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Shyvana Build Guide by Lordcrumb

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lordcrumb

Jungle shyv, 10 minute dragon (solo) 20 minute baron (2man)

Lordcrumb Last updated on August 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Runes and Masteries.

Alright guys here is my first attempt of a guide so I thought I would do it on Shyvana the half dragon who I am currently maining as jungle.

The reason behind the attack speed runes is her passive where upon each auto attack you will have something beneficial happen.
Burnout duration gets extended, twin bite cd gets reduced, extra dmg from flame breath on each auto. So the more AS you have the better off you are and since you dont build AS being glyphed for it gives you just that little bit more of an upper hand and you love it through out the whole match due to you always benefiting from it.

The vamp runes are just amazing especially in jungle. you don't have to rely on health pots to keep you up as much (they are there mainly to top up your hp before/after a gank or to act as hp/5 during a fight.) and once again they are viable during the whole match and will always make a difference in a fight due to them working off a percentage and not a flat amount.

I'm not going to talk about why I put a point in each thing but more of the reasons why I chose some of the ones that are generally optional.

Vigor > durability (defense): I take vigor because in the time you may be sitting in a bush waiting to gank or even just running from creep spawn to creep spawn or lane you're always getting health back and although it seem like a small amount it adds up especially at low levels and even while fighting gaining hp it's to good not to choose. Vigor on the other hand although it scales with level it just isn't enough health to make a difference in my opinion and the fact of once that hp is gone it's gone. regen = win.

tough skin/bladed armor: Since in this guide you dont use smite you need that little bit of extra damage on creep and with lv1 red these abilities allow you to kill the small creep of red within the first burnout cast and make it so a leesh isn't necessary but still loved if mid isn't an arsehole.

Summoners wrath: It gives you the 1pt you need to continue in the offense build and allows you to deal more dmg when you have exhaust on them due to it reducing their defenses.

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Skill sequence.

Twin strike: I love this move. It's cd drops from your passive it hits like a truck and if you have items such as sheen or triforce it triggers the proc straight away and it also triggers the flame breath passive twice (I believe feel free to correct me on that).

Burnout: This is the move that shyvana relys most on. It is your jungle clear move due to it being AoE, it allows you to chase down enemies if you're unable to have your phage/frozen mallet yet and even if they are just mm away from you it still hits them (its gotten me many kills <3)

Flame breath: This move I neglected for a long time while playing shyvana due to it being a skill shot and underestimating the damage you get from the passive ability (extra dmg on auto attack equivalent to a % of flame breaths damage) it allows you to slam down the scary creep and tanky characters easier lower levels and with its range being rather long allows you to snipe those characters on low hp that have managed to think they're safe because they have managed to get away on miniscule hp. Unfortunately I dont see it as necessary as Burnout or Twin Strike thus why I dont fully level it till last.

Dragon's Descent: This is beautiful in so many ways. Your defences double, You can go through walls you sometimes can't with flash. You can hunt down/catch up to kills that would necessarily escape you. It can deter enemies from chasing you with the flame path from burnout (ill get into that later). But one of the most important factors of it is that if you're an offensive player you can let the enemy team think they're going to have a 4v5 team fight just to have you hiding behind a wall and dragon in once the fight starts to take out their AP carry and AD carry and block off their path of escape! But the most important factor the Winning prize goes to the fact it knocks them back also. You know that malzahar ulti'ing your team mate? yeah interruupt that ******** and allow your team mate to go back to nuking. know that nunu ulti that is about to nuke your team once it fully charges? knock him back before its fully charged so you survive with more hp and saved your team a whole lot of health and being slowed as much.
Extra abilities it gives to your moves:

Twin strike: This bad boy now hits enemies in a cone in front of you allowing you to chomp teams all at once! **** YEAH!

Burnout: While being triggered in dragon leaves a flame path behind you. Got enemies chasing you and you have had to dragon away? pop it and they will start taking a hefty amount of damage! not to mention if they are chasing you around a turret hehe.

Flame breath: This now shoots out in a cone, doesn't stop once it hits one target and applies the debuff to all enemies hit! DA FUQ RIGHT?!?!?1! makes getting those pesky enemies that think they have escaped easier.

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Summoner Spells.

Exhaust: Unless you want to run Ghost also for an extra form of escape or gank Exhaust is your baby. It slows down their AS, makes them move slower and allws you to keep up! What more could you want. It is your lv1 frozen mallet or your randuins omen it can stop them chasing you as fast or keep you alive because they cant attack you as fast.

