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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Exented

Jungle/Ganker Master Yi

Exented Last updated on January 2, 2011
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First of all thank you for reading my build. I will keep it simple enough so nobody will get bored.

Master Yi is an easy to play (most dpps is right click) but hard to master char like other squishy chars end game carries who mostly depends on auto attack (Ashe, Sivir) So most important part is experience with playing it.

The answer for why we are jungling
Master Yi is a great and very fast jungler.
Meditateand Alpha Strikemakes jungling very fast and passive damage is always help :P. You can search youtube for fast jungle videos and Yi is one of the fastest. And personally I found Yi in lanes a little weak especially in first levels, because of its mana dependency. And of crouse if you have a good solo laner 1 person will be higher level from the rest of the team and that's always a plus...

In my opinion Exhaustis a must. For any melee char I think its the best optinion. It prevents you to slow and catch players and also it can prevent you to get tons of damage from carries that depend on Auto attack.
Smiteis great to make the jungle fast. It is not a must, you can try heal or ignite something else but if your goal to finish jungle fast and not get late on level this is the best option.
For other skills like Flash and Ghost In my opinion escaping is not a thing for Master Yi. You charge, you kill or you die. If you are thinking about pursuing enemies I will say you "COME ON" you have one of the best speed abilities HighLander When you open your ulti (which will refresh if you kill someone) none can escape from you.


In my opinion Runes are personal choices.
I prefer armor penetrations for Marks , Health per level for Seals and Mana regen per level for Glyphs
You can ask "why mana regen?" Because I hate to be OOM in the middle of a fight. And i hate more to do some mana regen items.


This part is a little personal. Of course Cloth Armoris the best option for jungling and later on you can combine it for other items.
After you cleared your side of the jungle (which I will explain later) go and get your Madred's Razors. Believe me it will make your jungling faster if you are thinking to go on jungling. If your mates are in trouble and you are thinking to go on ganking get a boot.
After you will get Wriggle's Lantern. Some people can say "What The Hell" but I will say in my experience this item worth to be in your inventory especially if you are trying to go on jungling and ganking. One of the most important part of this game which seperates good players from very good players is "Wards"and its a free ward you can put every 3 mins. You can put it on enemy jungle, you can put it on dragon even Nassor or bushes next to your laning partner.
After this its your choice. I especially like Stark's Farvorand Infinity Edge. But if your HP is not enough in group combats and enemy is running away from you Frozen Malletis the best option. If there are heavy HP champion in your opposite team Madred's Bloodrazoris far the best item. The Bloodthirsteris always what I choose as if my DPS is not enough. If you feel Slow or Slow attacking (which is interesting) you can always get Phantom Dancerbut after the last nerf I am not hardly recommending it. As last item you can get a defensive item for more HP or Magic Resist.
P.S. : In several games I got lots of disabler champs with all of them using exhaust so I used Quicksilver SashAnd it worked pretty well for me. I think it is a must if you are having problems with disables...


You can check the youtube video from the link here The route is simple but I prefer to go from the giants to directly to wolf camp and than mana golem from there its your choice go kill the lizard and go shopping. While you are shopping they will respawn and you can go on farming with the same route.
Game Play

While jungling after you get your lantern use its ward whenever you can. Try to be aware of your map and your mates. Go help your friends who are in danger or try to gank lanes with low hp enemies. Get dragon when ever you can. Even use your ulti for faster kill. That 240 gold to all your team worth a lot. And always wait for your tank for team fights. Remember this you are faster than most of the champs when you use your ulti. If you seperate from your group they will kill you easy because you are a big treath for them.
And of course first target squishy target with no escape abilities :P :P

Enjoy your Game

When you select Yi your team and opposite team will underestimate you. Use this to your advantage and cut them with WUJU STYLE....

Thanks for Reading
Sorry for mistypes if I have some