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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shippo

Irelia. It's about damn time.

Shippo Last updated on November 17, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my first ever build, designed for Irelia, The Will of The

Pros- High Damage
Can heal off buildings
Excellent Baiter
Can pick off runners very well
Fast (330 base speed)
Her stun isnt always available
Long CD on her Q early on
Ignite counters Hiten style pretty hard.

Passive: Ionian Ferver, reduces CC based on the amount of champions around you.
Nice passive, helps with the 1v2 lanes, and in large teamfights, that 40% reduction is going to come in handy.

BladeSurge(Q): Dashes to a target dealing damage and applying on-hit effects. If the unit hit is killed, the CD is refreshed and a portion of the mana cost is returned.
Good for chasing, and of course, last hitting far off minions. Also good for last-hitting under a tower. Remember, it applies all on-hit effects, such as your Frozen mallet, and all your lifesteal.

Hiten Style(W): Passively restores health on each attack, and when activated adds bonus true damage to your attacks.
Your main ability, the health restoration isn't lifesteal, so it can be increased via Spirit Visage, and the healing works on buildings. Activating it will really tear any squishies apart, and deals pretty significant damage to tanks. *Note, the active bonus damage is not applied on buildings.

Equilibrium Strike(E): Attack that deals magic damage and slows the target, however, if you have a lower % of HP than your target, this attack will stun instead.
Awesome spell, some crazy damage late game, also very good for baiting, I'll explain this in the game play guide section of this post.

Transcendant Blades(R): Irelia summons 4 daggers, which can be flung and enemies dealing damage, and healing her for 20% of the damage dealt.
Your ulti, level it whenever possible. Amazing for chasing down those people like Ezreal, Tryndamere, etc, or anyone who brings summoner flash, in addition its low CD (around 25 seconds at lv 3) Can let you farm large waves quickly at rather low health, and bring you back to full hp. *Note: Remember that these blades shoot to your cursors location, so use this to your advantage when running, or chasing someone down.

Marks:Armor Pen, not much to say here, but along with your starks debuff, and these marks, you'll hit hard, even on some of the best tanks.
Seals: I opt for the Attack Speed seals, though you can replace them with Hp/lvl, dodge, or whatever you prefer, this is pretty much optional.
Glyphs: ManaRegen/5 seems to help the most with your farming,as you be effective and get nearly every last hit, you need to spam your Bladesurge. CDR works too, but these aren't really as flexible as the seals.
Quints: Flat HP, You'll be starting with around 800hp at lv 1, which will make you a pretty tough opponent, along with your lifesteal to keep that hp maintained.

I'm not sure how to get the item pictures yet, as this is my first guide, so bear with me for now ^^' (If anyone can explain this to me, I'll gladly edit this to add item pictures!)
Dorans Blade: Perfect starting item on Irelia. +120 Hp for some more survivibility, +6AD, not much but it helps. But the big thing here is the 4% of lifesteal. It may not sound like much, but once you get Hiten Style to lv 3, the heals really start to get awesome.

'Zerk Greaves: Not much to say here, good for the Attack Speed, you could opt for merc treads for uber CC reduction, but I feel it's a bit overkill and not really necessary.

Emblem Of Valour: The 17% lifesteal, added to the 4% from your Dorans, and at this point your gonna have Hiten lv 5 and be healing for 50-55 hp per hit off non-building foes. This is also is basic version of your Starks Fervor.

Phage: Your basic Frozen Mallet, helps with some of your HP issues, and has that chance to slow, which can mean the difference between a kill or not. Also the AD bonus helps with your lifesteal.

Frozen Mallet: Immediately after purchasing your Phage you wanna buy your Giant's Belt, to build this quickly, 700HP, little AD and the slow will make you an insane target, and with an HP bar that thick, most wont think of you as a squishy, though be careful, as you still are rather soft.

Stark's Fervor: This is the heart of your build,attack spped,lifesteal;and an armor debuff. Once you get this you can typically tear anyone apart.

BloodThirster: After you get your Starks buy a Vampiric scepter, then BF sword to complete your Bloodthirster. Lifesteal, crazy AD, another great addition to your collection.

Spirit Visage: The game hardly goes on long enough for this one, but I've found that increasing your healing from Hiten Style, along with your crazy lifesteal, can really make you unkillable ( so long as your fighting)

Alright time to move onto some tactics, as well as basic instructions for your laning phase.

Early Game: Irelia works best in a simple 2v2 lane, but can thrive in a 1v2, or solo mid.
During this step, regardless of what lane you have, you want to FARM. Using your Glyphs you should have the mana regen to spam Bladesurge for last hits all around the lane, but be careful, as its early damage is very low, thankfully it scales well, so as your AD increases, last hitting with it gets a lot easier. Remember that this also applies on-hit effects, one of which being lifesteal, so use it to your advange for some decent burst heal.

Mid-Game: If you chose to take the solo mid lane, you should try ganking some overextended lanes as soon as you have your Phage. If you didn't take mid, then you should just continue on pushing your lane, and make sure to watch the map for possible team fights, or gank opportunities. One thing I mentioned before, was how great you can bait with Equilibrium Strike, I'll explain that here; A perfect situation is, when your alone with someone, and they decide to attempt you kill you. Once they've poked you a bit, just to make sure your HP% is less than theirs, duck into a a brush and wait for them to charge in after you. As soon as they're in range, hit them with an Equilibrium Strike for a stun, then proceed to activate your W and tear them apart, if your Exhaust or Ignite are up, use them as neccessary, for instance, fighting someone like Tryn, or Twitch who rely on heavy auto attacks, ( for Tryn wait until he's popped endless rage). If they decide to run, pop your ulti, and shoot your blades until they die.
Late-Game: This is pretty much Team Fights and building killing, 2 things that your very adept at. As Irelia is great on sticking to a single target, decide with your team who to focus, and in what order, A typical order is:
2.Ranged Dps/Carry
3.Nuker, Caster or otherwise soft champion.
4.The tanks.
This isn't always how it is, as some Dps/Carries may not be fed enough, or good enough to hurt your team unfocused, this is just a general assessment of how to focus champions in team fights.
Remember, despite that big chunk of health you have from your Frozen Mallet, your still a rather squishy, and shouldn't ever be the one to initiate.
Tower killing and Backdooring, this is something you want to do, only if your not winning every teamfight, as it wont be necessary anyway. Since you will really destroy towers, you can typically just bring a tank along and proceed to destroy it, be careful however, if you see 2+ enemy champions MIA or heading to the lane your backdooring, get out immediately.

That's all I have to say for now, anyone who has suggestions, please leave them in the comments!
Also please don't downvote w/o a reason!
Good luck and have fun with the League's Long-Awaited Addition, Irelia, The Will of The Blades.