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Irelia Build Guide by ChupaChuck

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChupaChuck

Irelia Blades go hard, You go pro

ChupaChuck Last updated on July 26, 2011
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So here my first guide , not really sure bout runes but its all about items aighht.

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So first Irelia is most epic build created by me. Works out the best when completed. Its based on mana and health mostly. So the deal is that if more you have the more you hit. Starting by Manamune - hopefully you will get it fast enough if you'll work out some kills),Your survivability is preety low so better have healer at your line or some kind of support, if not start with regrowth pedant for your warmog wich you'll but later ); So you gaining mana wich incrases dmg then you're about to incrase your cooldowns to spam Q (i know its restoring but not always you'll last hit) and gain even more mana wich means more dmg. Then depending on situation go for Warmog or Frozen Hearth (more mana =more dmg ). Then atmas impaler to bust damage from Warmogs health. At end boost yourself with even more mana + bonus ap for your E. Outcome should be more than enough , around 250 dmg ,3k hp, more than 100 ap, around 200 armor, 3,5-4 k mana.

Second build is kinda assasin one. starting to work nice when you will get 3rd item = hextech gunblade (dont forget to use it active!) so be patient. Im using this build the most because it work out in most situations. It gives you some big dmg , nice lifesteal ( so you dont have to get back to base), and ap for your E as well, Elisa miracle have tenactity wich combined with your passive work out preety well ( im not buying mercury threads coz i need some survivability at start + getting ionian boots i will get more cooldowns ).Then after getting trinity force we're have preety strong hit , so time to work out survivability - there comes warmog, and like in previous build we getting atmas impaler to get some damage out of it.

3rd build is typically carry one. Not requies much of a player skills. So as always the best way to stay in line is lifesteal. so theres vampiric scepter, then as previous ionian boots, then more lifesteal from bloodthirster, then some massive attack speed (you can always go more dmg instead but works out better for farming). Then keeping on incrasing damage.

4th build half tank not much to write bout it. Getting some health then outcoming a bit dmg of it by atmas impaler

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Skill Sequence

You gonna start with Q because at start you have only pure dmg + Q is better finisher than E and you can last hit minions during starting phase. So skills priority looks like

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Thats what i love the most in Irelia her Q is perfect. if it kill the target restores 35 mana and cooldown 0. wich means you can use it all time . so tactic is normal hit (til it get low hp) ,Q to finish. You should get preety farmed. I dont think that it requie that much explanations...

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Summoner Spells

One and always Flash. Then you can pick exhaust or ghost or specialy for me Teleport ( works out on Hextech build when i need to get back base and return asap)

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Pros / Cons

- First phase of game is very hard at least for me. just trying to exp , farm with Q , and dont let them push the turret. If you planning to harras with Q make sure you have escape route. till you get around 6 lvl you can work out some actions. Or if opposing team line sux much you can strike around lvl2.

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So thats all . Irelia became one of my fav champs coz of role in team that she can handle. Jungling , Half-tank, Assasin, Carry , depending on your choice and what the team needs.
Hope you enjoyed. I know its a bit chaotic. But if you played irelia be4 just make a test with 1st build and complete it , you'll be suprised ;).