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League of Legends Build Guide Author D3ATH

Jax: the crystal scar beast!

D3ATH Last updated on November 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide on mobafire, so it may not be perfect. However i have found a build for dominion that can solo three champs late game! dont believe me? Take a look at my match history.

Btw i had taken this picture before dominion came out. I'm working on a new winning streak on dominion to put here instead

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latest patches

patch affecting jax 1: Even with the latest patch on jax, which lowers his true damage early game, it does not mean that this is a useless champ, jax can still kill early game, you will just have to play a bit more intelligently.

patch affecting jax 2: New masteries patch. jax may have lost his important extra dodge points, but no worries. theres plenty of awesome stats that can be gotten from the offensive matery tree. The reccomended tree i have set up is sort of expiremental, but its working well for me. Give it a try.

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Pros / Cons


Has a powerful AoE stun
Has the potential to litteraly solo 3 enemies when built right
Is an amazing chaser
Can leap through walls with leap stike
A fast farmer thanks to ults passive
Can spam empower for big damage

Needs to be played with caution early do to patch
Is easily cc'ed
Mages can destroy jax without some mr
Needs a lot of items and runes for true power

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Runes for jax can make him unkillable, especially early game. The best thing to go for, in my opinion, is dodge and attack speed runes. The dodge runes will help you have a better chance to get that counter strike early game. The attack speed will make your ultimate's passive build up faster, which means more dps. However, my build also supplies you with options. Another options it to get magic pen marks, dodge seals, ap glyphs, and dodge quints. This will give jax some nice burst damage early game.

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I go 30/0/0 with jax becuse of the masteries changes. always. 30 in offense because? Jax is an offensive champion. and with archaic knowledge, 30 in offense is always my choice. What are some other choices? well, for one you could try going 21/0/9. you could put a point in runic affinity or greed, both of which would help jax quite nicely. Or you could go with 21/9/0. You could put a point into veteran's scars which would give you an early game advantage health wise. Whatever way you chosse to set up your masteries, i highly reccommend that you keep at least 21 points in jax's offensive tree.

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Starting Items

My starting items are ninja tabi's and a vampiric scepter. Why? well the ninja tabi's are vital to playing a succesful jax. They give you extra dodge that, combined with your runes and your E will give you some pretty nice early dodge. The vampiric scepter is to increase your survivability and ability to stay in lane better.

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Build Options

The core is: Guinsoo's rageblade, hextech revolver, ninja tabi. However, this guide presents you with other choice to your build.

Other options:

Nashor's Tooth
Makes your as so fast the enemy will be overwhelmed. And with the passive and extra ap, you will becomes a savage. Could be replaced with ionic spark.

Trinity Force
I like trinity because it fills all of jax's gaps. His ap is high, but not really painful yet. trinity fixs that. Sometimes jax will run out of mana late game after so many bursts. trinity fixs that. Jax needs a lil extra health for survivablity. Trinity fixs that. Sometimes after the first burst, an enemy will be able to outrun you. Trinity's passive and movement speed fix's that as well. This can be replace by entropy.

Guardian Angel
Keep getting killed when your just about to leap away? get guardian angel. That way if you do get killed, you can stun your enemy, flash, then, if possible, leap to an allied unit. A great way to escape death.

Problem: Does your enemy have some big, mean, scary dps? Answer: get thornmail. You plus thornmail against another dps= they are dead. This can replace guardian.

banshee's veil
Are you getting bombed by ryze? Get a banshee's veil to cover up that low mr stat.
This can replace guardian/
youmuu's Ghostblade
Does the enemy have some annoying tanks? get Ghostblade. You'll rip right throught them With the armor pen. This can replace ionic spark.

Lich bane
A great choice for jax wich gives you some more ap, speed and mana. Nuf said. This can replace ionic spark.

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How to play a succesful jax: quick tips

Early game: alone
Since the latest patch, early game jax has become a bit different then it was before. Now, you will need to be a bit less aggresive early on. dont be confused, jax still has great killing potential at lvl 3, but that doesnt mean that you should go on suicide runs yet. the goal to being a succesful jax early game is to avoid feeding/ dying repeatedly. Play smart. if things are getting to close, then stun, and leap out. its not worth it for you to die. It only takes one kill for them to have a slight gold/ exp. advantage. so dont risk it. If you think however that you are in a solid position to attack, then do so. I would wait for my stun to come up, then i would leap at them, stun them, spam empower, and then auto attack. if you come out on top, then congrats, you got your first jax kill. If you didn't, thats okay, you probally did enough damage to make them recall anyways, which means you get some free farming until they comeback.

Early Game: with partner
The key to success when playing with jax is to communicate. Tell your partner when your about to leap, tell them when your about to burst that squishy, and tell them when you need to recall. If you dont, then you will become an easy target after leaping in right next to both of your enemies. I've seen many bad jax just leap in then get cc'd and killed.

Mid game:
Now you and your team be traveling the map more. At this point in the game, Jax is an amazing ganker. So use him as such. IF the enemy has overextended, and is right in front of your turret like the drill or something (one thats close to base), then come up from behind him, leap, empower, and stun your way to victory, if your health gets a little low, then activate your ultimate, he should be dead in no time.

Late Game:
If you played your cards right, by now you should be a cold blooded killer. Dont be afraid to gank, as long as you know where your whole enemy team is. You should be aggresive, but not unintelligent. Even though jax is best 1 vs 1, he is also a great team fighter, thanks to his AoE stun. Stun the enemy, then make sure you and your team have targeted one person, and burst them til they drop. Then make a push when oppurtunities come, and if they havent surrendered yet you will win.