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Master Yi Build Guide by impbloody

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author impbloody

Imp's Jungle Yi

impbloody Last updated on September 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Master yi

Because of master yi's passive, hes not only a very strong jungler, he also does an amazing job both taking down towers, and destroying enemy champions.

I love master yi, and think he is more than just a "right click" champion. He requires alot of thought to play effectively, and takes skill and timing to play well.

If you think master yi is a right click hero, while you are right as every champion is a right click hero, this may inform you on other uses he might offer.

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Masteries: 21/9/0 or 21/0/9


Since master yi is more of an offensive champion, I am going to focus more on the offensive side of master yi. Getting the extra armor pen from the mastery and having him both crit more, and making his crits hurt by another 10% damage increase.


Because You will be jungling with yi, i like the extra armor, and the extra dodge chance as well as nimbleness for a bit more mobility.


If you want to, you can switch the defensive and get 1 level in the teleport mastery, 3 in regeneration, 4 in experience gain, and 1 in longer duration buffs. These are both viable choices, and are completely up to you.

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Master yi is probably one of the best farmers, if not the best.
Alpha Strike

Your bread and butter... This ability only gets better the more you level it up. If not for an increased chance to do massive damage to minions, but also lowering the cooldown of it.

This ability is also closing the gap between you and other enemy champions. Because of the change to flash as well, if they do manage to flash while you alpha strike, now you teleport to the location they flash to because it acts as a projectile.

Unfortunately, I have even fallen victum to underrating this spell... This spell is amazing even if you are not going ap. Getting it at level one is an instant 50 armor/mr simply from channeling it.

This has probably saved me more times than I can count. If not surviving a karthus ult because of it, or avoiding giving mord a ghost because of it. There is really no point in putting a point in this spell even if you do have to sacrifice another 5 damage from wuju style.

This ability is a life saver when it comes to exhausts and blinds, using this ability at proper times either makes a good yi, or breaks him.
Wuju Style

This ability screams take me, I make my passive Godly good. just leaving this ability off cd at level 1 gives you 15 extra damage, pressing it gives you another 15 on top of it. What seperates this ability from the rest of master yi's? If you activate it and kill someone while your ultimate is going off, you gain the passive + the active.

Thats 3 wuju styles passives, all at the same time. Combine that with master yi's passive... anyone is pretty much as good as dead.

What more could you want from a character like this as an ulty, and dont say the ability to not be cc'ed at all... Massive movement speed increase, massive attack speed increase, cannot be slowed. And on top of all of this. If you kill someone while this is active ALL of your abilities are off of cooldowns.

Thats correct, not just wuju, not just meditate, or even alpha strike, you can reactivate his ultimate all over again to refresh them again.

When highlander is used at perfect timing, Yi is a force to be wreckened with.

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Armor penetration

Armor penetration was made to be placed in marks. When master yi's passive goes off, if you are dealing twice your damage with 1 attack, and dealing full damage, the amount the enemy takes is devastating.

If you are going to be jungling, you will want either armor, or dodge, the longer you can stay in the jungle, the less time it will take for you to get your items.

Cooldown Reduction

I like cooldown reduction because it lowers the time for alpha strike to come off of cooldown. This build doesn't have alot of cdr aside from yuumoo's ghostblade, so I think its only fair to get around 22% (including masteries).

Armor penetration

Either taking more armor penetration or attack speed, it is really your choice, but both are equally acceptable.

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Alot of people can debate with me all they want with items. Personally I like to change my item builds with the game play.

Why do i take my items?

When I choose which items I buy, you must realize, I am not building to kill a tank with this build, I am trying to kill champions with low armor, and people who are exposed.

When I say exposed, this means I have an opportunity to kill a: caster, support, ad carry, bruiser. simply because they are alone.

Another thing to remember, just because someone has a huge hp pool, does not mean they aren't your target. As I said, champions with low armor and 3k health will go down just as fast as a champion with 100 armor and 1.8k health.

With this being said, I do not build yi to take alot of damage, he is meant to deal damage, if you want to be successful with yi, you have to choose when you feel the enemy isn't ready for you. Does this mean you can't help your team, absolutely not, this is why you brought teleport, if not to get into a team fight because you are pushing another lane, or your team successfuly won a team fight, and there is an exposed tower to kill.

As for a defensive item, I know i dont have alot of health, but i like quicksilver because if you are dealing with a mordekaiser, than stopping the other team from getting your ghost is more than worth the item. And avoiding malzahars combo is definitly worth the item.

Also, I have gotten a zeal before infinite edge, and its not a terrible item before it, because it offers crit chance, movement speed, and attack speed, so it does work well. Don't be afraid to try it.

