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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EpicBladeMaster

Jax the annihilation carry (Attack damage heavy)

EpicBladeMaster Last updated on January 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey, I have been playing Jax for a while now and have found that Jax is champion which can dominate all throughout a game and can turn the tide of a game with good play. Thanks for looking at my build hope it will be informative and dont forget to vote comment :)

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Pros / Cons

-Great damage
-Good early harass
-Chase and Escape mechanisms
-builds own tankyness

-err.. he looks a bit funny

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Jax's passive is in my opinion one of the best in the game, The 3 health for all Attack power gained and 2 health for all Ability power gained allows Jax to be built like a glass cannon on any other champion while he is actually getting reasonably tanky, examples of this are that your Hextech will give you 330 health and your black cleaver will give you 165 health

Jax's first skill is Leap strike, this is your most important skill and is what makes you so dominant early game. This allows you to harass other melee champions while avoiding retalitory damage while also allows you to close distance on ranged champions

Jax's second skill is empower. This teams perfectly with leap strike and allows you to harass very effectivly as early as lvl 3 (my preference)

Jax's third skill is counter strike which is incredibly good on a melee based character. This gives you a base increase in dodge chance of 10%, increases with every lvl, and a stun that can be activated within a few seconds of a dodge

Finally Jax's ult. What makes him so dam hard to take down in one on ones pretty much throughout the game. It combines a rageblade style attack speed increase up to 10 stacks giving a huge boost to attack speed and a large magic damage boost on ever third hit. This makes Jax a great tower/inhibitor killer while also forces enemies to focus you in team fights as when the stacks start building you start doing some devastating damage

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Skill Sequence

I always go Leap strike first at it is a good damage harass while also giving an escape mechanism as can target own minions/other champions

Second point for me always goes in Counter strike to give you the initial 10% dodge chance

Point then goes into Empower to open up you leap empower combo to do incredible early harass

Then you keep building up leap strike and empower while taking your ult whenever possible

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Engage Strategy

Early game when the other champion is low on health and you feel you need a kill go into the minion wave to get a dodge. Then activate empower and leapstrike onto the champion. As soon as you land active the stun from counter strike and start hitting. If they live and start to run activate one of your exhaust or ghost to catch and get the kill

In mid and late game the back door is your friend. Try and pick up a red buff and then ghost behind an lone enemy or the start of a team fight and immediately jump on their nuke and kill them. When they start to run carry out your normal strategy and leap empower them down.

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As you can see by my item build i have put little emphasis on attack speed so i make up for that with attack speed red and blues to give a good 20% early attack speed hike

Then go dodge chance yellows as this is Jax so its obvious why

Then amour pen quints as early amour pen is very useful with any champion which uses auto attack and builds attack damage

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Masteries go a simple 21 9 0 with the nimbleness got in Defence for the 10% movement speed boost on dodge which you should be getting plenty of

Which 21 in Offence is personal preference taking other summoner spell improvement for example

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Summoner Spells

The two I use mostly are

Ghost: good for pursuing fleeing champions and running in fear from the enemy team when youve taken out their carry in a snipe

Exhaust: good for ensuring one on one victories and catching fleeing champions

Most other spells work on Jax and so if Ghost Exhaust isent for you use your own spells obviously

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For items i always start with dorans shield and a health pot, However any of the three dorans is also good

Then get your dodge boots as this is Jax and dodge is his greatest friend

Bilgewater cutlass into Hextech Gunblade is next as it give great lifesteal and spell vamp while also giving health from his passive from its 60 Attack Damage and 75 Ablitity power

Go Black Cleaver after that as it will give you 55 attack damage and some attack speed which is needed at this point while also giving you 165 health

After this build a trinity force to give you a chance of slow and the sheen boost thing. This also gives you the last bit of attack speed you need and giving you yet more health

By now you should be quite powerful, Understatement :), and so build up some money and get an Infinity Edge just in case they are not raging enough yet, This also gives you 225 health

Final item in my opinion is entirely person choice. In a standard game i will go atmas for the big health and attack damage boost while also increasing crit chance to help out your infinity edge.

Other choices include Guardian Angel/Banshees/Thornmail/etc

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Well if you have read this far im sure you will be able to dominate any game you choose with the Grandmaster at Arms

Thanks allot for reading and if you have any questions comment and plz vote so more people can see this build and kill every body with Jax