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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bogus


Bogus Last updated on January 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello, this is my first guide
so, i have tried many builds with Irelia
many have worked and failed, but mostly it kinda sorta worked out more than fail
This build i have made was not gathering all of the builds toegether and making a super-duper pro build
This build was made when i was testing random builds out with items that seemed to help out my survivability

Why Irelia? she has true damage, lifesteal, kinda a flash, stun/slow and an ult that can save your life
Well she seems kinda OP imo, maybe, maybe not, it's my opinion
People say she needs buffs, i don't think she really needs one

I've read that shes outdone by akali and others, but she can easily compare with her

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Pros / Cons

Not squishy
Damage fair
Great chaser
Fair DPS

Damage not as great till late game
Item dependant

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Well the items arent actually a 'killer' build
It helps with survivability
Why the emblem? its to help your early game and not feed
if you havent noticed, her early game isn't so great imo
It helps you lane longer

Why Tiamiat?

Go to the farming section and the reason is there

But if your too lazy,
It helps you farm a lot faster because your ult works with tiamat
Which you wiil need for those pesky items

Why Merc Treads?
Well, her passive (that you dont notice a lot) has CC reduction, so why not make it better? it gives lots of CC when your with your team, so if they try to focus you, yo have loads of CC and it'll b a waste :D
+ it gives magic resis :D

Why Zeal? Why not just build the Trinity force after?
Well, it gives you movement speed which is fun
more attack speed and more crit chance

Why Banshee's Veil?
Well i don't kmow, maybe ashe's arrow, sion's/taric's stun, Eve's stun, those dang nuking champions will change your mind in putting this in your item build
+ it gives magic resis for them pesky Mages

This might go against my merc treads, but it gives it might save you one day

Why phage?
It gives health attack damage and a chance for a slow

Why Trinity Force?
you already got zeal and phage, why not just combine it

Why Hexdrinker?
well, im not so sure, it helped in surviving a gank and i running away, going ninja and attacking the carry's and then being able to run away once they focused me

-You could replace this item for a damage item, or suvivabilty item
Options you may want:
1. Guardian Angel
2. Getting any damage item

Well, Usually when it turns to mid/late game
i sell the Emblem and tiamat, but i only do that once ive finished my Trinity Force

But, you could upgrade that emblem to a Stark's
Your choice

So, if you've gotten to the Trinity force, you may see that your build isn't quite full
The last 3 slots (or 2 if you went with stark's) are your damage items, Black cleaver, Infinity's Edge, and Bloodthirster
Choose any 3 (or 2) you you like

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Skill Sequence

For the skills, i love putting 1 skill point in the 3 abilities because it gives you more variety
i max out E for the damage and slow/stun

Another skill build could be maxing out your W first
that gives you AA damage and lifesteal for laning longer

I have tried going Q first, and it helps farming... kinda..
but your damage output in those early game fights in your lane, isnt that great

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Maybe your asking yourself, "why go utility? why not offense?"
Well, the utility is to shorter cd on her her summoner spells, get more exp, CDR on abilities and more movement speed.
imo, thats a lot better than just more damage
You maybe telling yourself," pff, ill jsut go offense for more damage"
Well, with the CDR to your summoner spells, (ghost and ignite) you could go ganking lanes
with that xtra speed and ignite for the finisher

That might not be helpful to you, but your reading my guide, so...

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Her farming early game isn't too bad like Eve's or pro like morde (is he still a good farmer?)
But, once you hit level 6, that ult could kill the all 6 minions
not the tank minions

The tiamat works with your ult so if theres a big mob of minions you could kill A LOT of the minons

All you need to do is farm like a Boss

you'll need the cash
(like every other champion, i know)