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Jinx Build Guide by KalisteliaLoL

AD Carry Jinx, the Late-Hypercarry - Guide #1 by Kalistelia [Platinum

AD Carry Jinx, the Late-Hypercarry - Guide #1 by Kalistelia [Platinum

Updated on April 11, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KalisteliaLoL Build Guide By KalisteliaLoL 1,603 Views 0 Comments
1,603 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KalisteliaLoL Jinx Build Guide By KalisteliaLoL Updated on April 11, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Introduction - How is this Build gonna work? What should you avoid? Playsty

Hey Summoner!
This build is going to be about a high risk, high reward strategy with Jinx!
You will build double Phantomdancers to get that 95% Crit Chance and will use your Rocketlauncher as much as possible! To make this build work you need a tanky frontline to engage for you and you should not pick Jinx into High-CC, Point-and-Click Stun Teamcomps (e.g Lissandra, Warwick, Maokai etc.) You will farm most of the time, or pick up some kills during fights or lane, to get to your Lategame, thats the aim for this Build/Guide!

I hope this Build works just as good for you, as it does for me!

My Name is Kalistelia, I am a Platinum III ADC-Main on RU, and I hope you enjoy this Guide.
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Laning Phase - Farm, Poke, Kill

In the Lane you should focus on getting CS and Poke the enemy with your Rockets. Watch your Mana Pool though, as Jinx burns mana very quick. You should always have enough mana for your Flame Chompers to get out of sticky situations and be able to snare the enemy Jungler when he ganks.

When you push you should always ward the River and the Tribush to prevent ganks early and disengage as soon as you see the jungler. Jinx has not much mobility, so you shouldnt push too far in.

When you see the opportunity for a kill prepare your Supporter for it. Jinx has a decent early game. You should be able to pick up kills in lane from time to time and from game to game. There are some ADC's who can make your lane rough though (e.g Graves, Corki, Ezreal). These matchups can go either way, but you should avoid fighting them early.
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Midgame - Fight, Control, Farm

In the Midgame (Where you should have completed your Infinity Edge and a Zeal/Phantomdancer), you need to watch your positioning in Teamfights. You should stay behind your frontline and throw in your Rockets. You wont do THAT much damage, but if you position right and focus the right targets you should be able to pick up some kills and get one step closer to your Latgame.

Remember your Team to peel you and try to get Drake and Baron Control. In the best case you will have 5 Drakes in Lategame and maybe even Baron.

You should still focus on farming up or picking up kills. You need to get your Double Phantomdancer as soon as possible.
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Lategame - Fight, Kill, Win

When you reached your Lategame and it comes to Teamfights always use your Rocketlauncher, as it will grant you IMMENSE range and AoE Damage, which can be pretty devastating for your enemies.
You should stay back and try to avoid enemies with Lockdowns such as Lissandra, Warwick etc.
Focus the enemy Carries first to delete them from fights and give your team the upperhand.
Jinx is one of the best Lategame ADC's and is almost impossible to shut down in her Rocketlauncher Stance. In Lategame Deathtimers are high and Jinx is good at pushing Towers, or getting objectives. Use the Time to push an Inhib or get Baron to be prepared for your next Fight. If you rinse and repeat these fights, and position yourself well, the Teamfights should go your way.

Sometimes your able to finish out games when your enemies are dead. Do not overestimate though, as your death timers are just as high as those of your enemies!
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Pro's and Cons

As I mentioned earlier, this is a High Risk/High Reward kind of playstyle and I will talk about that now.


-Very High Carry-Potential
-Massive Lategame Damage
-Good Splitpusher
-Fast at taking objectives (Baron,Drake)
-Bursty W, R-Combo
-Passive Allows you to pick-up kills and run


-Low Mobility (No Jump, Dash, Repositioning Tool)
-Can get Shutdown in early stages of the game
-Susceptible to Champs with Gapclosers (Riven, Vi etc.)
-Build has no Defensive Items such as Guardian Angel or Banshee's!
-Is pretty much dead when locked down and focused.
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Summary - My Personal Opinion

I like playing Jinx very often and I have got a 71% Winrate on her currently. What I like about her, is her aggressive playstlye, and her high carry potential. I think you can pick her into Low-CC comps, with a good frontline on your side. I can't say it often enough, but its a High Risk/High Reward kind of Playstyle I have for her, And I wouldnt recommend this Itembuild against High-CC Comps. You should switch out a Phantomdancer for a GA or a Banshee's Veil then.

I think you can carry yourself up to Higher-Elo with Jinx Only, but you shouldnt rely on her too much!

Hope you enjoyed the Guide and good Luck at climbing the ladder!


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