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League of Legends Build Guide Author DotFlash

Jinx, Hyper Active Destruction

DotFlash Last updated on October 10, 2013
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Hello, my name is Laserflicker. Average player in Silver and this is my guide for Jinx. So you might ask "She just came out, are you really that confident to make a guide for her?" No, but I got a penta on the first day so it's ok. ^_^ This is why I chose these items to turn her into a hyper-active carry of pure destruction. This is also my first ever guide, Jinx is barely out so I will include as much as I know how from Jhoijhoi. This will be very brief, as she may be able to be played in many different ways. This is just how I play her

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Shes really fun to play
+ Can do Area of Effect damage on Auto Attacks
+ Can do lots of steals/secures with your spell set
+ Very good farmer in lane
+ Hyper-Active with an amazing passive!
+ Very good at chasing after getting a kill

- If you missed your Flame Choppers, its very hard to escape
- Squishy and can be shut down easily
- Your ult is hard to get used to
- Zap! is a very slim skill shot that takes time to get used to
- Not for everyone

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Marksmen/Ad Carries are squishy and need a surefire escape so flash is a must. Cleanse is against people like Ashe and Twitch to escape Ashe's Arrow or Twitch's Expunge/Poison Damage. If not then by all means grab Barrier.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
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Items:From Start to Middle

Starting Items

Start Dorans when your support has no form of sustain. Mixed with your quinns it acts as a vamp scepter with an added bonus of 80 hp. If your support does have sustain you might want to start long sword and pots to rush your next item.

Early to Mid Game

I rush phage because it gives health, which is always good on adcs and with the new passive, lets her dodge skill shots and helps her a bit with chasing or kiting. Next is the zeal which should be standard. Attack Speed and Crit Chance but if you want you can try out sheen for the spellblade rather then the zeal. Finish your trinity force and go straight for some greaves which should give you a nice boost of attack speed and lets you get away from sticky situations where you wouldn't have boots.

This is where you choose yourself

These are your Offensive Items to choose from. They work well with her and provide her with everything she needs for damage. Bloodthirster is great if your playing a bit passive and need to farm if your behind or just want your W to hurt like hell. Phantom Dancers give you great stats such as the crit and the attack speed. The shiv is like the Bloodthirster, for farming and wave clear. Your rocket launcher also procs the shiv so its a huge aoe with electricity! :D Infinity Edge for the late game damage and Zephyr when you decide you no longer need boots. Black Cleaver is for a team that has a ton of armor, in my opinion 150+. Since you do aoe damage, you can also shred armor in aoes. It REALLY helps to shred a whole teams armor for your team to go in and deal the damage instead and you can finish it with your SUPER MEGA DEATH ROCKET!

These are your Defensive Items to choose from. They can save your life and you usually build them as your 4th item or last. Randuins is great if your getting bursted by pesky assasins like Zed, Quicksilver Sash which can be upgraded to Mercurial Scimitar can help get a Warwick or a Malz from suppressing you. IMPORTANT:YOU NEED TO WALK AWAY FROM MALZ TO STOP THE DAMAGE, IT STILL CONTINUES EVEN AFTER THE SUPPRESS IS GONE! Guardian Angel if you think you need a mix of defence and/or getting blown up and think your team will be able to go in to rescue you or turn the fight. Maw for lots of ability power and the passive is nice, less hp = more ad! Usually after you die, you should sell your Guardian Angel and go for something else such as a Randuin's Omen


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