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Jarvan IV Build Guide by jundrami

Jarvan IV: The wonder build (in depth)

Jarvan IV: The wonder build (in depth)

Updated on October 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jundrami Build Guide By jundrami 5,278 Views 3 Comments
5,278 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jundrami Jarvan IV Build Guide By jundrami Updated on October 3, 2011
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Alright everyone, this has got to be one of my favorite champions in the game. Before you continue onward, i want you to know that this build can let Jarvan solo a lane, but you need to really know how to use him. I am a very good Jarvan player, but your own opinions may not agree with how i like to build him. This build makes Jarvan into more of a dps than a tanky-dps, but it works!
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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is probably the most important thing to being a good Jarvan.
The ability to use Jarvan at his utmost abilities will require you to use the best skill order possible. The Skill order i provided is what i believe to be the most efficient skill sequence possible.

Demacian Standard, is the best ability to max out first because it can be used for multiple things. First of all, the Demacian Standard can be used to safely facecheck bushes to watch for ganks, the Demacian standard also provides a buff to allied champions when activated, and the Demacian Standards passive gives Jarvan a significant attack speed boost.

Dragon Strike is your second damaging move for Jarvan. This move deals a good amount of damage, and when combo'd with Demacian Standard, it brings you towards the spear you threw down and throws everyone in your path towards the spear up into the air. This combo makes Jarvan deadly, especially if he has because it will slow the enemies as well.

Small note: The Demacian Standard Dragon Strike combo can also be used when fleeing enemies and can move Jarvan through walls, so when running from enemies you can use the combo to more easily run away and live.

Cataclysm is what makes Jarvan among the scariest champions in the game in my own opinion. Cataclysm traps enemy champions in the marked area for a certain amount of time (note people such as: Tryndamere, Corki, Leblanc, can exit the cataclysm with their abilities, so can people with flash, so watch out before using your ultimate on people like that.) This ultimate makes Jarvan a very annoying person to lane against because he can trap people at his turret, and it makes turret dives nearly impossible to live through against Jarvan. Use his Ultimate wisely.

Golden Aegis is an ability that creates a shield around Jarvan. This ability is great for running away, and engaging enemies. There is not much to be said about this ability accept that it can protect you when you are near death, use as much as possible when running away.
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The next most important part of a strong Jarvan is his item build. I chose my item build for him based on how i can help the team, and how i can mess up the enemy team at the same time.

The Long Sword is what i believe to be the best item for Jarvan to start out with is. This item enables Jarvan to build towards his early on, and gives extra damage towards his abilities, since all of his abilities gain strength based on attack power.

The Berserker's Greives are my go to boots for Jarvan because the way i build Jarvan, he always has trouble with attack speed. These boots help him with the attack speed he needs to be extremely effective.

The Frozen Mallet is the key item in Jarvan's build. Because Jarvan is not very fast, he needs to make up for it with slowing down enemies. The frozen mallet helps him with just that. His Demacian Standard to Dragon Strike combo gives him the time to hit and slow his enemy, which makes it easier to engage and kill an enemy without having to chase them, from a mid range.

The Last Whisper helps with the missing armor penetration while giving a decent amount of attack damage. Because Jarvan shouldnt build crit, he needs armor penetration to make up for the lost damage. The Last Whisper supplies just that.

The Stark's Fervor is one of the most underrated items in the game. Not many people understand that it gives incredible bonuses even for a single person, yet this item gives the bonuses to all allied champions and you. This makes Jarvan an amazing team fighter, and gives him the lifesteal he needs to stay alive.

The Black Cleaver is very useful to Jarvan because it helps him with his missing attack speed, and gives him a large amount of attack damage as well. And its passive to help reduce enemy armor helps him deal even more damage. The Black Cleaver is a double win for Jarvan.

Atma's Impaler is Jarvan's icing on the cake. This item in a sense completes him. Atma's gives him a good deal of armor and crit, which helps keep him alive and deal more damage. But it is the passive that makes this item work so well for Jarvan. Because Jarvan will have a decent amount of health, this item will take advantage of that and increase Jarvans attack damage even more, while giving him defense.

The items I chose were based on the concept of team playing, survivability, attack damage, and overall messing up the enemies.
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Team Work

Jarvan is great for team fights with my build. Jarvans Demacian Standard, Dragon Strike combo lets him engage and have a bit of cc over enemy champions and minions. With Stark's Fervor, Jarvan also buffs his team when they are close to him.

Jarvan is also a fairly good lane partner. His ability to knock up enemies into the air and deal a lot of damage gives your lane an advantage over enemy players, and should be taken advantage of whenever ganking or harassing.

Jarvan is a little bit hard to use early game, so it is good if he is put with a support role player early game, both will benefit.
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Creeping / Jungling

Jarvan's passive lets him deal extra magic damage to enemies every six seconds, so this lets jarvan get the early last hits on minions, take advantage of it as much as possible. To maximize damage early game towards minions, attack a new minion every time to get the magic damage effect every hit.
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Unique Skills

The reason why this build works over other builds is because it takes advantage of Jarvan's damage output instead of his health and defense. A lot of people see Jarvan as more of a tank rather than a dps, while i see him as more of a dps than a tank. This build maximizes his abilities to mess up the enemy team while still keeping a slight tankish ability.
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This is a build is very aggressive and requires a high skill demand throughout the game. I find that this build helps everyone on your team and makes you a threat to anything that moves. Using the small tips i threw in will help your survivability and keep you alive in very tight spots. I hope this has helped you, and i hope to see you on the Demacian battlefield. Happy gaming! :D

Please leave a comment if you have any other questions about Jarvan, i consider myself to be a pretty good Jarvan player, and if you have any recommendations that could potentially make this build better please inform me because I am always open to suggestions.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jundrami
jundrami Jarvan IV Guide
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Jarvan IV: The wonder build (in depth)

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