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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jho369

Jarvan IV -DPS - For My Father, The King - Arthus?

Jho369 Last updated on March 8, 2011
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Hey there,
This is my first guide about Jarvan IV - The Exemplar of Demacian, a.k.a Arthus from Warcraft (where Arthus would always say For My father, the King), and since I haven't seen any of Jarvan build like this, so why not. This isn't a learn how to play but rather for higher level players, but I will try to cover the basic for intermediate players. I've been playing this champion since the release and my score has always been double double. Most of the late games has been 19-29 kills with 15-24 assists with less than 10 deaths. There are only a couple games that I did not get pass 10 kills due to rage quit on the other team when I get fed or we lose super early due to premade on the other team. I'm not trying to brag but to tell you that this build worked and not only it work for champions like Jarvan, but Yi, Xin, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune...etc. Pretty much any physical DPS will work.

And remember your Summoner's Code! Have fun, and enjoy.

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Jarvan IV Strategy

Jarvan IV is a physical DPSer, which means he will eat clothie like a hot knife through butter. Where would I find the feeder? Well, mid lane of course. I've been in mid lane 99% of the time and I get 3-4 levels ahead of everyone and well fed for mid game play.
However, laning with Dpser like Xin, Yi...pretty much anyone that can engage the enemy champion in a flash will guarantee kill or force him to recall or run away.

Now back to mid lane strategy. You will find a lot of range here, which isn't a problem, you will out DPS range early on as long as you know your opponent's champion abilities. Most importantly, try to find their pattern (i.e. how they move, how active, aggressive, or defensive). Also, be prepared to use your ult and let's hope they don't have blink. Pretty much try to avoid being hit and harass with Dragon Strike (DS), which makes Jarvan basically a range attacker. Be smart, don't be afraid of taking hit while hitting them, you'll end up ahead most of the time (except when they use Heal when you think you have the advantage in near death experience).

How I do it.
1. Make sure the opponent champion doesn't have blink. If he does, back off, force him to go pass mid into your territory and use your Demacian Standard/DS combo to force them to blink back, and when he does, you have the upper hand on using your ult or you will be able at lvl 6.
2. If you find a weaker opponent, none aggressive style play, don't be afraid to push him far back while using your DS and deny his XP gaining. With a level ahead of your opponent, you are only stronger.
3. Use exhaustion on their ult to reduce the dmg done. Use your Demacian Standard and DS combo to interupt or exhaustion to get extra hits.
4. If done step 1-3 correctly, you are guaranteed to level before your opponent and be able to use your ult for kills before everyone.

How I regenerate life. I use but lately I've been using the where I can regen while standing in the rear observing or to regen. is sold after 15 HP per 5 isn't worth it or need that last extra slot.

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Jarvan's Combo


+ + Auto attack = 3 free hits.

Followed by

+ Auto Attack + Auto Attack + Auto Attack

Finish HIM!!!

, or + Combo again.

...WAIT!!! Why last? It's because they can blink, your combo should be enough for a kill without a KS or you are low on HP and your opponent isn't trying to retreat and that's when you finish with your

If your opponent isn't dead...
1. You're stoned
2. You're attacking a tank
3. You're attacking a clone...
or 4. You're dead

You shouldn't need to use since your opponent should be dead, save it for a new one. Use if you know you're taking a ton of damage after engaging.

Well, how do I know I'm going to take a lot of damage. This is actually differentiate between a beginner and a veteran. Most cases it comes from ganking. Don't be John Rambo and go in first, you're gonna die. Wait a few, in most cases all the abilities are used and they are not focusing you.

Opponent is at 60-80% HP
+ Auto Swing + + Auto Swing +

Opponent is at 50% or less
+ Auto Swing until your wall collapsed. If he's still alive, chase him using + combo and to slow if your is on CD.

Opponent 1 is at very low and Opponent 2 is near by
+ to finish Opponent #1
+ Auto Attack until you start to take dmg or your opponent is running away, use both Dragon Aegis or to finish him off.

I shouldn't need to hold your hand after this and if you're still confused, Jarvan is probably not the champion for you. I learned how to play and hit 19 kills on my first game so there shouldn't be any excuses to not know how to play, any champion.

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Pros / Cons

1. Good Early, Mid, Late Game
2. Ability to get away ( + combo through wall)
3. AOE slow ability + dmg reduction shield
4. Knock up to help teamates escape or CC to get extra dps
5. Makes laning phase a breeze.

1. Squishy if FF during team fight
2. Mana problem in Early to Mid game
3. Getting a nerf soon :(
4. A decent Cho-Gath player will eat you up alive in mid. Avoid him because he'll feast on you like his last supper.

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Item choice, why?

? Why? Well, simply it helps regen HP for early game, where it helps you get XP in a safe distance. I used to do the but found it a bit harder early in the game where opponent is very agressive where I can't hit enough hits on minions to regen. This need to resell when laning phase is over or you're above level 11 where other items are useful or needed the extra cash for a new item.

The is a must have item. It's great for farming and regenerate life in 1v1 of 1v2 situations.

I chose because it provides a lot of health to help you survive and intimidates your opponent, and ofc SLOW which makes it even more amazing.

I chose lately to help out burst dps. You can substitute this with Phantom Dancer or Last Whisper.

is a must have item, by this time, you should be fed.

Stack , sell your boots in late game to get an extra phantom. The more you swing, the more health you get back, which eliminate the recall factor for faster pace killing spree. If you're low on health, go for a few minions or neutral monsters and you'll be back at full. You also make a great tank for Baron or turret.

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Replacement items & Skill Order

This is only good for early game where your boots can make a very important role.

For or in mid lane, I use and instead of maxing out Dragon Strike, I try to max out Demacian Standard first. But it's depends on your opponent really and how agressive they are, you should be able to make this decision yourself after level 3. Personally I love maxing out Dragon Strike because it is SOOOOO strong in early game.

Stack Phantom Dancer if they have more melee than range.
Get Last Whisper and Black Cleaver if they have more range for nuking.

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Remember, you can use this build for any classes that does more physical dps than magic. I.E. Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Ashe, Yi, Xin...etc. Check out my guides in the future. I do not make guides without completely played the character until I'm confident enough to know that 1. You will get fed, and 2. It worked.

Thanks for reading and hoping to hear your criticism or comments.