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Janna Build Guide by olivethebrave

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author olivethebrave

Janna, 2 minutes might cost you...YOUR LIFE!

olivethebrave Last updated on May 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my first Build, so i know it's not exactly the most professional build. I've been playing Janna since June of 2010, and this build(few minor changes of course) has always worked for me. Although having played for a long time, i do not consider myself a professional because that would just be cocky...and untrue. However, I do consider this guide to work extremely well in any game you play, from ranked to normal.

By the way, this might not be impressive, but I have now reached 30 CHAMPIONS OWNED! GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!

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Pros / Cons


    Great early game harass
    Amazing support with shield
    Great amount of AP
    Your teammates will love you
    Can see enemy's movements

    Not as tanky as pure support build
    Easily lost AP (1/3) on death
    Mana hungry early game

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greater mark of replenishment I use these runes because of Janna's excessive mana hungriness early game before your catalyst. Who wants to be stuck there without the potential to help your team-mate? Nobody!


Your mana can get sucked down to nothing with all the harassing you're doing early game. Pick these up to stay there longer.

GReater glyph of knowledge Shall I really repeat what I've just stated just before? Sure, in case you just skipped over the last part: "Your mana can get sucked down to nothing with all the harassing you're doing early game. Pick these up to stay there longer."

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Although these masteries may seem weird, I love the new utility masteries so much that I just had to put a point in almost everything.
I like the extra gold, because with Janna you don't really want the kills, and I love the extra experience, because your shield gives more and more attack damage bonus per level, so it's nice to give that bonus quicker to your teammates.

Always remember, you are not a carry, but a support. It is YOUR responsibility to buy sight wards ( hence the mastery which gives extra ward sight range...duh). Also, cooldown reduction for both your summoner spells and your champion spells give you the capability to spam your spells and Clairvoyance NON-STOP. How would you feel if you had nowhere to hide and no privacy? That is exactly what the other team feels with ultimate cooldown reduction JANNA!(Further amplified with 20 stacks on mejais soulstealer).

These masteries are what i really use for every support I play ( Karma, Zilean, etc.) yet i find they are incredibly useful on Janna, throughout the game.

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Now, the items. I start off with for early game harass(and later build into
). Remember, you don't need kills, assists make your stacks on the Mejai's Soulstealer accumulate really fast.
: mana and long laning phase without going back.
( For Janna, you really don't need boots before your Catalyst of Aeons, thanks to your w. )
: helps survivability, and gives some nice ap as well.
gives a very nice slow on your q and w. When going Janna slowing for your teammates to catch up is essential.
or , depending on how your doing, are great items to get either for ap or survivablility.
Finally, is a great item to get either instead of your Rod of Ages or as a last weapon.

All these items stack up to a very nice amount of ability power that will tear down your opponents if u hit your q, give a tasty shield on your allies, and pretty much heal all your allies to full hp with that AWESOME JANNA ULTIMATE ABILITY!

When I'm playing Janna, I think of her as the GODDESS **** OF ASSISTS, thus making Mejai's Soulstealer stack up quite nicely. Everything will give you an assist, from slowing an enemy, shielding an ally or healing them 0.0!!!! <3. Also, with your movement speed/ Flash/ Monsoon/ Howling Gale/ Zephyr/ Eye Of The Storm, you are UNKILLABLE.

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Skill Sequence

1.: Level this up first for harassment and a nice knock-up to prevent enemy escape.
2. : Level this up at level three then last, because the shield and knock-up are much more important than a single target slow.
3.: Level this up second, because it is an amazing shield for the amount of damage it absorbs and the basic attack damage boost.
4.: Level it up whenever you can to heal your team-mates, push away enemies when they're chasing, and knock them closer to your tower if they over extend :D.

This skill sequence focuses primarily on harassing, burst damage, crazy cc, and of course, a great buff for your teammates early game. When I usually play Janna, i love starting up a crazy Howling Gale from the brush every couple seconds to keep the enemies low on hp when in the laning phase. When i see the chance, i will concoct a Howling Gale, shield my ally, and go in for THE KILL!
This aggressive style of play doesn't always work mind you, so when your against strong laners just try sniping them with howling gale and use shield defensively (or when there is a ganking opportunity).

Later in the game, the shield will SAVE your friends. Trust me, a shield with a buff owns a single target slow x1000. My friend list went from 10 to almost 100 friends in like 2 weeks of playing Janna. Janna's Eye Of The Storm offers better coverage than... nationwide insurance!...0.0 <-- fail joke. Im just kidding, but it does offer better coverage than most of the shields in LoL.

Zephyr is useful to get at level 3 (only 1 level) because not only do you run faster, but you can run through creeps(YAY! SUCK IT Fizz!), which is juicy when running from someone or trying to catch up to them. The slow is tasty when combined with Howling Gale , and ESPECIALLY tasty when combined with a Rylai's Crystal Scepter.(Double slow ftw!)

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Summoner Spells

, although nerfed, is still amazingly usefull for watching the enemy team's movements on the battlefield.
is great for popping up behind enemies and monsooning them next to your tower, or just running away.

, however,is a good swap for Clairvoyance (i usually don't do this, but my friends prefer it) because of your horrid mana hungriness early game. Although your quasi-insatiable hunger might be satisfied, you now need to buy a lot more wards then you usually would have needed to.

is (pardon my language) f****** useless because why would you steal kills from your "Oh so nice" teammates? I wouldn't, and you shouldn't either -_-.

is an option that could replace Flash, but in my opinion, Janna needs that Flash for sneak attacks with her ult. Some would say: "Well, Ghost would help in chases. You are a powerful mage!" Well, (although i agree Janna is a powerful hitter) Janna has amazing slows with Rylai's Crystal Scepter and e, and she has a knock-up... so what i say back is : "HA! Hahahaha!" and i spit at their faces. Haha JKJK

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All in all, if you get good at playing Janna, your team-mates will love you (I have so many friends now) and you'll win every ranked game. If your new, Janna is very usefull if you put yourself with a melee ad champion in your lane( Lee Sin, Tryndamere, Talon, etc). When you shield him, he'll take and be able to do extra damage XD. Remember to always think yourself as a support, and not a carry even though you do have quite a lot of AP. You need to be smart about shielding teamates and interupt casts with your Howling Gale. If you follow this guide, you will have amazing chances at winning most if not all your ranked games. And remember,: MAY THE STORM GODDESS BE WITH YOU.

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