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League of Legends Build Guide Author KillerzMP

Jax - Hybrid Tank/Dps - 3v3

KillerzMP Last updated on November 6, 2010
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Hi, thank you for looking at my Jax Guide. In this guide i will not go in depth into how to play jax but instead my reasoning for choices on summoner abilites/runes/masteries/item build. This build works wonders in 3v3 for me, i have tried it a couple times in 5v5 and it still works fine, but just not as suited as 3v3, as having a dedicated tank in 5v5 is neccesary and jax really isnt viable as the team tank as there is alot of better choices than jax, he can be a makeshift tank for 5v5 but its not something i would recommend. having 3k+ hp in 3s and a large ammount of dodge makes him a perfect 3v3 tank.

my masteries are a little different to what you might see in some of the best jax guides, but my choices are as follows:
1. i choose 3 points in Resistance and 1 in Hardness, only because my item build has armor items in it.
2. i choose to have 4 points in Sorcery and 2 points in Alacrity, simply for Archaic knowledge, i feel the 15% magic penetration is worth more than 2% attack speed. people may rage at this decision but 2% attack speed is easily rectified late game and will unnoticeable when you are hitting 2.25+ attacks a second.

Summoner abilities
Ghost + exhaust is perfect for early game killing with jax, late game its effects are less and less useful as getting a frozen mallet/phantom dancer make the abilities redundant, unless your up against a melee who decided to get sword of the divine, then just exhaust them and drop them easily. sometimes i use Ignite + Exhaust, but my favorite is always ghost + exhaust.

my runes are pretty stock standard Jax runes, although i do like maxing armor penetration marks and quints as i feel when you are hitting so fast and hard the armor penetration comes in more handy than any other stat.

i put 1 point in Leap strike at level 1, only really for First Blood gank, and it also comes in handy around level 6-7 when initiating a gank. Empower is always second point, Leap strike+empower is a great harrassing tool. 3rd point into counterstrike, if your solo laning against a melee, it will be easy to take minimal damage whilst trying to get a dodge proc from minions or enemy champion, once getting a proc on your stun, provided your not laning against a mordekaiser or any other really really beafy tanks, then empower+leapstrike in straight after you leap in, use counterstrike, at this point in time they should be 2/3 hp left or even 1/2 hp left, exhaust + ghost means they will drop, any other procs on counterstrike come in handy whilst chasing with ghost. this should almost be a guaranteed kill. I max empower first, counterstrike second and leapstrike 3rd and always get ulti when you hit 6/11/16. my reasoning for maxing empower is because its essentially a nuke, so much damage output with jax's ulti, when facing a weak melee like Yi, its a half hp nuke easy. i max leapstrike last as i feel it doesnt provide a large source of damage and is really only used for initiating ganks and escaping. maxing counterstrike second is good because well who doesnt want more dodge on jax and the stun damage starts to hurt alot, and its vital for group encounters.

i almost always start off a game with a dorans shield and health potion, Jax is relatively squishy at before level 6, dorans shield provides essential health and hp/5 in the early laning phase, especially if your soloing top or bottom lane. when i get enough money for Ninja Tabi which is usually around 6 or so, i will stay in the lane to try farm up enough gold for a Vamp scepter. after blue pilling i make my way up to the top lane (3v3) and full hp Jax can take down dragon and leave with around 3/4 hp, makesure you use empower every cooldown, makes killing the dragon quick and easy. at this point in time you are pretty strong and can 1v1 most champions, so either pick a lane to gank or initiate a champion whos solo, obviously dont take on a Ryze/annie unless you are sure you can take them on, with jaxs new ulti buff, taking on a powerful caster seems more and more likely. then i get the following items in the following order:
Guinsoo's Rageblade, very cheap item for its worth to Jax, synergizes very well with his ulti.
Phage -> into Frozen mallet, at this point you should have 3k Hp, also jax is a very slow melee character compared to a Yi/warwick, so having Frozen mallet helps wonders.
Atma's impaler, Armor, Crit chance and an awesome passive, why not!
Vampiric scepter -> Starks Fervor/Bloodthirster, really depends on the situation, if you have melee teammates get Starks if your teammates are casters get Bloodthirster.
if you make it to this point in the game then sell your Doran's shield and get a Phantom dancer, in some circumstance if the other team is heavy melee and you currently are still getting smashed by the other team then sometimes a phantom dancer is better to get before a starks/bloodthirster. i usually never ever get a Banshee's but it is viable if you are up against a heavy caster team, but the Low Cd on your ulti i think is good enough to keep you up and going, as you wont be getting involved in a big team fight less than every 1 and a half minutes or so. so at the end of this item build you will have around 25 armor penetration plus the aura if you got starks, you will have 3k+ hp and have around 150 armor and 48% dodge or so, making you very tanky and a very viable dps carry.

anyways thankyou for looking at my guide, please provide any feedback/rage you feel is neccesary. just remember this is just the way i like to play jax, im not saying that everyone should play like this.