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Summoner skills

Personally, I feel like teleport is under-used, and with a champion like master yi, it is absolutely perfect.

As for smite, this is necessary for any jungler to speed up their jungle by almost double.

Other summoner abilities that are completely ok to use.

Flash, this is almost always ok for any player to use. I just dont feel it is necessary because you have alpha strike to close the gap anyways. If you have to use it to get away, it probably wasnt the best situation to get into anyways.

Ghost, another ok ability to use, but highlander + yuumoo's pretty much will either catch a person, or get you our of a jam just as well as ghost.

Exhaust, this is probably the one i would most debate about using, because if there is ever a chance that someone does more damage than you (which i highly doubt) than you can bring this. Or even for early game ganking.

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Jungle rotation


Typically, I like to show my face while jungling, if i ever find a point where i can poke around a lane, i will do so.

I find even if you dont manage to get a hero kill while jungling, just making an appearence shows that you are watching that lane and forces the opponent to react with either wards, or clairvoyencing to check for you.

Aside from that, I like to start with cloth armor and 5 potions, at the other team's wraiths, mostly because level 1 of alpha strike will usually get you at least 1 wraith kill, and you can smite the blue wraith. After that, go back to your jungle and kill the wolves. Back to wraiths, then golems. I smite the blue wraith just because they give me the most trouble out of any part of the jungle.

Potential options

Typically I wont have my blue or red until i have my claws, but if you can get a team to get you a good leash, go ahead and take blue. Or even give it to your mid so they can have a more successful laning phase, it helps you abit, but they usually have a better time when they have it.

You should probably get out of the jungle at some point...

When you hit 6, go ahead and gank, and try to force your opponent to back, the advantage to having teleport, is that when they are forced to back, you might be able to get a few tower shots in, and if the jungler shows up, you can back to base and teleport back in.

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This is actually difficult, as I will mention later in teamplay, yi is alot harder to play than most because he doesn't have cc to rely on like other champions making ganking more difficult to pull off.

Does this mean you shouldn't gank?

Of course not, as I said before, even if you dont get a kill from ganking. Letting the other lanes know that you will show your face will force the other team to buy wards and clairvoyance you so you don't get that chance.

If you have a solid top that does have a stun or slow, and exhaust, master yi can almost guarantee a kill from that lane.

Also, never forget you have a teleport, even if you know a lane has a ward, you can still get good position and be in a lane that is being pressured, teleport should always be used for pushing/ganking purposes.

typically I will gank around level 4, because you will have 2 levels in alpha strike, medreds claws, and 15 extra damage from wuju (30 if you activate it), And if you haven't gotten red buff, grab it before you gank, its an easy kill because the slow is alot more harsh with melee character's than with range.

Blessing of the lizard elder

This unit's physical attacks slow the target's movement speed by (10/20/30)% (at levels 1/6/11) and deal (7.7 + Level * 2.35) true damage based on their level. If the buff holder is slain, this buff is transferred to the killer.

Duration - 2:30
with Utility Mastery - 2:52/3:15

if you want to, you can choose to swap your masteries to get level one of the utility mastery, but with teleport, you get around the map quite a bit quicker. as well as grabbing the teleport mastery. But that's up to you.

Wriggles uses

Another thing is, use wriggles as a means of transportation, if you know their ward is down at dragon and your wriggles ward is up, with wriggles and berserkers + your ult, you can easily take down dragon, dont be afraid to do it. 190 gold for the entire team is well worth the risk if you know they dont have sight of you doing it.

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Don't ever mistake master yi's ability to push, if you see an open lane because they went to gank another. TAKE ADVANTAGE. Dont let that push go to waste, that can almost give you a free tower because with just wriggles, you are almost doing 122 damage, as well as your double strike on the tower. This in reality is only like 74 damage to the tower, but still, when that tower is down, not only are you getting gold for your team, but this is map control you gain over the other team.

Possibilities when pushing well

If middle tower, and bottom tower are gone, with good ward position, dragons are really easy to take because they dont have that ability to sustain the lanes anymore.

Don't think you dont have enough damage to take a tower, its very rare that you wont have enough damage.

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For teams, I would advise to get more cc on your team, master yi has no way of actually stunning or slowing anyone unless you get trinity force or frozen mallet, or hextech gunblade.

Personally I don't get slows because I find closing the gap really easy with master yi, and typically will try to catch my opponents off guard by kiting them into a bush so they cant flash away, or they are alot slower than I am.

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Thank you,

for reading my guide, I hope I dont receive to many dislikes because this is my first guide. And please dont say that im copying, I have been using this build for a long time. I will admit before I was using last whisper and didnt have the armor pen runes, because I liked the attack speed on last whisper before the changes to it, but this is more successful, so I use this now.

Please leave any comments to help me out.