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Janna Build Guide by Wawawoom

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wawawoom

Janna I'll leave you breathlesly

Wawawoom Last updated on October 20, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello dear summoners! Welcome to my first guide! Be patient and understanding, this might be under re-construction time over time, but mainly I want to share my expierience as a good bot lane support and a nice teammate!
P.S. Sorry if I keep mistaking in my spelling, I'll fix that too. :)

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Pros / Cons

[*] Her shield is amazing for strong pokes and sustain!
[*] Really mobile, can afford buying boots later!
[*] Nice poke and slow!
[*] Lifesaving Ultimate
[*] Amazing skins

[*] Squishy!
[*] Her Q is hard to land and can be dodged!
[*] Ultimate healing is useful if channeled till the end!

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Skill Sequence

As I told you before you must think vise which spells you will choose and in which order, so I will tell you something about it.

Tailwind Its a really nice passive, which will perfectly stack with your Boots of Mobility , as I told you it is really important that you and your teammates have vision over enemy movement! It's really often that vision can win or loose games, in time you will do it automatically.

Howling Gale This is a really good but skillshot required spell!! When you learn to land it, you will be Pro! This spell gave me alot of Honorable opponent rating!:D Janna counters champions like Leona or Alistar really well if you will learn how to use this spell. Example: you and your carry are laning and you know that Leona is in the bushes (she does that usually) and you want to set ward there, before coming close to it, aim your Howling Gale (so if anything comes at you it will be stunned for you to run out_), ward and as soon as enemy tries to charge, you press Q for second time to activate! GG!

Zephyr (FYI its meant the spell i don't know why it shows this item, they have the same name) It's a really cute and useful spell if you want to chase someone with your teammates or you want to flee! Whenever you see your bird around it means its off cooldown, really nice way how to notice! If you and your ADC are ready to go in balls deep, use it with your Exhaust to make sure that enemy wont get out for sure! + its passive is nice movement speed buff!

Eye Of The Storm This is tha BOMB! This shield will save and secure so many kills in your Janna support life... While laning its smart to cooperate with your ADC and tell him to poke the enemy ADC whenever you shield him, its like another B.F.sword and gives a really nice sustain!!!
NOTE!!! Its really important you remember this shield can shield your turret aswell!!! If you have to save turret, and you are alone in lane waiting for ADC or jungler to come in shield your turret and put Howling Gale to clear some of the enemy! Usually works!

Monsoon OK, this is really interesting spell in my opinion! Your ultimate can work in two ways #1 it is a really nice push back for enemy members. Example: if you and your teammates are chased and your team is low, as soon as enemy gets closer you use spell to knock them back and you saved the day! But !!! #2 don't forget of its haling option as well! Example: you pushed middle turret to inner turret and your team either must recall and go back to base because they are too low or you can use your ultimate to heal whole party and push that turret down too! Just don't forget to ping your mates to stack or so!;)

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About summoner spells, there isn't anything different from usual!

Take flash always!!!! Even with Janna amazing movement speed and mobility, sometimes it isn't enough! And of course...

This is a miracle helper to get your Carry some kills! And as mentioned higher using that with Zephyr is a great combo!

Other options

Yeah I seen people using this spell, if you use it in right time you can help securing your carry kill, but in my opinion, not as good as slow, your job is to make your carry as fed as possible, so he wont need that small amount of damage!

This spell might help you a little, at laning phase if your ADC has problems with sustain, or you guys having a really strong poke on enemy team!

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Here I will be showing you my warding route and possible places for it!
Remember!!! Never underestimate the importance of wards! Complete vision over enemy team allows your team to surprise enemy team, allows your jungler to gank your lane more secure, to initiate more productive team fights and win the fight in overall! A good support will be granted with nice attitude for it :)

Now for explanation:

Light blue spots: These are mainly the spots for early warding, you are laning, you want to make sure jungler wont surprise you while farming/trying to get kills! If you are on purple side, the Tribush isn't so important! That one is more for blue sided teams!!!
Light pink spots: That's mainly all time warding spots!!! It is really important for your team to get dragon killed and not let enemy team do it! And of course baron buff!!! You can predict movement of jungler, while he is moving top to bottom lane etc!
Purple spots: those mainly are meant for defending your blue/red buffs again depending on the side! Because you mostly will live in the bot lane, the other side buffs aren't so important to run to, you will loose time, jungler or top/mid laners can take care of those!!!!!
Red spots: If you are on blue side and your team has pushed to inner turrets, that is crucial for you to ward those spots, that makes sure about enemy movement, you can see how desperate are they etc!:) If you are purple just turn the map round!
Light green spots: Those are for the very late game, when you have destroyed few inner turrets or so for vision of enemy movement again!

Meanwhile don't forget warding dragon and Baron and maybe some of your buffs and places wherever you are stacking for pushing the lane or helping your carry to farm!! At any case I know this isn't perfect, but as told this is my first guide, it will be updated, improved etc!