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League of Legends Build Guide Author Irelia is here

Irelia, the guide to help you climb

Irelia is here Last updated on October 7, 2015
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Irelia, the insane toplaner an

Irelia Build

Ability Sequence

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Hello, im an irelia main since like 1 month back. This guide will contain the essentials on how to win as irelia!

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Im not here to teach you what runes you should be using, you should already know this!

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I usually dont use masteries since they are just not needed as irelia

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Rush hydra so you can do sick AOE dmg as irelia, it helps the waveclear and makes you insanly scary. Your dmg output will be crazy with hydra. If the lane goes to **** rush Guardian angel and bait the other toplaner to engage on you, and he '' kills '' you he is quite low when you come back to life and you can kill him.

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Skill Sequence

As irelia i usually like to start of with Q, reason why is that you trick your opponent into thinking you are trash by starting it. level 2 i like to take E just to stun him and show who is the real boss toplane. After that i put 1 point is W, W is not that good as everyone says since it does absolutly nothing but give you hp on hit and when activated it does true dmg, ignore this spell becaus Bladesurge is the way to go with this build.

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Take Ghost so you can scare your lane opponent, why does he get scared you may ask? Well thats becaus the mayority of the League community is 12 years old and are scared of ghosts. As your other spell you should take ignite, becaus reasons.

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Irelia is a really good toplaner with much potential, atleast when i play her becaus im the self proclaimed best irelia EUW and im not here to teach you how to play irelia.

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Ranked Play

Instlaock her in ranked, if they pick pantheon just dodge. If your team by some unknown reason already has taken a toplaner go either mid with her or jungle. If you go mid the same gameplay applies there as in toplane.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle irelia, rush devourer and trinity. Just go to lanes to secure kills and farm the jungle like a madman, you will probably loose anyways since you are not me, and i am the god