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Lulu Build Guide by etnavedskrap

Support I'll Take You To The Candy Shop - Lulu Supp (7.2) in progres

By etnavedskrap | Updated on February 5, 2017

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Mr.Delta | February 15, 2017 1:02pm
Don't post if it's in progress :(
JeffStrife (10) | February 6, 2017 2:44am
Hiya~ I am Avarosa. I used to be in the Philippines' competitive scene and was well off enough to be hired as coach for a national pro team. But college happened, so here I am. But enough about me, we're here to talk about YOUR guide.

You get a total score out of 20. 0 is just really, really awful and you should really try to add more effort in your guide, 10 is meh, and 20 is like your guide has been blessed with holy water by the Pope himself. Anything above 12.5 is an upvote.

Build & Item Choices (0/5)

Oh boy, where do I start? This is supposed to be a support Lulu build. Props to you for elaborating on her other items but you cannot just miss out on Sightstone. It is a FUNDAMENTAL for a support to carry them. Also would it not be better for Lulu to get Spellthief's Edge since you are opting for an AP build?
As support Lulu, your build either gets to be utility or pseudo-mage. Mixing them is definitely not recommended. Go hard or go home.

Your ability sequence is also wrong. Take note you cannot take another Help, Pix! at level 8 after you just took it at level 7. The potential to max out an ability earliest starts at level 9. Please be more careful.

Formatting & BBCode (3/5)

You've done an okay job with the coding (I've seen a lot of guides with just walls of white text) but you could definitely improve on it. The icons are a bit way too small. Try increasing their size so that they would not look awkward at the side of your texts.

Sectioning & Elaboration (2.5/5)

Your item section is pretty detailed. Though I disagree with "almost" all of your explanations as to why we should supposedly get them. However, sections should not just stop at itemization. Try elaborating more on match-ups, tips, playstyle, etc. You can do it.

Cheatsheet (0.5/2)

Could be better for the reasons in stated above.

Personality (2/2)

You are very ecstatic about Lulu. I smiled as I read the introduction. Let your love for Lulu inspire you to make this guide better. :)

Commandments Followed (0.6/1)
1. Nyet
2. Dah
3. Nyet
4. Dah
5. Dah
7. Dah
8. Dah
9. Nyet, but really tiny, like baby bear.
10. Nyet


You didn't pass. No upvote. I'm sorry :(
Try to improve it more~ I'll come back and upvote it if ever you amend this~
etnavedskrap | February 7, 2017 8:58pm
Thanks a ton for your feedback. I have been reconsidering my build as of late (i have a real hard time bowing to meta) and considered more utility. More so my goal with guides is to help people see hidden potential so that's why I kinda went so left. Haha Although i think there is definitely some good ideas behind my build. I will definitely do more research and experimenting in the future as I truly do love Lulu and thank you again for taking the time to read and review.

:) - a n00b guide maker
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I'll Take You To The Candy Shop - Lulu Supp (7.2) in progres
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