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Gangplank Build Guide by KeiffoLoL

Jungle Gangplank 13 wins 1 loss in ranked so far

By KeiffoLoL | Updated on July 6, 2011

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This is the Jungleplank build I use in all games with GP. My Ranked history is 13 wins and 1 loss with GP. Jungle Gangplank is the hardest hitting ganker at the moment and this build allows you to enter God Mode.

GP should be nerfed very soon. Play him while he's god.
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Standard Armour Pen. runes. The crit chance yellows/blues help heaps because GP's crits are insane from the loading screen.
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Start with Cloth Armour, 4 health potions. Buy boots after completing the short jungle task seen below. Build into Wriggle's lantern ASAP. Your next move should be Mercury's Treads then Phantom Dancer. After that buy an Infinity Edge starting with the BF sword then the crit cloak.

The fun part starts now. After owning everybody on the enemy team they will want to shut you down. However, your next items are Warmog's and Force of Nature. Having those items does not have a negative effect on GP's damage near the end of the game. He still deals way too much damage to everybody. Also, nobody can catch GP with the combination of PD and FoN. Throw Ghost and Raise Morale in and even Rammus can't catch up with ghost.
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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle in this order: Blue Golem, Wolves, Wraiths, Golems. After killing Blue Golem, use Raise Morale just before you start fighting the next creeps. Try and finish each creep with GP's Q. Once you have finished killing the golems, recall and buy regular boots then start ganking.
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One thing to be aware of is that using GP's Raise Morale in range of your allies before they kill somebody will give you assists, even if you don't attack them.

GP can take on dragon with ease at level 7 with Wriggles, Merc's, Zeal.

Remember that Remove Scurvy is like a Cleanse and heal combined. It works on all taunts, slows, fears, silences and even WW/Malz ults.

GP can win a lot of 2v1 fights. I've even went in solo against all enemy champions with the final build and won before. He is extremely OP right now.
League of Legends Build Guide Author KeiffoLoL
KeiffoLoL Gangplank Guide

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Jungle Gangplank 13 wins 1 loss in ranked so far