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Jax Build Guide by Apocalyptic77

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Apocalyptic77

Jax, The King of Duels

Apocalyptic77 Last updated on April 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The might Jax possibly one of the best one on one champions in the game and I am going to tell you how I play him. By the way if you have any concerns comments or anything of that matter please leave down below I would like as much information back as possible.

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Starting Items

Starting Items

This is a pretty obvious Item to start off with for jax either in the jungle or in the lane. Any Jax player knows that Jax's early game is really weak because he doesn't have his ult which gives him most of his Dps. So cloth armor is basicly just to keep you alive.

Ok this item is again for Jax's early game he needs to be able to sustain his lane very well because the more CS you get the faster you get built the faster you can start killing fools.

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Core Items

Core Items

In most of the builds you see for jax you will see this item but usually after the Guinsoos Rageblade but ever since the remake of jax and he lost his health boost it has been killing him in fights so you really need sustain in combat. Plus he is a hybrid so you'll heal for alot since it gives life steal and Spell vamp.

This is item is Jax's Bread and Butter possibly the best item for Jax. For clear reason attack speed boost and it is hybrid. BTW this is when you can start taking on anyone(aslong as they aren't fed)

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Final Items

Final Items

This Item is important for Jax because again he has no health so he can't go rambo into fights unless you get this.

This item is just a build off of that Warmog's since your gonna have alot of health from your yellow runes and your Warmogs youll be doing a lot of damage.

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Finishing Items

Finishing Items

Death Cap is probably the most used because you usually want to increase Jax's Dps.

This is basicly for if you are getting right into that fight and just barely not taking them out.

This is for Shielding from basicly taunts silences etc.

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Greater Mark of Desolation- Jax really needs to have this for early game so that he can actually do damage and for late game to smash through those tankies.

Greater Seal of Vitality- This is a must have some people would say why not just use Armor but the problem isn't that you are getting wrecked through your armor its because people rape through your health really quickly.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resistor Greater Glyph of Attack Speed - Attack speed and Magic resistance are both very useful but you should really keep Magic Resist in the lane and attack speed in the jungle because in the lane you can get poked at by a lot of things and you wont be able to get in range to get the attack speed. But in the jungle you need attack speed to clear the camps quick plus I don't think there is anything using magic in the jungle.(Correct me if im wrong)

Greater Quintessence of Precision - Look at the Marks.

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Okay you should stay with your teammate if your going bottom. If top and its a strong lane(This includes Garen Pantheon Gangplank Teemo Basicly anyone you would expect solo top) then just play passively because as jax you should be farming for along time. Basicly until you get your Guinsoos RageBlade.

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Jungle Route

Ok so first off when jungling as jax you gotta be really careful for counter junglers because until about level 6 you won't really win any encounters.

1st.Start off at Wolf Camp(Using a HP pot)

2nd. Then your going to head over to Wraiths(Using a HP pot)

3rd. Then your going over to TWIN Golems if you have enough life(Using a HP pot)

4th. Finally go back and pick up the Wraith camp if you have enough health(Using a HP pot)

5th. Go back. You can buy Boots of Speed here if your lanes need you so you can gank. But if your lanes are fine just wait for Vampiric Scepter

6th. Now you have full health go solo Blue and Gank.

7th. Finally your going to go Wolves then Wraiths then Elder Lizard

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Team Work

Ok so this is how I think of it you are a bruiser you need to be in the fight let your tank initiate of course but once it starts you should hitting everything and HARD. Also to get around to targets in team fights its really simple just find the threat on their team and activate your Counter Strike and then hit with your Leap Strike then basicly springing Empower Every chance you get.

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Pros/ Cons


    Jax is sexy.
    Jax is a great bruiser.
    Jax has a lot of sustain with this build.
    Jax can solo almost anyone with this build.
    Jax can turn around games

    Jax has horrible early game
    Jax can't beat a fed
Jax isn't that great of a jungler

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I hope this helps all of you P.S this is my first build so please I would prefer your comments to be stright up now then me get ripped apart later. Thankyou and PEACE.

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Alternative Items

Jax is a very workable with champion if that makes any sense. I build Jax very Ad heavy but before the patch I used to