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Caitlyn Build Guide by catesmiester

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author catesmiester

im gonna steal your life

catesmiester Last updated on December 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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key to winning

the best way to win with caitlyn is to lane mid. don't spam your peacemaker only use it when you have a good shot that you will land, if you spam it you will have to go back more often which brings me to my second point. stay in lane as long as you can, the more gold you rack up the better. if you have pushed their tower then go jungle for a little and get more gold and exp. i only use the traps to stick in the bushes like sigh wards so i dont get ganked if my team doesnt call their mia's, but you can always use them to kill your enemy. always use your ulti to get kills even if it means your going to steal it, the more fed you are as caitlyn the stronger you will be and the quicker the game will end and you will need the kills to stack up your bloodthirsters anyways.
When farming, you need to know that your range is great for farming.
Caitlyn is good at farming, because of your long range you can last hit and harass decently. If you ever happen to have the enemy minions push to your turret remember that...When the minions show about 25 percent health left over pay attention to them and get the last hit off. If multiple minions are running low on Health, make use of your Q and take them all out, but dont over use your "Q" and run out of mana. Now if there is a jungler on the other team, or if there are multiple people mia on your map go for the jungle minions until it looks safe. Yes, you could get a tower out of it, but you also risk the chance of dying before you get it or dying after you get it. All in all, be careful.

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team work

without teamwork you will NOT win a game. you must be on the same page when ganking or it will be an epic fail which i have seen many times before so i know. also your team needs to call all MIA'S. if you are midding with cait then MIA'S are the most important thing that you need to know. if you get ganked a lot mid and die well then its GG and you dont want that to happen.

dont fight with your teammates it is never good, instead of fighting the other team you are fighting each other. you can not win a two front war. somedays everyone you get teamed with is a ****, but you have to get over this to win games, if u can't well then you are screwed.

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Caitlyn's Spells

Passive: Headshot provides extra damage after a certain number of shots, dealing 150% of Caitlyn's normal damage to enemy champions and 250% to minions and monsters.

First Spell: Caitlyn's Piltover Peacemaker is an aimed shot that deals damage to every minion, monster, and enemy champion in its path. The amount of damage taken decreases based on how many other targets it has hit before making contact with the intended target. To deal maximum damage to the intended target, a clear shot is necessary.

Second Spell: The Yordle Snap Trap is a placed trap that is sprung when an enemy champion steps onto it. The trap deals damage over time, snares the target for a short perod, and grants Caitlyn visibility of the unit. Each trap lasts 3 minutes if not sprung, and only 3 can be placed at any given time.

Third Spell: This spell is usually used as a defensive weapon, allowing Caitlyn to escape from ganks and slow her pursuers. the 90 Caliber Net is an aimed shot that throws Caitlyn the opposite direction of the shot, as well as slowing the first enemy or neutral champion or minion it encounters.

Ultimate: Ace in the Hole is my favorite from all of Caitlyn's spells because it allows the player to assassinate any visible enemy champion in range with low health. For this spell, Caitlyn lines up a shot, dealing massive amounts of damage to the first enemy champion the bullet encounters. Other enemy champions can intercept the bullet to save their teammate.

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early/mid/late games

start off strong and buy your vampiric scepter so you can stay out as long as you can and farm. make sure you harass and make them keep going back so they are under leveled. if you have mid handle you can go for an early game gank which make your team stronger and make this game much shorter.
Mid game:
by this time you should have your fist bloodthirster and boots and you should grab red buff. im sure there are already team fights going down so make sure you get in them and pwn from a distance (be careful not to die, dont want to lose the bloodthirster stack). also keep up on jungling if you have the chance.
Late game:
the game should be over but if not well keep building and killing everyone and everything. Remember this is a team game so none of that lone wolves BS. dont die and lose you bloodthirster stacks. once your build is complete and your bloodthirsters are fully stacked go solo baron. Thats right i said solo baron. if you dont believe me well try it for yourself because it does work i have done it plenty of times and you will end up with full health if you started with it.

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Pros / Cons

a lot of damage
good attack speed
so much life steal they are just giving it to you
ulti does 1500+ with a full build
easily solo baron nasher
when you die you lose a lot of damage and life steal
hard to do a 1v5 but is possible if you are fed