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Kha'Zix Build Guide by DaZzLRaZzL

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DaZzLRaZzL

Jungle Kha'Zix

DaZzLRaZzL Last updated on October 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys!

This is a build for jungle kha'zix. This build is under-construction. Not very pretty yet, but it covers the basics! If you can survive the text wall!

He is a Melee-Assassin with a few tricks. Advantageous as you don't feel the need until late game to build tanky, as with careful gameplay he is very hard to kill.

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Pros / Cons


Great Mid->Late Game damage.
Snowballs Hard
Tricky to Kill
Really Fun

Takes a bit of Practice
Needs a full runepage to jungle effectively
Shut down in teamfights by Oracles

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Skills and Skill Sequence

Taste their Fear : Does alot of damage throughout the game, on a very short cooldown. It has a larger range than standard attacks. I max this second usually unless I am having no issues ganking, in which case I would max this first.

Taste their Fear Evolved : Does damage based on the targets missing health, when they have the isolated debuff.

Void Spike : Our range ability, heals us for a set amount. (Increasing with level) if we are inside the explosion area.

Void Spike Evolved : Causes the ability to fire 3 Spikes rather than one. For a reasonable distance, also adds our passive. Great for slowing and catch enemies, as well as rapidly clearing minion waves.

Leap : Our gap close, does a small amount of damage too.

Leap Evolved : Our gap closer on massive steroids. Jumps a MASSIVE distance now, as well as causing the CD to reset on Killing/Assisting on an enemy champ.

Void Assault : Our Ultimate, gives stealth for a short time, as well as a movespeed buff. Can be cast twice before going on cooldown. Good for escaping or avoiding wards.

Void Assault Evolved : Rather than going on cooldown after being cast twice, it now can be recast 3 times. We also gain 40% damage reduction whilst in stealth.

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You have this nifty evolution thing on. You sadly can only evolve 3 or your 4 skills. (Unless they have a rengar)

1st Evolution : W/Q.

I tend to evolve W 1st, it now applies your passive slow and damage. Making your ganks alot more potent, and making farming a breeze. I find this more useful than the extra damage given from evolving Q as I find I do not need extra damage at level 6.

If you are having no issues sticking to your opponents and getting kills, Evolve this. It gives a massive damage increase to your Q.

2nd Evolution : W/Q

Whichever I did not evolve 1st I evolve now. You will find that you will put out far more damage in teamfights with an evolved W, as well as finding chasing down escapee's far easier.

3rd Evolution : E/R

This is more down to the game. If they have large amount of AOE damage and are NOT buying Oracles then I tend to eveolve R.

Otherwise I evolve E.

Reasoning - You are not a tank, you should not be initiating 1st. The damage reduction from the R is not enough to keep you alive if you choose to dive in 1st. You are also far more sucseptable to being countered by Oracles. By Evolving E, your leap gains a massive distance boost, as well as the CD being reset on Kills/Assists. Allowing you to get leap into the back row of a teamfight, take out a squishy, and then leap out again to safety. I find this keeps me alive more often then an extra stealth and a damage reduction whilst stealthed.

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Taking basic AD jungle runes. Find that it gives me a good start damagewise.

Can use arma pen marks/seals. Tho I find that, flat AD works better with the 2.4AD ratio on Q. And more effective late game once we have a last whisper.

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Very Similar to most AD junglers, tho as we are not building crit chance, slight change in the offensive page.

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I'm not going to go into all the item options at this point. (I will at a later date)

But I will list the reasoning behind the items listed on cheatsheet.

Boots and Health Pots x3 this is essential for start. You need the movespeed for early ganks, and 3x Health Pots ensure that if no ganks are available, you can keep farming jungle until you have enough gold for philo stone.

Philo Stone Kha'Zix is mana hungry, by this point you will have lost your original blue buff, and will quickly find yourself out of mana simply passively farming jungle, let alone ganking. This item solves your early mana issues, + the gp5 keeps your farm in line with the laners if ganks are few and far between.

HexDrinker Gives you some much needed AD, at a cheap cost. As well as providing you with a nice chunk of MR and a rocking passive.

Bloodthirster Gives you the sustain you need, as well as a large pile of AD. Allowing you to clear fast and really be a damage dealer and fulfill your role as an assasin.

Maw Of Malmortious Yet more AD, and the shiny nice passive from Hexdrinker gets a nice buff.

Last Whisper Enemies are starting to get tankier, and you have very little armour Pen. Not with this. Your damage skyrockets when you get this item and you can start 3 hitting them squishies.

Warmogs You are scary, this little fly is devastating the squishies. Your starting to get focused, and you can no longer get by in teamfights just from your skills and placement. This item ensures that you eat that squishy, get out alive and go back in.

Guardian Angel Its late game, your Q is doing 800+ damage on a 3 sec cooldown. Your going to get focused hard. They probably even bought oracles to shut you down. You dive in, wreck a squishy. You get chain CC'd, focused and your dead. Oh wait, your not. Your team is tearing them apart. You revive and help mop up the remnants. WELL DONE YOU.