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Wukong Build Guide by Nastu616

Top Immortal War God Wukong

Top Immortal War God Wukong

Updated on April 28, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nastu616 Build Guide By Nastu616 5,694 Views 0 Comments
5,694 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Nastu616 Wukong Build Guide By Nastu616 Updated on April 28, 2022
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Runes: Strong Monkey

Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Best sums for now
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

Immortal War God Wukong

By Nastu616
About me
Yo my name is Nastu616 and I've been playing league for quite sometime now, since season 4. During that time I have learned a lot about the game, how the items work and deep understanding of each champion match up. I am making this guide to help out my friend. I used to main wukong in ahh season 10 and I learned alot about his kit.
Immortal War God Wu
So the core of this build is to make wukong a juggarnaut or a very tanky monkey that can but out his fair share of damage. The reason this is a pretty viable build on him is because it makes it easier for newer players to pick up and it makes him really hard to kill. You can never go wrong with having a tank on your team that can provide cc, armor shred, and damage.
Pros and Cons
[*] Very easy to pick up
[-] Weak to cc
[*] Has very strong engage
[-] Can be kited
[*] You can show skill expression
[-] Can fall behind when camped
[*] Armor shred and crowd control
Laning Phase
Other than the cheese in lane just make sure you farm and try to stay ahead in your opponent with it and you also have a very easy trade to do. So when they are close enough all you have to do is e them then q them and w away and you will take very little to no damage if they were not expecting it. I would say do that trade to wither down their health and when you get them low enough to the same thing again but instead of using your w to run away hold on to it to chase them and make sure you use ignite if you feel it will be a kill. After depending on if your low or not shove the wave and recall and thats an easy way to win lane. Obviously it won't always be as easy as that since there are a million things that can go wrong but i would say 85% of the time that combo trade will work.
Laning Phase Cheese
So level 1 you can do a cheese on some champions depending on which where you hide in a bush on their side and wait for them to approach then e them and use your bonus attack speed to get a easy winning trade with them. The reason this can work is because your e provides you bonus attack speed on top of that you would have conqueror stacking everytime you hit them which gives you ramping damage and once fulling stacked some healing. However this will not always work because the enemy might just be stronger than you level one and can kill you so I reccomend testing this out while your not playing competitively.
Mid Game
By now you will want to have at the very least 120 minion kills and this is like 15 - 25 min in. Hopefully you would have won lane and you would continue your winnings towards getting more towers because wukong is a very strong split pusher meaning you kill towers pretty well. Your q does damage to towers, so does your clone and it can also q on top of your e bonus attack speed if you use it on minions. Make sure to not push up too far without knowing where the enemy team is because they can easily come to kill you. You can also choose to be with your team since you have such a strong engage. In a team fight you can do your e w ult combo and make sure to focus their back line (the squishest targets) using your q and always ult twice. Remember this is a team game so u gotta help your team as well.
Late Game
Late game I would say is post 25 min in. This is probably where you want to be with your team most of the time and you should definetly have 150 minions kills by now bare minimum. You should have at least 4 items by now if not more. You will be very hard to kill unless you let them just attack you. Here do your best to not go in by your self or get caught and die alone because your team will need you. You are the engage and the tank. Make sure when you go in that your team is close enough to go in with you to help other wise you will just die. Late game is hard because almost any fight could be the end of the game so you have to play really well.
Items finally!!!
The reason your go Divine Sunderer is because it gives you, the damage to deal with chunkier foes, gives you more health, and gives you more armor pen and magic pen. You will always want to build Sheen first because it gives your next basic attack or I think your q bonus damage. However if your enemy has lots of healing you will go Bramble Vest instead, then build Divine Sunderer. You will either go Plated Steelcaps or Mercury Treads depending on if their team is mostly composed of AD or AP. After that you will want to go Black Cleaver. This item provides you health and literal armor shred every time you do physical damage (AD) you stack armor shred on them up to 6 stacks which is a total of 30% armor shred. This will help your team kill your enemies very easily and helps you as well. Then you will have a few options to go after, if their team has a good amount of healing your will then go Thornmill. This item gives you armor to deal with AD champions but most importantly Grevious Wounds which is a status effect that reduces enemy healing by 40% (Bramble vest) or 60% (Thornmill). If not you can go Titanic Hydra. This item provides you health and everytime you do an ability that damages you will do an AOE effect in a cone area. Next if you want to have something to keep you from dying I reccomend Sterak's Gage. This item gives you health, damage, and everytime you are put at 30% of your health you get a big shield.

Okay now I'll explain your other go to items because you need to be flexable. Sorry for the long essay.

Warmong's Armor gives you a **** ton more health and when your out of combat you heal a freaking lot.

Spirit Visage gives you health, magic resist so it is good for AP chamipions and increases how much healing you get. So it synergies really well with Warmongs.

Maw Of Malmortis gives you damage and magic resist on top of a Magic resist sheild when your at low health.

Force Of Nature gives you health and magic resist with the effect of getting stacks every time you take damage from enemy champions and when it is at full stacks you take 25% reduced magic damage with 10% movement speed.
The end
Thanks for going this far :3 I will update this more in the future.
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