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Irelia Build Guide by HinTj

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HinTj

Irelia The Total Annihilation By HinTj

HinTj Last updated on September 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Defense: 6

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 1

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this is the result of the buildresults print i didnt won some games because of some stupid peopel well they are not stupid they didnt know how to play dominion (not saying i know) but it was ok the game in the last game i was at 3 i got dc soo... it works nice! I am HinTj from god gaming a multigaming im part of the lol division and im the future sk player (trolololo).

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i use for runes:

Greater Seal of Vitalityx9
Greater Quintessence of Desolationx3
well i use Greater Mark of Critical Chance for the crit chance in the begining witch can change a team fight and the rest of the runes are prety standart runes for Irelia at least for me. I like runes for early advantedge even that i use Greater Seal of Vitality witch are per level i still recomend them, the Greater Glyph of Attack Speed is for early advantedge, and the Greater Mark of Critical Chance also, u can go with Greater Mark of Desolation but i think Greater Mark of Critical Chance is very usefull

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the standard ad masteries with cooldowns reduced and atack speed increased and the armor and magic resisted in defense witch are realy important to early advantedge. IMPORTANT: the point in is realy important because is the key to succed at dominion .

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the begining items are for the bonus hp witch are very good in dominion.
is very good because it gives ad and life steal and the passive is just great i actualy recomend that u buy first because its more fast to buy and it gives atack speed because u will need it to the passive of the and also for ur , or its like the last item u will buy now.

how do u decide between or

by whatcing their team if they have **** loads of runners like another Irelia Xin Zhao or Rammus go for Entropy because its a good chasing item if them dont have any runners or u are completly owning them go for Ionic Spark and u will prety much end the game by this time if u dont just go for resists...

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Skill Sequence

the skill sequence at the begining is the tree basics skills and then u will have to alternate between them, always choose the when u can and alterned between and per example if they are caping **** loads of points upgrade for massive burst damage if they have tanky team go for if they have runners or any other choise go for . Use ur for exemple in the top tower someone is caping it u use it between the wall to stop the cap but beware that if he is to far away he might run away by using Ghost or something and u will not be able to catch him. everytime u engage dont engage in the tower like 2v1 even if you are feed because the towers give lots of damage and u also always want to use ur Hiten Style for true damage. i also recomend to use smart cast not only in Irelia but in everything in general.

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Summoners Spells

for fast caping and for ganks or 1on1 fights dont be afraid to go engage with 300 hp to a an enemy with 1k hp with wait for ur Equilibrium Strike cooldown to end and then Exhaust because of ur life steal and ur sanguine u can kill them easily. ur Ghost is realy important to gank, chase etc is like the in Mordekaiser and the sugar in the coffe... in my opinion u can also choose , it is very good even better if u dont play that well because if u die u will get respawned with lods of speed witch will bring u back to the action but the cons of it is that it has alot of cooldown compared to . As i say in team work topic minions are pointless in dominion so dont use Promote.

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Team Work

As if u fail at this topic u may be doing something wrong im no pro Irelia and the first times i played dominion i did that scores so as Irelia u have to go top as i mencioned before and cap cap cap cap cap cap gank gank gank gank its the main thing u have to, do u have to backdoor towers... as Irelia u are a kiling machine u truly are! u have to move fast kill the carys kill the squishy type champions even tanks with ur and cap . Sometimes u have to kill minions witch in my point of view are realy pointless at this moment but riot will probably fix that as i was saying u have to kill minions sometimes to cap faster per example if u are alone in top lane (5 or 4 enemy in bot) u go backdoor u may push minions.

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Pros: u are a very good fighter, shacer and caping *****| Cons: if u dont have a good team ur screwed because u cant backdoor gank etc and if u dont do that u are realy f***** up so very team dependent, if ur team feeds then forget it!

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in the begining i usualy (with 5 premade) go 3 top and 2 bot. In top I dont use and cap the first top tower and the other two ones folow up by ghosting wihtout stoping at the first one and go for the second tower the guy who caped the first go inside the jungle and gank the second top tower the other ones in bot just cap and fight...
USE YOUR GHOST AS IRELIA u will need it.
this is not one of the best builds but i did very well with it as u can see with the print there will be beter builds i think, because i played in the limited beta with low experience but yes this build is prety good. I am not english i am portuguese so any errors in the text dont realy pay to mutch atention to it and dont be a troll on the comments :D

***Pz HinTj(EU West)