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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lif3l3ss

I Make it Rain!

Lif3l3ss Last updated on September 11, 2010
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AP benefits 3 of her abilitys her Impure Shots(passive),Make it Rain,Bullet Time.
The reason for Nashors tooth is the attack speed will Benefit Impure Shots Passive, Zhonyas ring for the active and lots of AP can't really go wrong with the item, Rylais is situational i get it mainly for the HP since Make it rain is gonna be ur main ability u use and it already gives a slow, Lichbane because its awesome cant go wrong with that item either. I usually grab Kage's Lucky pick after nashors tooth for the extra gold but its not a needed item just nice to have since some of the items in this build are very expensive. So why AP instead of AD i like both but this is by far my favorite mainly because team fights shes an awsome teamfight champion. They group up u Make it rain on there Head then Bullet time its garanteed Massive dmg if not a mad amount of kills. I got 3 quadra kills in one game with this build. This champion works super well with Amumu, Galio, Vlad,Nunu But who doesn't right if u get there team grouped up as long as your sitting in the back don't get all up in the mix because She is very very squishy. just sit back and MAKE IT RAIN! and u will drop there whole team. This is my First build ive ever posted so i hope its very helpful would love some feedback dont bash the build till u try it though please.