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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Beschwoerer2

Jax - Survivability and DPS! The Man and the Lantern!

Beschwoerer2 Last updated on September 30, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Jax - Survivability and DPS


Cloth Armor... not really the ****.. well its just a part of the essential ninja tabi and by that its more senseful to start of with some extra armor than with nothing. Additionally there is even enough gold left for up 5 potions (which is optional).

Ninja Tabi... As mentioned before! essential! 25% dodge in combination with masteries, runes and counter strike its a hack of a dodge-percentage from the beginning on.

Phantom Dancer... Most people prefer to go guinsoos 1st while im 100% convinced that PD 1st is ways better. why? because you have to hit to get stacks with guinsoos and since jax is not invincible from the beginning on its not useful if you have to stay in fight for long time before your 1st item turns out to be useful. better push the basic attack speed 1st to get the fullest out of guinsoos. not to forget the almost ensured chance on dodge and by that many short cooldowned and mana inexpensive stuns. even though the extra basic damage and extra damage on 3rd strikes is pretty useful. still, PD 1st! ;)

Guinsoo's Rageblade... Awesome item! in combination with PD you will recieve the 8 stacks extremely fast + your utlimate ****ing max out the 2.5possible attack speed in seconds! basic damage boost + 3rd strike damage boost will make it a lot easier to kill since your dependant on crits and the 3rd strikes before. aswell from now on youll gain more and more life by the ap and damage youre recieving from the follow-up-items.

Vampiric Scepter... I just use to buy a vampiric scepter before i start to build the frozen mallet to give myself a slight lifesteal which is kinda steakhouse in combination with your 3rd hits and your uberfastlas0rstyle attackspeed.

Frozen Mallet... nearly 1k lifeboost, toggle slow on enemy with an maxed out attack speed. more to say? oh well okay 20 additional damagepoints. with your empower AoE and the high attackspeed its just a JOKE to smack down waves of minions in seconds. (so its not even hard to farm that item, even though its quite expensive!) for lategame ownage i think the mallet is absolutely essential aswell, because jax can only slow with sorceries which have a high cooldown. so to stop them from escaping, which is really annoying when you know youd pwn the **** out of them, get the mallet. they'll have to fight 1on1 and lose since they cant hit you ofen enough without getting stuned every 2.5 seconds. only a really really good or fed caster can damage you now.

The Bloodthirster... And the survivability continues! the bloodthirster gives nice lifeleech and damage, which can even be extended by simplay slaying 40 anythings! extending lifeleech, damage and by that even your life is increasing so that not only the lifeleech makes you stand in fights longer but also a larger amount of life!

Atmas Impaler... The Peak! after increasing your life to nearly 3k atmas impaler finishes the build. the extra damage you recieve will also be added to your life and 18% crit will make your attacks do extra dmg every strike. if its not a crit its the extra damage from your ultimate. 45+ armor are not essential since your not hitable by non-magic dps champions anymore... but... it looks nice :D

You end up with over 3k life, nearly 300dmg and a maxed out attack speed. sounds like fearsome dps doesnt it? ;)


In early game you need to not forget jax item dependance. hes not invincible from the beginning! so just keep playing relaxed, look out for last hits where you can. if you got a lanemate thats pulling the enemies attention on him by intensive harass you CAN also use a quick leap strike empower combination to help harassing by adding some nice burst damage. but in general look out to farm the ninja tabi and at least zeal 1st so that you succeed to hit with 3rd strikes constantly! IF you fight in early game look out to get hit by 2-3 of the enemies minions becuz 3 low damage attacks do not harm and give a good chance on the shield you need to use your stun!

In case of an early game fight:
run towards the enemy
get hit by minions (recieve stun shield)
jump in with a leap strike
when the stun is over: exhaust and ignite
keep hitting him but as mentioned you need constant damage output 1st to be 100% effective.

this combo can kill, but its not guaranteed!

In mid game you can start to look out for squishy victims. when you have PD and guinsoos and (!)maybe(!) the vampiric scepter already you can already stand nearly any 1on1 fight against non-fed melee dps enemies. in teamfights dont take the part of an initiator because any mage will beat the **** out of you if you do so. wait for enemies getting weaker leap and kill. watch out for squishy heroes you can annoy and so take em out of the clash. JAX IS RATHER AN ASSASSIN THAN A FIGHTER! a very fitting sentence i once read.
your not rambo yet! you gotta wait a little more you greedy ***** ;)

In end game you should own ANY physical DPS simply for the reason that they dont hit you anymore and even if they do, you got the chance to, lets say, dodge 2 out of 3 hits! and even if the 1 hit you recieve is damaging you hardly (like a 1,5k trynda crit) you stun, empower and realease 3 hits and nearly fill up your hp again. while he continues to hit you, you continue to stun him after every ****in dodge you make... you make em crazy with that, no doubt :D you can easily do 3 melee DPS in lategame since your stun is an AoE and 3 hitters enlarge the cahnce to dodge one of the 3 and by that produce more stun :D annoying... believe me! Still keep and eye out for those nasty casters since you have only 30 magic resistance, they's the only ones that can get close to you!

I hope this guide gives you a clue to what jax is all about! a true hitting machine... no magical hokus pokus! just raw doom delivered by a lantern...