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Caitlyn Build Guide by D3ATH

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author D3ATH

just another caitlyn build

D3ATH Last updated on September 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my Caitlyn attack speed carry build. First off I would implore you to try it before you vote. I've played many many games with Caitlyn and I have a lot of experience. After a couple hundred games I have come back to a build like this one repeatedly. I have played LoL since day 1. I know what I am talking about. I really do hope you enjoy this build because when done right, it is fun!

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looking for a quick aram build?

This build is great for aram, and so is Cait! Destroy with this in howling abyss. Hey, that rhymed!

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where do i play cait?

There is only one place to play caitlyn my child and that is adc carry bot.

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explanation of build

why build attack speed with Caitlyn you might ask. The answer is simple really. I find more dps in team fights delivered from cait when built attack speed orientated rather than attack damage. Now you might say, "but wait what about my precious ult? isn't it going to do less damage now. And the honest answer is yes it will. However the answer that defends this build is that when you have a lot of attack speed you are going to be doing more damage with Caitlyn. When you are doing more damage, you are going to need less power to deliver that killing blow. Now keep in mind this build still has some attack damage; But you have to play sucssesfully so that your bloodthirster is stacked and you have enough gold for this build to work properly. Have confidence in your self and your team. Be daring; But not too daring. Remember that as cait you can always escape. A flash and a net puts a lot of distance between you and pursuers.

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final stats with example build

Attack Damage: 281
attack speed: 2.388
armor penetration: 17
critical chance: 75% (3 in 4 chance!)
critical damage: 717!
movement speed: 393
lifesteal: 18%
tenacity: 35
Cooldown reduction: 15%

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giving boots the boot

"what is this?!?!? no boots!!! downvote downvote downvote!" now hold on to your pants downvotemcgee. I'm about to blow your mind. You don't need boots with this build. The movement speed is all right there in your core. From these items alone at lvl 18, you have 393 movement speed. How bout them apples. This gives you not only great chasing ability, but along with your net, great escaping abilitiy.

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I've heard it a million times. why zephyr? Because it gives everything our glass cannon friend needs. most importantly, attack speed. that 40% boost is enough to start putting your cait in the big leagues. Next it gives attack damage. And you make think that 25 is not much. But its really all you need along with a bloodthirster. Also, it gives our not so fast adc some extra speed. When you get zephyr, you truly become a threat. Don't believe me? try it. It'll rock your cait's world.

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final item

ultimately, the final 2 items is your decision. frozen mallet is a good choice if your against some hard ad, mercurial scimitar is good for that extra mr boost, infinity makes your ult do heaps of damage. but personally, I like salsa on my eggs. the eggs is the core. The salsa is infinity edge and runaan's hurricane. But hey all you got eat is the eggs. You don't have to have the salsa. if you wanna try ketchup, knock yourself out. But that's my recommendation. Keep in mind thought that LoL IS a situational game. DO NOT BUY RUNAAN'S AND BOTRK TOGETHER. You will hit the attack speed roof and it will be a waste of your hard earned gold.

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life steal runes

Life steal runes? you don't see that everyday. So why are they here? let me tell you. Early game survivability. add these bad boys to your doran's blade and vampiric scepter and you'll be able to stay in lane forever. I recommend the purchasing of these runes very highly.

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if played right..

If you know what your doing and you have a good team, this build will kill! I've gone 20/2/8 with this certain build and let me tell you it is really effective. once again I beg of you, if your going to downvote, at least try the build first. AAAND I think that's it guys. enjoy the build or not, either way, have a nice day! (I really need to stop rhyming)

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but wait!

Don't forget to leave a comment on your way out the door! Okay that's it! byeeee!

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some pics