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Irelia Build Guide by lyraboss

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lyraboss

Irelia Trinity Tank

lyraboss Last updated on July 30, 2011
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This is a build for solo ranked or duo ranked Carry Irelia. I have been struggling with low elo, but i have been riding Irelia outta there. With this build, you WILL be able to carry the team.

I want to keep things simple effective, and this guide will do just that.

Trinity Tank.

Just a note, This build is for Ranked play, or at least high level of play. I will assume you know how to play the game, in that you understand the game, and the basic logic of the game.

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Pros and Cons


    With merc treads, you are the MOST SLIPPERY champ in the game.
    Very tanky, but still deal a lot of damage.
    insane last sustainability
    very all around champ. Cant be stun locked.

    Need to manage mana well.
    Cooldown can be a little annoying

I can't think of too many cons. Let me know if you find some more.

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There is a reason that i put this up here. This is the most important.

If you actually read this guide, you know how much i gear my build toward farming because it is the most important thing to win a game. Thats right, the MOST important thing. The earlier you get the the items that you need, the better, and the most stable, way of doing that is to last hit everything. You obviously don't want to die because you can't farm while you are dead, but Farming is the most important thing, and if you can farm better than everyone else in the game, chances are, you will be the strongest champ at the time.


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Really, Irelia is a very versatile champ, and can be built in different directions but the way i set it up is to have a offensive punch, because by the end of the game, you will have tons of resistance in both armor and magic.

I took the flat AD runes so i can last hit better.

You can do anything with the runes, but it wont be that big of a deal in the late game. So do w/e you want.

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Again here, I built this way so that i can last hit easily in the early game, and it is very effective because last hitting is very important.

If you cant last hit, you will not be able to achieve this item build, because you wont have enough gold, and you need to work on last hitting.

She has fast attack animation so last hitting shouldn't be too hard.

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This is the part why I wanted to make this guide. I saw too many builds that aren't really showing off the strengths of irelia.

Philo Stone-

this gives you good lane sustainability, and since you will have this item until the end of the game, the GoT passive will pay for it self, thus giving you free health and mana regen.

Merc Treads-

This and passive will make you the most slipperiest champ in the game. When you are making an escape and you just pop ghost and ult as you are running away, you will almost always get away.


Gives you mana, Ap, and passive is good. Also make trinity later. I take this first so I can last hit better with my Q, since i can use it more.

phage or zeal-

if you are losing in lane, (which you never should) get zeal so you are quicker and if you need to make an escape, you can. If you are winning get phage so they can't get away from you with the phage proc. Smart.

Trinity Force-

You are now dangerous. this item is gold, gives you everything you need.


Reason i get warmogs first is to get that passive going as soon as you can. Also, in the earlier stage, health > resistance. Also, you get 3 slots left after you finish Trinity Force, and so you can get all 3 items that make warmog. Smart.

Banshee's Veil or Atma's Impaler-

look at your opposing team. If AD heavy, get atma's first, If AP heavy, get BV. Usually, you want to get that atma's first so you can make use of your health to convert to damage, but BV first is good too.

Side note: The reason why i get Banshee's Veil instead of Force of Nature is because of the health and mana that it gives. It will synergize with the atma's impaler better and the mana is always good.

Guardian Angel-

Sell Philo Stone and get this to finish the build off. This is a game changing item, and seeing this on you, the enemy team will not want to focus you first.

There are other items obviously that is good on Irelia, but i found these items to be the best. And as you can see i have smart, logical explanations for all of my items. Tell me if you think i'm wrong, and tell me a logical explanation. I always want to better my build.

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Skill Sequence

Now, there are a lot of talks about which skill to max first, and there isn't the BEST sequence because each sequence will give you different things. However, i will give you my logical explanation for my sequence.

I max my W first because i like to lane and last hit A LOT. I mean A LOT. like by 12:00, i will have 110 CS or more. And if you want to lane this hard, you need sustain. W gives you that with its passive. I get the Q next so i can last hit more. i get E last, cuz i use it to kill people, and i do that in the later stages. So this all makes logical sense for my style of play.

Just a little tip- Ganking early as a laner is almost always not worth it. lets say you go mid from bot to get a kill. If you are successful, you will be rewarded with 300 Gold, but you will lose the time that you werent last hitting. Do the math, and it isnt really worth it. Now if you are bad at last hitting, practice it. farm wins games.
TL;DR: Farm instead of trying to gank.

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Ranked Play

I have only used this build in ranked, and Irelia is one of the champs that can go along with ANY team composition. Very Very solid, and will kill any squishies.

For those of you struggling in ELO hell. Here is a little tip to help you guys out if you really think that you deserve better.

    Play a carry. Team comp DOES NOT matter in low ELO. argue with me all day about this, but it will be very difficult to change my mind, not because i am stubborn, but because i have a logical explanation for this Idea. Support is very good, but in low ELO, they are not appreciated in low elo, and your team will not know how to use it properly. This goes with tanks. Noobs do not know how/when/what to initiate. All you need to carry your self out of ELO is either Duo Que with a decent friend, or play a carry and carry your team out of it. Just make sure you have an initiator, and mix of damage outputs. If any of you used to play CS 1.6 or source, you'll know the term baiting. Do that. Bait your entire team to take all the damage, and you go in as a carry and kill everything.

    TL;DR: Team comp don't mean ****. Play your best carry, use your team as a meat shield, and kill everything after all the ults are out.

For those of you that are out of the ****ty ELO, you know your role in the team, and i dont need to tell you about it, but just remember that irelia CAN take a beating, but you are NOT the tank. Let the tank do his ****, and you go in to kill their carry.