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Janna General Guide by Prime Xenon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Prime Xenon

Janna: The Storm's Fury (Carry the Carry)

Prime Xenon Last updated on December 1, 2013
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Carrying The Carry

Janna Build

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Welcome to my guide on how to carry your carry as support Janna.

Janna is a very good support champion, being able to harass the enemy's farm and shielding her teammates. She's an essential part in teamfights; with the right build she can really make some great turnovers when things are starting to look bad. The perfect Howling Gale can create great opportunities for engaging in teamfights, and the perfect Eye Of The Storm and Monsoon can save your team.

Not only is she fun to play, but also pretty annoying to play against at some points. Constantly being hit by Janna's Howling Gale can really cause mental pain, if you ask me. I don't know how I managed to, but I did kill an enemy Ezreal while he was jungling once. Not just with one Howling Gale, of course.

Here in this guide I will show you how to play and build Janna.

"Pick Janna to save lives..."

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Pros / Cons


  • Good harassment
  • Able to shield allies
  • Lifesaver in teamfights
  • Great mobility
  • Able to help team escape
  • Has a pretty badass Howling Gale, if she has enough AP


  • Pretty squishy
  • Quickly runs out of mana
  • Pretty close to no damage
  • Tends to easily steal kills on accident
  • Can't safely run around alone
  • Hard to escape alone

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Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Mark of Mana Regeneration

Greater Seal of Mana

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

So here we have my personal choice of runes when it comes to playing Janna.

Personally, I like having some cooldown reduction all the time. It doesn't matter which champion I play - just can't have enough cooldown reduction. With cooldown reduction, you're able to shield much more than you were able to before.

Janna tends to run out of mana really quickly due to the Howling Gales early game. Eye Of The Storm doesn't use as much mana, but Howling Gale makes you run out easily.

As I said above, she tends to run out of mana really quickly. This is why I prefer using both mana regeneration runes and the regular mana runes. Gives you both extra mana and quicker mana regeneration.

Janna already hits the +400 movement speed without buying any movement speed. With the build I listed above, she should get up around +440. With those runes it's even better!

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This is pretty much just the basic support masteries I use. Not much to say or explain, just choose the masteries you'd like. I like going for easy gold, and the 40 extra gold in the beginning is really nice to have. I have even tried to get full build before anyone else on my team because of the masteries.

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Summoner Spells

Set #1

I usually go with this spell set as I love tricking the enemies with some an amazing Flash. Flash is a good spell to get away with, and Exhaust is a good spell to slow the enemies with, giving your carry more kills.

Set #2

I don't use this set that much anymore, but it's not that bad. Most players seem to think Heal is a spell that only beginners use because they can't use many other spells, but it's actually not that bad. Heal is a good lifesaver early game. If you and your carry start fighting the enemy support and carry, Heal is a good spell to win the fight with. It might just add the extra health your carry needs in order to survive.

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Skill Sequence

There's not much to say about the skill sequence. I don't really have a specific sequence I always go with when I play Janna. I just upgrade in what seems most needed at the current moment.

Though I do prefer to start out with the Howling Gale and then Eye Of The Storm. Howling Gale is good to start out with, as it makes farm harassment easier. In level 2 and 3, the ADCs usually start poking eachother and starting small fights, this is where Eye Of The Storm comes in handy.

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Team Work

The support is always an essential part of the teamwork and teamfights. The support is a lifesaver; having shields, heals and more really helps out the team in fights. With the right items, you'll end up with more than one shield and heal.


When a teamfight breaks out, make sure you're at the right spot at the right time. Don't be in the middle of the fight, be right on the edge of it. Close enough to help, far enough away to not get killed. Howling Gale is a really good ability to open up for great opportunities for your team to engage in teamfights. Start out with Howling Gale then use Eye Of The Storm on the teammate who gets focused, mainly the ADC.

If you have the full build I listed above, you should be able to heal your teammates with Mikael's Crucible, shield them with Eye Of The Storm, shield them with Locket of the Iron Solari and give the whole team movement speed with Talisman of Ascension. I highly recommend saving the Talisman of Ascension for when an enemy tries to escape or if your own team needs to escape.

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Lane Phase

Early Game

When you go to your lane after you spawn, wait for the trinket to go off cooldown and then place the trinket ward in the bush closest to the enemy's turret. The next part is a risky process, as the enemy may ambush you, but I usually try to head up to the first brush in river and wait there till 1:55 (which is when the buffs spawn).

At 1:55, place a Stealth Ward above the brush and run back to lane. If your jungler goes for the buff next to your lane, your ADC will probably go help him. You just do what I said instead.


In lane, just put your Howling Gale at reasonable spots where they will hit the enemy without stealing enemy minions from your carry. You should also try to get in close while the enemy carry goes in for farm. Just fire a single basic at him, then run back to safety.

Watch out for poking, though; the enemy carry and support will probably start to poke the carry and you. This is where your Eye Of The Storm comes in handy. You might want to sharpen up your reflexes at this point. You're gonna need the shields.

Mid/Late Game

At this point, both AD carries will start roaming the map. Try to stay with your carry most of the time, preferably buy Sightstone so you can ward river and jungle while on adventures with your carry. Always try to keep a ward in both rivers, as this really can prevent ganks.

Primarily roam the map with your carry, but if a lane needs some defensive force, go freelance and help out. Janna's Eye Of The Storm is fairly good at preventing minions from taking down turrets, and it will help against enemy champions early game as well. Later on in the game, Eye Of The Storm isn't that good anymore. It doesn't shield the turrets from enough damage, so it'll just go off immediately after you use it, pretty much.

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About Me

So, hi! Here in League of Legends I go by the name "Prime Xenon", though I usually go with the name "Backstay". I started playing League of Legends back in 2011 when my cousin showed me the game. I played for some months, then had a long break. I came back when Season 3 began, and haven't had any breaks since then.

I am currently a level 30 Silver IV player who has mained support Janna since level 12. In level 18, I started jungling. I usually chose Udyr, but then I bought Lee Sin and now I usually play him whenever I jungle.

I'm not that special, but I think I'm fairly good at Janna, as I've had her as my main champion since level 12.

That's pretty much what I have to say about myself and the guide. Thanks for reading, I really hope it helped you out. If you see any typos or have any questions, feel free to list or ask in the comments. Good luck!


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