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Shyvana Build Guide by saithsreaper

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author saithsreaper

Shyvana:Justice Isn't Always Pretty

saithsreaper Last updated on November 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my build for Shyvana focusing on attack speed and attack damage with a Wit's end and Frozen mallet for defensive items.this is my first guide and advice is appreciated.
if you haven't played shyvana yet i highly recommend you try her out she's a blast if you can play her right.:)

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Game play

Shyvana is a great melee champ because she is so flexible her ability to farm with burnout and harass with flame breath makes her a force to be reckoned with not to mention that nasty twin bite. I lane solo top usually and always sent the enemy back first after using Flame breath,burnout,twin bite combo. by mid game i usually have blood thirster and stark's finished and have started completely wrecking people with the combo of skill shot, aoe then twin bite with a auto attack between all of them. by this time people should want to kill you badly take advantage of that and lure them to close to turret or in to ganks.Late game is really nothing hard just run up after skill shot and decimate. if your feeling good try getting a sword of the occult in exchange for boots

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For my runes I go with flat armour pen for marks and quint's and attack speed for glyphs and seals.
because Shyvana attacks are based off of attack speed (refer to passive) the faster you attack the longer you can use burnout and dragon decent.not to mention the fact that the more you attack the faster twin bite comes off cool down and it makes you deal more damage with flame breath. the faster your attacks the more you can use your attacks and when you hit that much why not ignore there armour?

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for masteries i go with 22 in attack for armour and magic penetration,bonus damage and critical strike and attack speed and the bouns damage from the last defence i get 2 in defence for bouns magic resist and 3 in utility for mana/health regeneration.

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For my items i like to use
mercury treads for heavy cc teams or Berserker greaves for attack speed

Blood thirster for attack damage and lifesteal

Stark's fevor for attack speed life steal and aura for allys.

Black cleaver for armour penetration and attack damage.

wit's end for attack speed magic resist and 42 damage proc on each and every freaking hit

Frozen mallet for the slow effect,health and small AD (can be replaced with rylai's if you use the skill shot alot)

if you feel like selling your Berserker greaves and replacing them for a phantom dancer I'd recommend it but other wise have fun destroying the enemy!

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Skill Sequence

Twin Bite is an amazing ability! you can get a lot of damage off quickly not only dose it's second deal 100% AD on the second hit but you hit a normal attack along with it!

Burnout is an amazing farming ability not only do you get a 8 second aoe armoud you if your contuinualy attacking but you also you get a 50% movment speed buff for 3 seconds.perfect for entry for a gank or catching up for that last skill shot for the kill.

Flame Breath is in my option the most important ability to use. not only do you do damage but you get a 15% amour debuff on the target! that's key to getting the most damage out of every fight. so spam that skill shot when ever you can!(flame breath proc' with sheen and rylai's)

Dragon's Decent Learning this ability is key to getting good at shyvana her. Her ultimate is similar to tryndamere's but it's better it pulls all enemy damaged by your attack to you landing location so if you need to pull a good gank geting front of them and pull them towards you ally.Her dragon form is great it turns all of her non aoe ability's in to aoe and adds some forgiveness to mistakes.

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Summoner Spells

for summoner spells i use flash and exaust.
Exaust is awesome for the move speed reduction and damage reduction.
Flash is awesome for ganks and catching that enemy that is elusive.
when paired together they make amazing tools for escaping or catching an enemy.
flash can be used over walls and can add a great confusion tool to your arsenal by using you ultimate over a wall then flashing back to you might just get that edge you need.

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this guide will grow as I learn more about shyvana

shyvana is my new Favourite champion with her aoe(burnout) and skill shot(flame breath) for harassment and farming.along with her twin bite shyvana is all I've ever wanted in a champion.
the best way to explain her is a very angry melee nidalee with a dragon father.:)she is an amazing solo champ and is a very useful ally especially in ganking situations due to her ultimate.shyvana is by far the most amazing ganker i have ever played not only because of her ultimate and burnout but because she can completely rip people apart if they don't expect you

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So hope you liked my guide to shyvana and have good luck with it i worked pretty hard on this but seeing as I'm not yet experienced with making guides it won't shine very brightly i bet! XD but i hope you guys like this build all the same it should work pretty well and keep you close to the top of the score board.this was my first guide so criticism and advise is welcome! if you give me an idea or help me I'll mention you in the chapter below!

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Critic's and Helpfull Comment's Corner!

this is a place for every one who gave me insightful advice via comment's

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