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League of Legends Build Guide Author LegendaryBuilds

Jungle Caitlyn- Going Beyond The Limits

LegendaryBuilds Last updated on March 4, 2011
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Now some of you might ask... Jungle Caitlyn? Why?
Many of you think the jungle is not for Caitlyn and that she's too squishy to jungle. Yes, she is squishy, but she has crazy damage output. Caitlyn is quite mobile with her shotgun ability, allowing her to quickly speed through walls to gank, escape, or get to the other parts of the jungle faster. Her traps allow easy jungling without taking too much damage, and her Piltover Peacemaker allow easy jungle farm. The most important skill that makes Caitlyn such a good ganker is her ultimate. With its crazy range and insain damage, this skill just allows her to be what she is. A BEAST. In this build you will learn to jungle and use Caitlyn.

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For runes I like to go flat damage with all marks, seals, glyphs, and Quintessences. Many of you will probably wonder why I do this. Getting defensive runes wont help Caitlyn much in the jungle because she is just that squishy. Therefore you need to just get flat damage to carry you through the jungle.

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You will want to go 9 down offense and get the improved smite and ignite. Then you go 21 down Utility getting the EXP boost and the neutral buff extension. Again, defense is not needed as you will rely on raw strenth to get you through the jungle.

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Start out with a Long sword and and a health pot. As you progress through the game, you will continue to buy long swords and upgrade them into phages, then Frozen mallets.

This is your core item build:
Boots of Mobility, 2x Frozen Mallet, Atma's Impaler

The boots of mobility will give amazing mobility and ganking capability, while the frozen mallets and the atma's impaler will give you amazing survivability and damage. Once you get your 4 main items, you shud be pretty much invincible, along with a huge amount of AD. You might be wondering, why aren't there any DPS itmes at all in this build? If you looked at the title, this is a Jungle Caitlyn build. It never mentioned a thing about DPS. This build relies on your ability to gank and do crazy burst damage....without DPS.

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Skill Sequence

In the jungle, you piltover peacemaker and yordle snap trap are your best friends. You want to max these out first. Start with piltover peacemaker, then get yordle snap trap at lvl 2. After that continue to put points into your piltover peacemaker while also putting points into your ultimate (obviously). Your piltover peacemaker should be maxed out at lvl 9, your yordle snap trap should be maxout at lvl 13, your 90 caliber net should maxed out at lvl 18, and your ultimate should be maxed out at lvl 16 (obviously).

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Summoner Spells

With summoner spells you want to take smite and ignite. As I have said before, Caitlyn is a squishy champion in the jungle before you get your main items. Ignite and smite will allow you to successfully take out big jungle objectives such as golem and lizard before lvl 5. (Yes, ignite in the jungle. Trust me). You will only be able to jungle with these summoner spells. Exhaust will also work, but I usually dont take it. Dont take anything else other than these spells, or else you will completely fail in the jungle.

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How To Jungle

Now, finally to the exciting part of this build. THE JUNGLE. Jungle Caitlyn will work, trust me, if you follow these instructions. Pick up you long sword and your health pot in the beginning and head straight for blue buff. Hide in the middle of the bush beside golem. When golem spawns, immediately fire a piltover peacemaker at the golem, making sure to hit the little minions. This will draw the golem's aggro, making him walk to you. Since you are a little distance away from him, the golem will have to walk to you. Also, your passive works better in bushes. This will allow you to take a couple shots at him wihout taking damage from him (since he is a melee monster). Right when he comes up to you and hits you once, immediately pop your health pot. Continue to shoot him with auto attacks and your piltover peacemaker until he is about 1/2 health. When that happens, pop smite and ignite on the golem. He should be dead now, and you should have about 1 bar of health. You should have lvled up thanks to your exp masteries, and you should have restored some health, bringing you up to about 2 bars of health. Take one point in yordle snap trap. Go straight to wolves, pick them off, and then go back to base. (Yea, that's right) Now why would you go back to base so early in the jungle? Well, its only logical to back when you have about 1/5 bar of health left. Many of you will think that going back after wolves will slow you down in the jungle. It wont. It's the same thing as going back after taking out a few more camps then going back. Right now you are just going back earlier. Buy 2 health pots and race straight to lizard. You will be able to take him out. Dont worry. Put a trap down right in front of the bush near lizard. Then go to wraiths. Take them down with auto attacks and piltover peacmaker. The go plant another trap a little distance in front of your other one. Make sure your traps are lined up. Now you are all set. Stand behind your first trap in the middle of you traps, and then fire a piltover peacemaker, again, making sure to hite the little minions. The lizard will go for you, triggering the first trap. Continue to shoot him and use your piltover peacemaker. When he comes out of the trap, run quickly to the bush where you put the trap in front of. The lizard will still go for you, and he will run into the second trap. Since you are in the bush now, your passive will help a lot. The lizard will run into the second trap, giving you more time to shoot the lizard. Right when he reaches you and takes a hit at you, pop a health pot. When the lizard is 1/2 health, smite him and finish him off. Pop another health pot when you are done, and go on to kill the double golem camp. After this, go and gank people!

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This build is all about ganking people, since you are a jungler. After you finish your jungle, you want to go around and gank as much as you can, collecting kills. When ganking, wait in bush until target is not near tower and is near you or you teamates. Run in, and shoot him with a piltover peacemaker. Its a lot better to get behind your target, as you can use 90 caliber net to slow him wihout losing any ground, as you will get pushed behind the target. If not behind the target, do not use your caliber net to add damage and slow the target, as you will just push yourself back and lose some shooting time on the target. Instead, use your caliber net to dive into the enemy or to initiate a gank, giving you more time to shoot the enemy. Caitlyn's ultimate is so important in these ganks. As you wait in the bush, you can use you ultimate so pick of low life targets who think they can stay in to farm. If you are behind the target and you were able to succesfully shoot the net at the target, use your ultimate on him. While he is slowed and running away, your ultimate will most likely hit the target without disturbance, and you will also be able to damagae your target after your ultimate. With your traps, as you gank, always place one in the targets line of movement so you can snare them.

So the basic combos are:

IF BEHIND THE ENEMY: 90 caliber net--> hit-->Piltover peacemaker-->Trap--> Ultimate-->hit..etc

IF NOT BEHIND THE ENEMY: 90 caliber net to get closer to target-->hit--Piltover peacemaker-- >trap--> Ultimate--> hit hit....etc

Always remember that you can get right in there and take damage onece you get your main items because this build provides survivability and damage!

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This build may seem strange and different from other builds, but hey, why no give it a shot!?
If you like the way this build works and you like doing the unexpected with a champion, why not?
Please comment and give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. If you thumbed it down, please explain why you did so.

Now go out there and pwn faces!