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Jax Build Guide by saithsreaper

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League of Legends Build Guide Author saithsreaper

Jax: The Lampost Rampage

saithsreaper Last updated on September 29, 2011
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This is my guide on how to play Jax, I'm not a good League Of Legends player by any means but these builds rape if employed properly. This guide contains Runes,Masteries,items,skill explanation and pro's and cons.

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Masteries can make or break jax, in a level 30 book jax can get some great perks such as nimbleness and evasion for extra dodge.

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Runes vary from player to player, but I like to use flat dodge seals and quit's,armor pen marks and attack speed glyphs. but the choice is really up to you.

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Jax Items Are OVER 9000

Item Build:

Cloth Armor: Good starting armor and leaves enough gold for hp and mana Pots

Health Potions: I try to buy 3 pots, and 1 mana, but you can buy 5 health pots if you want.

Ninja Tabi: Lot's of dodge and run speed Nuff said.

Guinsoo's Rage Blade: Once i get this item i start completely destroying every thing not only do you get 45 ap and 35 ad but +30% attack speed and an extra 48 ap at max stacks.

Vampiric Scepter: Life Steal,well pretty self explainitory and very helpful

Phantom Dance:Phantom Dancer gives you alot of attack speed that is very usefull along with, crit %, and as a bonus more movement speed for a easy catch up for the fleeing enemy

Hextech's Gun blade:, buy now you should have a lot of dodge, which mean you will only be struck about 1 out of every 2 attacks if they are lucky, but i tend to see 4 or 5 straight dodges quite often at that much dodge. Once you have this item you will get some nice ap ad and a lot of vampireism.

Madred's Blood Razor: Now some of you may be wondering why exactly this item instead of lets say infinity, well the main reason is those pesky tanks, even if they block physical dmg with armor, you still take 4% life per hit, and with jax, you can hit them extremely quickly and rarely be struck. so this item is excellent, plus adds physical damage and attack speed.

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Abilities! Jax's abilities are extremely useful as well as diverse.

Leap Strike: First skill i choose, good for getting into a fight quickly and escaping by using on minions farthest away from the fight, i only like to put 1 point in this till late game though.. try to coordinate with you lane partner to stun and jump at the same time. (Slows, Exhaust,anything of that nature works as well)

Empower: Empower, your bread and butter early game spell, this is practically an aoe and it has a very short cd, just remember to use this before you use leap strike for added herrasment dmg. I tend to max this first.

Counter Strike: Key spell for jax: 10% dodge on first lvl passive, that is just beastly, not to mention after a dodge you can activate this for a short stun, this is extremly useful when being tower dived or in team battles.

Relentless Assault: The reason i use Jax. It's a passive ultimate which does damage on every 3rd hit, while also increasing attack speed upon every hit.. combine this with guinsoo's and soulstealer and it just hurts.

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Second Build

Is almost a exact copy of bigdowny's but with Hextech's gunblade instead of a blood thirster

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This is a remake of BigDowny's guide that is now expired.
this is almost a exact remake all credit gose to bigdowny.