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League of Legends Build Guide Author Marouka

Jax: Ultimate Hybrid

Marouka Last updated on January 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

Hello everyone!

Thanks for reading this guide (it's my first).Now let me start by saying that I've been playing LoL for the past few months now and I've never enjoyed playing anyone (except maybe Lux's lazers) more than I have Jax. I've tested quite a few builds through at all of the recent patches since right around Sona was released.

The way that I've found works best is to go Hybrid. Tanks cannot wall you down with just one item this way. If Morde picks up Thornmail, it'll give you trouble, but not as much since you still have a AP output. If Morde gets a Banshee's Veil, big deal! Your auto-attacks still hurt!

My opinion on Jax:
He's a great carry champion and requires a decent amount of skill and training to use. It took me more than just a few games to learn to use him well. He's got lots of potential in many aspects due to his passive, ult, and abilities. I find that he excels much more in 3v3 rather than 5v5 seeing as how it's much more compact and a much more physical meta-game.

Jax is NOT an initiator. Make that very clear to your team. You are an assassin of sorts. You Leap Strike into battle and Empower their weakest champion (the one you are most likely to kill quickly). After this, hopefully you haven't lost anyone and it's now a 4v5 with you at a higher stack # on your ult. You want to try your best to get the kills since you are the carry. If your team whines... well... let them. They can't stop you from winning them the game! :D

The reason I like this build is because every single thing that you do (except activate Hextech) will hurt substantially. And because you have a Hextech Gunblade, everything you do gives you a decent amount of HP back. It's possible to knock out their carry, have low HP, and outlive a tank beating on you due to your crazy regen.

Every item you wear also gives you HP (except for Guardian Angel if you decide to go for this final item). This is your safety net. It's not very strong but it gives you a great edge.

Now, will this build work against every team? No, not necessarily.

Against Tank Heavy teams:
If you are having very serious trouble dealing with a heavy tank team, your item building will drastically change. After getting a Guinsoo's Rageblade, work towards a Sword of the Divine. This will help you kill creeps much more quickly and gives a decent amount of ArP. This item is absolutely necessary against another Jax because of it's anti-dodge ability (begin with exhaust to not allow him to hit you then SotD to not allow him to stun you). After SotD, work towards your Madred's Bloodrazer. These two in combination will easily give you the tank killing power you need. I like to finish the build with banshee's veil then a Hextech Gunblade.

Doran's Shield -> Ninja Tabi -> Guinsoo's Rageblade -> Sword of the Divine ---(these two may be switched in order, I need to test it more)--> Madred's Bloodrazer -> Banshee's Veil -> (sell Doran's Shield) Hextech Gunblade (with the Cutlass coming first).

Summoner Spells
Why not Ignite or Cleanse?
These are the only two that I would even consider taking over Flash and/or exhaust.
>If you know there will be many stuns or you have a hard time avoiding them, get Cleanse.
>Ignite on the other hand should only be picked if you know that there will be an immense amount of healing. However, typically try to let other people on your team pick up this spell. If you worry about runners getting away, exhaust and your stun + item slows should fix that.

(1/5/11): Even with what has changed with exhaust, I find that it's still extremely useful.

The masteries I use are fairly offensive. It gives you a great deal of power while maximizing the amount of health you will generate from AD and AP talents. I also get MR in the def tree because you should be dodging most physical damage. Also, your Ninja Tabi provide you the early game armor you need and Jax is much more prone to magic damage.

Another great mastery setup is to go 9/21/0. I find this to work very well if you like to broaden your safety net. The downside to this is that because you do not get the 5% bonus, your life-stealing will be a bit lower due to your slightly lower damage output.

0/21/9 is the mastery I would use for pure jungling(which also means different spell priority)as Jax in 5v5. While I still believe that Jax is too weak for 5v5, if you absolutely want to, you can jungle with him. In my opinion the Magic Pen is too valuable to go for this build as a non-jungler.

Tips you should know
Remember how this is a mainly 3v3 guide?
-All of the sigils are great: Dragon (soloable with only your dodge boots and a pickaxe by level 8-10)> Green Wolves > Red Lizard > White Banshees.
-Try to take the opposing team by surprise.
-Try to 1v1 solo lane, giving you access to upper jungle creeps and decent ganks.
-Ward up! You can use wards near Dragon to jump to if you get ganked and attempt to juke them through the jungle! (careful of enemy wards that can see you!)
- Dont abandon your team! You should enter the fight a little later, but not so late that your teammates become useless.

These are really the basics that I am going to be giving you today. I'll be updating this with more information in the future.
Stay classy, Summoners, and may this bring you many victories!