone to gank and your ult is up make sure to mark them with skirmishers scabre and ult them, if he flashes away, come back as soon as you ult is up (flash cd is far more than warwick ult cd).

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Counter Jungling

I don't do this much because of the risks of something going wrong (enemy jungler out duels you, jungler brings friends etc.) however if you do it right, buying some wards and getting some vision in can be VERY rewarding. A successful counter jungle will put the enemy jungler far behind so hes focused on farming and less on ganking taking some pressure off your laners.

I usually counter jungle by finishing my blue getting a hard leash so it goes fast. Then I pop some health pots so that I'm full health when I'm waiting for the enemy jungler at their red or blue buff (depending were they started) or if you have a faster clear time you can grab it before they get there.

Once that is done that it will put them down a buff and some experience. Continue grabbing his camps, make sure to leave a small monster behind so it doesn't respawn if you see the jungler and you think you can kill him then do it but beware of enemy laner is coming to his help.

Sorry if this is bad I am a pretty bad counter jungler but I hope I helped.

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Team fighting as Warwick is not overly strenuous, look for the opponent who does the most damage usually the APC (mid) or ADC whichever does more damage. To find out you need to look at a couple of things. First of all I have seen this countless times a Warwick ults the 6/1 Shen whose building full tank, yes hes fed but is he doing more damage than the 8/7 jinx with plenty of farm, NO! So the point here is you have to look at what your opponent is building as well as there farm and KDA. So once you identify the damage dealer jump on him immediately and focus him down make sure to mark him with skirmishers sabre before you ult (use your BORK active if you have it). If he doesn't die your team needs a lesson on who to focus in team fights, but in case it happens only chase him down if you think you can for sure kill him. If he is dead, just make sure to soak up damage and hunt down the squishy targets ruthlessly. Keep in mind you are a great dueler so don't be afraid to one v one their fed malphite. Also your Q does good damage to health stackers because of the Percentage damage component, make sure to use your Q on those Mundo's and Shen's!

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I hope my guide teaches you a bit of my favorite jungler and I also hope my guide doesn't give you a stroke from lack of good tactics, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, advice, criticism or anything else please post!

Hope you have a great day