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Janna Build Guide by GoD Kenshin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GoD Kenshin

Janna - Support Mage 3.0

GoD Kenshin Last updated on October 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys and welcome to my Janna guide. I've played her for a while now and this is my way to support my team with Janna. Dont lynch me for my English pls :P

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-Awesome amount CC
- Eye Of The Storm grants a nice amount of AD for your carry
-[wiki=monsoon} can save your teams butt plenty times (if used right)
- Eye Of The Storm shields you and allies for a nice amount of damage

-Needs some practice for all her abilities
- Monsoon (if used wrong plenty times) can screw your whole game
-lacks mana early game

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I grab Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for some more dmg with my spells. You could also get some defensive runes like Greater Mark of Armor or even greater mark of desolation. I've tried out armor pen marks on Janna and early game it can useful to harass the enemy with your auto attacks. Got the feeling that you die too fast? Grab Greater Mark of Armor or Greater Mark of Magic Resist.

I grab Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration, because i got a really agressive Playstyle with Janna, which makes me use tons of mana. At the moment you reach lvl 7 this Runes will grant your more manaregen than greater seal of replenishment.

I grab Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction because a Janna that can shield every few seconds is kinda awesome. You wont need Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction, because you have no Situations in the early game you could spam your abilitys with such a few amount of cd-reduction. Also you dont have the mana to do this earlygame.

I grab Greater Quintessence of Gold, because it allows you to purchase your gold item very fast without getting ***its or lasthits.

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I go for 9/0/21, because I need the cd reduction and skilled Flash/ clearvoyance. I skilled Archaic Knowledge to allow you to at least deal SOME damage for your carry. It will also make you hurt your enemys very much, if you ever complete your build.

Lets take a deeper look. Why should we go 9/0/21? 9 points in offense: 4% cd reduction because of Sorcery are always nice! Archaic Knowledge is not needed early game, but grants you a damage boost all over the game. The 3 points in archmages sawy are a small boost on your ap, which is always sexy. 3 points in Good Hands enables you to respawn fast enough to save your teams butt.... sometimes. We grab 1 point in Perseverence . 4 points in Awareness , because you will lack exp anyway, if you are playing your support role to the max. Grab 3 points in Meditation and 1 in Greed to grab gold items faster and prevent yourself from running out of mana too fast. Quickness and Blink of an Eye allow you to survive longer and the 3 points Intelligence allow you to spam your abilitys and get close to the cd reduction cap, if you get to Morello's Evil Tome. Mystical Vision makes your clearvoyance more useful for your team and the point in Presence of the Master makes your summoner spells more useful.

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Item Sequence

There are many ways to start with Janna. You actually dont need to start with Faerie Charm, 2 sight ward and 2 Health Potion. I kinda like it, because it adds some manaregeneration and enables your Ad Carry to farm without having to worry to get ganked, if you place your wards well. If you rush catalyst of the protector you'll be fine too, but you'll lack gold, if you don't get tons of assists (try not to get any kill). My reasoning for Aegis of the Legion before building Rod of Ages (RoA) is, that Aegis of the Legion is pretty strong early game and gets weaker as longer the game gets. Rod of Ages gets stronger with the time, but Aegis of the Legion supports your whole team! You won't need Boots of Speed until you get your Nomad's Medallion, because you got your Tailwind, the passive ability of your Zephyr and Quickness . I get Rabadons Deathcap after Rod of Ages, because i dont like to build aura-Janna. The ap will buff your shield and thats all you need. The damage and heal you get are quite useful too :P After this you should adapt to the enemy team. They got much mage damage and got some mres too? Get Abyssal Mask if noone in your team got it. Enemy nukes you down with physical damage? Grab a Zhonya's Hourglass and see them rage about your survivability and dmg. If you want you can build your Nomad's Medallion into a Shurelya's Revierie, but i usually sell it to get other ap/defensive items. If you want to max out your Cd-Reduction you should build Morello's Evil Tome. Or something like Soul Shroud, but as i said before I like ap more then these Auras.

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Skill Sequence

My reasoning for this Sequence is, that the lvl 1 Howling Gale is quite awesome to get firstblood. If you lane with a carry you might also skill Eye Of The Storm first but my favorite is Howling Gale. If you are solo lane (shouldn't happen actually) then you should follow this sequence too, but max out Howling Gale after you got 1 point in every skill. Why? Janna isnt able to 1v1 each champ but with this skill maxed you can nearly onehit a new minion wave, so the enemy cant stop you from farming, while you can harass him with the howling gale and other abilities if you want.

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Summoner Spells

My recommended Summoner Spells are Clairvoyance and Flash, because Clairvoyance is simply awesome to cover your team with scouting the jungle, chasing enemy's in the brush and prevent getting ganked. Flash is a must for you. If you dont need it for escape you can always use it to chase down the enemy: flash-> a well placed Howling Gale -> a good mate = safe kill. If you play non premade, you can also pick Clarity instead of Clairvoyance, because some non-premade teams simply ignore if you spot someone in the brush or even dont go b when you spot the enemy jungler coming in for a gank. I dont like other Summoner Spells than these. Its just that you are the supporter and should take supporting summoner spells. Heal is also a viable option, but im not a fan of it. You can pick Ignite as well, if you dont want to support and be a mage.

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Why is warding important?
1.: Well placed wards can save your team from getting ganked
2.: Its the job of the supporter to place wards.
3.: Map awareness is the most important thing in the game! You see your enemys moving around top Lane? Got a baron nashor ward and dragon is up? Slay the dragon for free, without having to fear to get ganked at the dragon. If the enemy team starts doing Baron Nashor , stop dragon and straightly move there. If not simply slay the dragon to give your team a goldadvantage.
Map awareness can also prevent you from getting ganked while doing your own buffs or heading to an enemy turret.
Place your wards there if you are around one of these places. Remember to ALWAYS purchase wards if you can. You should at least have 2 wards with you most of the time, to be able to ward if your team needs sight of a place. The ward priority is also on the map. Thx D1am0ndback for this thread:

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This is my guide to Janna. I hope you like it and vote positive. Its my first guide so it would be nice, if you give me some advises and maybe tell me how to copy the skill signs into this guide :P