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Jax Build Guide by alds

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author alds

Jax the Grandmaster At Arms

alds Last updated on August 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Jax is a melee dps carry who can be used effectively on all platforms of League of Legends from Dominion to Summoner's Rift. Jax is very unique in that he is mainly played as a hybrid champion, meaning he deals both physical and magic damage. However, Jax can also be focused into doing either physical or magic damage, but many prefer him as a hybrid. I mainly play Jax in the solo top lane of Summoner's Rift, but I jungle with him as well.

Pros of Jax (leap strike)
+ One of the best 1v1 duelists in the game.
+ Can be built as a hybrid, AD, or AP champion.
+ Can Solo Top, and Jungle.
Cons of Jax(Grandmaster's might)
- Will get shut down by a lot of CC.
- Can reverse snowball if played incorrectly in jungle.
- Cannot start fights.

I highly recommend buying Jax due to the fact that he is both cheap and very effective in higher level competitive play. However, you should always consider Jax to be a counter pick in ranked or draft pick play, not an out right pick.

I will also be using my own original method of tips throughout this guide called "Quick Tip Teemo." Whenever you see a "Quick Tip Teemo" take a minute to read exactly what he is saying.
- "Never underestimate the power of the scout's code"

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Team Work

For you to have a great battle you must have a great team work.tell your team that always go in front of you if you are attack by many champions for you to leap strike to it in case your team is not in front of you always buy sight ward in for you to jump on that.and always help your team if in need.

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Creeping / Jungling

You can also jungle with this build.if you are always jungling max your counter strike at level 9 and max empower at level 13.always put a sight ward you think your enemies will gank you.

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The time you will farm is the time you don't have money or if you want to try farming at level 1 attack first the wolves then the blue buff to the lizard buff.

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(Relentless Assault)This gives you a billion attack damage. This is why Jax can excell against low cc teams, but is hindered by heavy cc teams. By racking up stacks in Relentless Assault, jax can increase the amount of Grandmaster's Might procs produced in a duel. This skill becomes less important if Jax is being built as a bursty AP champion who only wants to get off a few ult procs and some Empower autos.

(leap Strike)You can jump on enemies and allies. O.M.G. You can also jump on wards, so remember that if you're jungling Jax with Wriggle's Lantern. You want to use this ability to hop onto the enemy ad or ap carry and annihilate him! Be careful of who is around the enemy AD carry as you can easily be Headbutt away from your target! It's best to wait for the enemy to use up most of their CCs before jumping into your target in team fights.

(Empower)Get Dunked. Great dueling tool. This scales with AP, and it resets your attack timer. When dueling you want to use this right after your autoattack, or on your first Leap Strike. Use this as much as possible when fighting and level it first. Never use this to last hit a minion directly. Only use this for farming if under tower or if you want to kill 2 minions really fast by autoing one and then using this ability to reset your auto attack for the other.

(Counter Strike)This allows you to dodge all auto attacks for 2 seconds, and reduces the effectiveness of all AOEs affecting Jax for the duration it's activated. Very good from stopping enemy ganks (as seen in my short guide video at the top). My major tip for using this ability in a duel is to never open with it. Instead, you want to use your Empower+ Leap Strike combo to open with lots of damage. Then, as the fight progresses, you should start to win the duel (jax almost never loses 1v1 duels due to his passive and empower). Once the enemy starts to flee, you activate Counter Strike to lock them down and give yourself more time. The only other time I use Counter Strike is during the middle/end of a duel. This allows me 1 second to land a few more attacks. When the enemy starts to run, I use my Leap Strike + Empower to finish them off.

(Grandmaster's might)You do extra magic damage every third auto attack passively. You also gain bonus Armor and MR based on the amount of AD and AP you have. Combined with your passive, and Empower this allows Jax to do insane amounts of damage just through auto attacking. This is a great ability to have on all forms of Jax (even AD Jax) due to the extra damage.