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Irelia Build Guide by Dyfunctional

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dyfunctional

Irelia: Will of the Blades

Dyfunctional Last updated on July 18, 2012
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Hello all, I am Dyfunctional, and this is my VERY FIRST GUIDE ON MOBAFIRE :D!!!!! I'm really excited about making my first guide.This guide will be on
Irelia, Will of the Blades

I enjoy playing as Irelia beacause is very tanky and is pretty good at farmming top.Later on,
I learned that Irelia was" Boss" really fun to play with. I recommend you to buy her if you can solo top and farm at least 200 cf in 15 minutes.

Please give me some suggestions on how to improve this guide. I'd appreciate it if you
vote up for my guide. I am not done with this guide so please don't give constructive criticism until I remove this sentence.

Thanks!! <3 :D

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Pros / Cons


+ Tanky
+ Easy to farm with
+ Very good on solo top
+ Great Sustain
+ Fun to play ^-^
+ Can shut down carries


- Rather Squishy without runes or masteries
- Item dependent
- Need lots of farm to shine
- Been Nerfed several times!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Not good against tanks

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Summoner Spells

Ignite just allows Irelia to pick up kills when the enemy escapes. Use as a Last touch and deals true damage also reduce health regen. I would take this spell with Irelia. Ignite is much more useful than exhaust

Exhaust is a good spell, but I wouldn't recommend using it with Irelia since she high movement speed and her "q" to catch up

I would take teleport if I solo top and if I have a ****ty team. I wouldn't
recommend it like exhaust but you're in a sticky situation, I guess you would
have to.

Heal is an okay spell, since it got nerf, it doesn't heal much. Even though tanks are supposed to take heal, I don't you need it with Irelia because of the runes, and the starting items.So in conclusion, I wouldn't suggest to you get heal.

Ghost is a pretty good spell since you could use it as to escape or to chase. I would take Flash and Ghost as a combo so you can have two escaping spells. Ghost is very useful, but be careful of cc or you waste the spell.

Flash is AWESOME for ganking and for making a clean escape even though it got nerfed too.
I would take Flash with Irelia in every game. I usually take Ignite and Flash or Ghost and Flash.

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Ionain Fervor:

-Your passive is like a boss when during teamfights. It gives reduce tenacity depending on how many enemy champs their are.


-Use to farm and harass enemy champ during solo top
-I max bladesurge second after Hitlen Style

Hitlen Style:

-This abilites is freakin awesome beacuse of its lifesteal and deals true damage for 6 seconds

Equilibrium Strike:

-This spell is useful to chase or escape
-If your hp is higher than the enemy champ then you only slows its target,if your hp is lower then it stun the target

transcendent Blades:

-I use this spell when im low in a teamfight or to finish off the target.

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I start with either Boots of Speed and 3 pots or regrowth pendant and 2 pots

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Will sees you guys later

Have fun playing with IRELIA!!!!