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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PlayZombieO.o

jax be nimble jax be quick

PlayZombieO.o Last updated on August 10, 2010
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Hi, my first build on mobafire. and this is my build using jax. i know what you're thinking mr.mysterious that oh no first build hes made gonna suck or ill try it once and see how it goes. well please go with the later and try this one out. if you have anything to say then go ahead and ill probaly consider or try it out later.

first my summoner spells are exhaust and ghost. using exhaust it helps me slow people down if I'm not being attacked and not dodging anything to stun them, also its nice to blind them for 3 seconds while you book it back to turrets or some team mates. ghost is used to escape from when things just are getting way too crazy or to catch up to someone when exhaust is on cool down. also nice using it on other side of map and running to mid and getting a quick leap strike stun and ganking someone. believe me it happens once or twice ^_^

runes are like that to help with attack speed, dodge (for the stun), and armor pen for tanks who think 3-4k life will save them from some crazy attack speed and stuns from you using this build. going on to mastery tree. mainly you want to get nimbleness in defense tree. wich increases movement speed on dodges also the 2% dodge from evasion helps. the rest i put in offense because im going for quick stun kills and moving on.

item sequence, at the start i pick up boots of speed and two health potions and go to a lane. hopefully not mid. now i try to stay in my lane until level 6, wich can be tricky buts its possible, playing smart not being greedy helps a lot. by using leap strike and empower you can successfully harass most champs because leap strike gets you into the mix with minions and empower strikes all enemies around you. by the way, press empower before you leap its not an instant effect, empower stays with you for enough time to leap and get back some. also counter strike will be with you at level 3 meaning stun so you wont be taking a lot of damage most of it will come from enemy champs if they are brave enough to hit you.

now at 6 i recall get my ninja tabi, meaning.... BAM! +25 armor, 12% dodge and +2 movement speed. grab a dagger for +15% attack speed, and vampiric scepter wich gives 12% life steal this will keep you down there for awhile. and i mean awhile. i get zeal because the +20% attack speed +8 movement speed and 10% crit chance. grab another dagger after zeal and bam soon you have malady. now things get tricky here item wise because you can do some many things. you can get zeal into phantom dancer wich increases attack speed, movement speed, crit chance and increases dodge again woohoo. or get some attack damage items since you are hitting pretty fast sword of the occult, that gives dmg per kill and assist and it stacks (by the way dmg means damage just too lazy to right it, even though i am adding this and this means im not being lazy anyways). another good weapon is the brutalizer, ok make fun of me now but the 25 attack dmg, 10% cool down reduction and +15 armor pen is nice.

now another good item if i can remeber its name... its.... man now im talking to myself in my guide and not being smart enough to erase this stuff... oh wits end. ive been using it lately due to the high rise of ezreal players since hes on the free to play week list. now it takes away his mana and dmgs him with it, so after a stun he teleports away hits you, you leap strike and take some more mana away and it hurts him more, so casters lose mana and health, then even more mana trying to keep you away. i personaly go with getting a dmg item or guinsoos rageblade becuase you can get up to 2.5 attacks per second wich is insane. thats 5 hits in 2 seconds by the way. meaning if you are doing 90 attack dmg per attack 90 times 5 is 450. at least i hope college kids missing this question means i need to leave the united states and go to china where math doesnt matter only eating rice does. back on topic 450 dmg using stuns and empower this can increase to huge numbers and kills.

anyways, my first guide is complete. tell me how things go! and be nice about it im sensitive and ill go eat ice cream and watch chick flicks if you are mean to me.. jk ill laugh and say that son of a gun is right ill do it next time.