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Jax Build Guide by SucksRealBad

Jax - Dodge, Dodge, Dodge... STUN!

By SucksRealBad | Updated on February 18, 2012

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Hello guys, I just wanted to say that this is my FIRST build ever. Also, I've always been a huge fan of Jax. I saw my friend play him, and I was just amazed. Then, I wanted to know how to play him like a boss, so... I watched Dyrus. Yup, the one and only. Enjoy the guide.
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The runes I chose are really good on Jax if your soloing top lane. It gives you all the attack damage you need that you don't get from your masteries. Most of them give attack speed, and attack damage. Why? It just makes Jax even more OP.

Q: What if I don't have these runes?
A: Don't harrass as much, and go more defensive. Jax is still amazing without them.
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Well, these masteries are set for soloing top lane. Having 9 in offense can give you just a little more attack damage then you really need. Also helps with harrassing.
Having 21 in defensive is really good, especially if your going against someone who has a higher attack.
Some masteries you could do, if your going against someone who doesnt do that much damage (e.x Rammus)are: 25/5/0. What you put in there is up to you, but this is what I suggest: Putting 3 in brute force, 1 in Summoners Wrath, 4 in Alacrity, 4 in Sorcery, 1 in Weapon Expertise, 4 in Deadliness, 1 in Lethality, 3 in Sunder, one in Exectuiner. Then for Defense: 2 in Resistance, 3 in Hardiness.
Why? So you can do a lot of damage, and still have the armor needed to make a happy Jax.
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Okay, so Jax is weird. He's basically Bi-Sexual... Both AD and AP. Took me awhile to find out how to build him, and I finally got it.

First off you want to get : Ninja Tabi It really just depends on who your going against. After you get the boots, if your soloing top you want to get Wriggles Lantern for the life steal and the free ward.

Now that you got Wriggles, you want to start building Hextech Gunblade. While building that you want to get the Bilgewater Cutlass FIRST, then you can get the Hextech Revolver, and just finish the blade.

Time to finish the core build... After getting the Gunblade, you want to get Guinsoo's Rageblade. Why? For the extra damage of course.

Now by this time, if your fed or just got all your last hits, go for Trinity Force.

VIABLE BUILDS: Warmogs (If you feel like you need extra health), Thornmail (If your going against Garen, Sivir, and whoever..), Mercury Treads (If your going against people with a lot of CC or just mages).
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Skill Sequence

Well, usually when I'm in game, I usually don't pay attention to what I choose. What I chose on here seems about accurate though. Always want to get your ultimate when you can on Jax.

If your going for harrassment: Max your Q first after getting your other 2 skills.
If your going for damage/harrassment: Level your Q and W back and fourth, after getting your E.
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Team Fights

Jax is really good for his stun. Since the last update he is immune to AoE damage for a certain amount of time when he goes to do his stun, so he can be used as a great initiator for team fights. You wanna do your E-Q-W combo. Pop the stun, jump, then beat them with your lamp and or fishing rod.
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The End

Thanks for taking time to read through my guide. I will be making updates to it soon, adding on videos of me playing. Be sure to comment and give me some suggestions.
League of Legends Build Guide Author SucksRealBad
SucksRealBad Jax Guide

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Jax - Dodge, Dodge, Dodge... STUN!