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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zacushka

Immortal Shen

Zacushka Last updated on February 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Edit Notes

I took out leviathan becuase I felt it was too cumbersome and puts Shen at a disadvantage early game. Also, I found that by the time I had 20 stacks the game was over. I replaced Rabadon's Deathcap with Zhonya's hourglass because the armor combined with just enough AP and the invincibility for 2 seconds really comes in handy more than Deathcap. I also replaced guardian angel with Aegis shield because I found out that Shen rarely dies anyway although im still experimenting with the last items. I also replaced ghost with cleanse because it is a better tool for Shen being able to escape. This build and Shen's abilities gives him enough speed to get away already and its better to avoid cc.

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Early Game

First off, let me begin by saying that I discovered this strategy after playing around with Shen builds for quite a while. I love Shen's ability to jump around the map easily. I have tried the top Shen builds and I always found myself lacking some game altering ability. So, this strategy focus's on awesome tank ability while also great farming and back-dooring potential.

First off. As a tank it is usually good to match yourself up with a tank or support playing in laningg. Why? I have found it most beneficial to let the DPS characters zerg one lane and increase the odds of getting early game kills. I usually get last hits from minions like a pro in early game and so most early game money will come from last hits with your vorpal blade. Also, never give up the oppertunity to harass the other team heroes with vorpal blade. Energy recharges fast so USE THOSE ABILITIES AND BE A LITTLE AGRESSIVE. I get focus vorpal blade and shield first so that Shen has the ability to remain at capped health while farming and harrassing. at lvl 4 I unlock his taunt to taunt tower divers and for a good ability to get away fast.

Ganking IS an option for shen whenever possible. It is always up to the skill of the player to conduct effective ganks. I generally gank mildly in mid game only if my team's mid is backed up against the turret.

Last hits are KEY early game. You will enjoy much AP defense and health regen after you aquire the Force of Nature. I've even surprised a few players by tower diving as Shen and getting the kill and getting away.

By the time you get Force of Nature, mid-game should begin (20 minutes into the game approx.)

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Mid Game

At this time you should focus on building Randuin's Omen for AD deffense and the slowing AoE ability. You will probably find that you are able to lane and farm minions without much fear of ganks or deaths as Shen. You might also notice that your team has begun ganking and focusing turrets. As Shen, I like to lane in any lane that most minions are available and where most of my team is not.

I know what you're thinking tho, "What good is a tank if he is not initiating team fights with his team?" Here is the answer: Shen is always with his team (as long as teleport or his ult is up)

Your team will basically keep the opposing team occupied while you farm. I keep a close on for when the opposing team initiate a fight and dives in and THEN I ULT. I DO NOT WAIT UNTIL SOMEONE IS AT LOW HEALTH TO ULT. It is imperative that you find the person in which the opposing team is targeting and ult him right away and then jump into battle with the upper hand. It's not a wasted ult, it is a team battle altering ult. Once the team fight is over you can "B" back to base and buy items and then teleport back to a lane to continue farming.

This guide is very good at lvling Shen up fast and getting fat quick.

The next item is "Warmong's Armor". Shen is tanky enough at this point and so it's better to give him so health and regen to dampen the opposing team's spirits.

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End Game

By this time turrets have been taken and the game should be over in the next 5-15 minutes.

You should be close to getting or have "Zhonya's Hourglass" for extra protection in shielding and hp for ult protection. This is strange for a tank build but I assure you that it is a great way to finalize the build and give the opposing team no hopes of killing you. It provides just the right ammount of armor and AP and ability to become invincible in tight pinches when you are low on energy.

End game I like to get a little creative. I'm not afraid to go far into enemy territory and push to their turrets. This strategy requires...
1. either your ult or the teleport summoner ability ready (Or just a really good confidence level in your survivability in the game)
2. Good awareness of where the enemy team is and where they are going
3. Good timing skill of when to escape

With all of that said. When you sense the enemy team is on their way. Either start using shadow dash to get away fast OR wait until they are actually ON TOP OF YOU and teleport away or ult away. Doing this distracts the other team from your team pushing another lane WHILE you get away without a scratch.

Remember though. You ARE a the team's tank. So it is up to each player's skill in the game to decide when to be with his/her team to initiate team fights and when to push lanes.

I took out guardian angel because...I don't think Shen needs it. I suggest aegis shield and you can experiment possibly with frozen heart at this time

Try it out guys and let me know what you think. I strongly suggest a lot of practice as this playing method takes a lot of map awareness and strategy.

Enjoy! It's my first build so I'd love feedback or ideas.