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Shyvana Build Guide by Schrecklich

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Schrecklich

In Depth Tanky DPS Shyvana: F*** YOU, I'm a Dragon!

Schrecklich Last updated on November 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First, allow me to start by saying this one thing.
SHYVANA IS NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TO BE BUILT AS A STRAIGHT DPS. Shyvana is a tanky DPS sonofa*****, and I'm here to show you how to maximize her tankiness as well as her DPS. If you want to build a Stark's Fervor and an Infinity Edge, go play Yi or Jax. Remember, you are a SERIOUS lategame monster. And an early game one. AND a mid game one. Your high DPS will help you early game, your tankiness will help you midgame, and your unkillable tanky DPS will help you late game. I have OUT DPS'D A JAX LATE GAME BY A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF DAMAGE. He had a higher CS than I did, too. We both had our full builds, and I out dps'd him. You wanna do the same? Sit down, summoner. Get ready to win.

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Item/Summoner Spell Explanation.

Okay, so a lot of you probably looked at my build and said "WTF NO MASSIVE ATTACKSPEED". Yeah, that's because your primary role as Shyvana will be as a mid-DPS tank in mid game. I compensated by getting mostly attack speed runes, but seriously, you don't need 2.5 attacks per second. Start with a Null-Magic Mantle and two pots. You can build this into either your Merc Treads or your Wit's End. I usually go for Wit's End. Why this item first? Three reasons. That delicious attack speed will help you dominate your lane. Secondly, the magic resist will make you even tankier. And lastly, the on-hit effect. Your q will make on-hit effects take place twice. Now here come the boots. Mercury's Treads are great on Shyvana. Since you're going to be in everyone's faces in a teamfight, you'll be getting CC'd a lot. So if things get bad, your Merc Treads and Burnout should help you get out alive. Next up is Mallet. The Frozen Mallet is build on Shyvana for, also, three reasons. The stats are great on any AD based tanky DPS champion. Shyvana's ONLY CC is her ultimate's knockback, and that is VERY small. And lastly, because your next item is Atma's Impaler. So why Atmallet on Shyvana? The crit, the armor, and the AD. Three of your best stats. So that's pretty self explanatory. The last armor, I usually pick a Warmog's. The health not only makes you tankier, but with the mallet+atma's already in place, you become a ridiculous tanky DPS. Tiamat and Black Cleaver are also very great items on Shyvana, but this build isn't straight AD carry. If you wanna build that way, I suggest going Jungle Shyvana.

Summoner spells. Exhaust/Ignite. Your ultimate works in place of flash, so don't pick that. It is a good enough escape mechanism, initiator, chaser, etc. Flash is a waste of a slot. Exhaust/Ignite is a great combo on any tanky AD carry. It allows you to chase down your enemy and ruin their game. Shyvana is exactly that kind of champion.

Need to live more? Swap out Bloodthirster for Thornmail or Frozen Heart. Randuin's Omen is also good.
Need to kill more? Swap out Wit's End for Black Cleaver or Malady. Madred's Bloodrazor is also good. (ON HIT EFFECTS ARE KEY)

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Runes and Masteries

Since you're building tanky, you're going to need some SERIOUS attack speed runes. So that's exactly what I did. Alacrity blues, alacrity yellows, alacrity quints, and AD per level reds. The attack speed is because frankly, you don't get much in your build. The AD per level helps you to be a late-game monster, too, which is good. This build is working with the current Tanky Deeps metagame, so it's very nice in ranked.

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Laning and Skill Order.

TAKE A SOLO LANE. If there is no jungler, lane with whoever has the heaviest CC to compensate for your lack of it. Singed, Leona, and Blitzcrank are all nice choices. You should grab your Q first for a few reasons. It's a great early game burst attack that can help you to pick up an easy first blood. It's also very nice for last hitting to get your next skills easier. Next grab Burnout. Burnout is one of my favorite moves in the game. Remember, burnout recharges upon autoattacking. So remember to keep it up while you farm to pick up as many last hits as possible. Your E is not very useful in the laning phase, so don't put very many points into it. Remember this simple guide.

R > W > Q > E
RWQE. You can remember it this way. Rammus Walks Quickly Enough. RWQE. OK?

Focus on last hitting, as attacking minions also gets your fury bar up. You can kick almost any champion's *** with ease if you play smart, so just deal some damage to anyone who tries to interrupt your farming and chase them off. Once you get your mallet, PLAY AGGRESSIVE. Harass them with your E, try and land a Q on them every once in a while. Don't be stingy with your ultimate, as you can farm and get it back in about 20 seconds. Your ultimate is an amazing tower diving and chasing tool, as well as a great escape mechanism. Late game it's also an initiator in teamfights, but this is focusing on the laning phase. Push. Towers. Ignore the enemies if you're tanky enough and do some decent tower damage throughout the phase. If you can die but get a turret, do it. By the end of the laning phase you should have your Atma's. By now you should be dominating.

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Backdooring Strategy

1. If there are minions, simply walk right up, press R, and start attacking. If not, pop your ultimate to go through a wall so they don't see it coming.
2. Attack once, then press Q. You should've taken out about a quarter of the turret's HP at this point.
3. Repeat 2 until the turret is dead.
4. Rejoin your team ASAP! Pop burnout and run like ****. You WILL get ganked the moment they notice you are there.

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Mid/Late Game.

Mid game. You probably should have a decent score by now. I usually find my score is around 12/6/9 by this time. Mid game is very similar to laning phase, only now you play MORE aggressively. Ult in a teamfight with your team close and NUKE THAT **** DOWN. Focus a single target and ruin their lives. Even if you die, it'll take them quite a while and they'll all be low by the time you do down. Ping this character before you go in. You have great single-target damage with AoE damage all the while. Shyvana. Wins. Teamfights. Remember to reset the attack timer with your Q when fighting or taking turrets. You can deal THREE AUTOATTACK'S WORTH OF DAMAGE IN ABOUT A HALF OF A SECOND WITH THIS THING. Turrets WILL go down. You can backdoor like a madass **********er.

Late game. You just bought your warmog's. Go jungle to get some of that bonus health. Then, GO PICK A TEAMFIGHT, WIN IT, AND PUSH. Congratulations, summoner. You're now an unkillable master of death and fire. Jax and Tryndamere wish to touch the HEM of your ROBE. You can sustain yourself amazingly in a teamfight, and you'll be an AMAZING pusher. Play as aggressively as ****. I'll come back and say a little more about late game and mid game Shyvana later, but the champion is still very new and I'm still learning her myself. I hope you found this useful, summoner. Have fun with the dragon!