Flash: This is definately only challanged by the summoner spell Ghost. It allows you to jump through walls if your dragon is down, it can get you asap close to an enemy which is definately needed if they have you slowed in some form. It may take a fair bit of adjusting if you're not used to it but once you learn all the little tricks to it, it is the best thing in the world. especially combined with your dragon because you can now jump over 2x walls. and generally ensure that you get away from that enemy team.

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When going back to base I have given you priorities incase you dont have enough gold for that time what items are your main priority to buy.

Starting: Cloth armor/5 hp pots: The general jungle start which is solid. hp pots to keep you alive during red or gank it you're unable to get a leesh or the fight got a little scary. armor builds into razor which is another jungle essential.

1st back (1500g prefferably): (1st priority)T1 boots,(2nd priority) vamp scepter, (3rd) upgrade your cloth armor to madreds claws. and if you feel it necessary buy some hp pots because they are always nice to have (can use them as hp/5 top you up before ganks etc as said earlier)

2nd back: T2 Boots (berserkers greaves or if they are a stun heavy/AP heavy team mercury treads, Your choice) and get those claws!

3rd back: This is when you get to start to choose what items you feel necessary.
Phage/frozen mallet: You want this item asap. extra hp and some dmg + a passive ability that helps with when you're ganking by slowing their movement speed and makes it so you dont have to rely on exhaust for when they're running away to still kill them.
Zekes herald: This is a rediculous increase in damage output. 15% cd, 20% AS, 12% lifesteal and 250hp da fuq? wait! it gets better the AS and Lifesteal is from an aura so your whole team gets it!

4th back (this is generally by the time its GG):
Madreds Razor: this is wonderful for shyv. Gives you that extra umph with 40AD, 40% AS, Armor which always helps with when you go dragon and an amazing passive that with each auto attack takes away 4% of their HP. NOMNOMNOM ENEMY HEALTH BAR!

So by now you should have:
Berserker greaves/mercury treads
Zekes herald
Frozen Mallet
Madreds razor

now you start to build how you wish (generally to survive more or play your part for your team better)
if your team needs a more tanky character I suggest:
thornmail(AD Trouble)/Foce of Nature(AP trouble), Warmogs.

Keen to do some more damage?
bloodthirster/triforce, guardian angel(because you are still rather squishy on rez gives you time to flash/dragon away and not give their AP carry a free kill from nuking your arse).
(triforce =hp, AS, sheen proc, AD. It's beautiful.)

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Alright down to business. Run down of how I jungle order.
Lv1 (cloth armor 5hp pots): 1:40 : If starting from bottom of the map you start on wraiths (should be dead by 1:50 if not sooner) then 1:55 take red (Giant Lizard.) now go wolves and this is when you make a game changing decision.

You have the possibility if they have a mana based jungler to pop a hp pot to take you up to near full hp and gank them at red or to continue with your jungle. If you choose to gank after taking wolves go to path leading to red at top that way you're generally not seen and can wait/attack them from their red bush allowing you to choose your time to gank/jump them easier and possibly take their red also and can then gank top or mid.

If you choose/dont have the option of taking their jungle after killing wolves wraiths should have spawned again kill them and go golems (I do it in this order so I have the flame breath move because it allows you to kill golems much faster and keep a lot of your hp. This is the time where if needed you gank bot.

repeat this process until you have the desired amount of gold you want to B or you're on to low HP to continue (which is generally after a gank. That has gotten a little scary.)
I generally like to finish my jungle before B on Blue golem so I can get back to jungle quicker because I can spam burnout on my way back and be able to gank a lot easier at bot/mid after the B. Dont judge me ._.

After first back start back on 2golem and work your way up map on your way back down you should be about lv9-10 and it should be about 10minutes into the game.
By now if all has gone well you should have T2 boots, claws and hopefully either HP pots or a vamp scepter if not both. Minimum for dragon is T2 boots and claws (calling in mid or ADC from bot is advised if so which you will also have to do if you don't have the AS boots) if you have a vamp scepter and hp pots you should be fine soloing. I reccomend ganking bot/their jungler first so you can have aid wit dragon and not have to worry about someone running past dragon while you're going at it because things can get quite scary with a jungle and someone else attacking you especially if the opposing team is map aware.

after that just continue along in jungle ganking when necessary and just being all around awesome.

20m Baron time: by now you want T2 boots, Madreds claws, Zekes herald and frozen mallet (if things have been going amazing Madreds razor) now for this to definately be successful this is how it goes not necessarily all of this needs to be happen but it will make you worry a lot less:

You should of just came back from a B. Grab red, gank bot if necessary. Gank mid, Grab blue (Blue is actually for you not the AP carry because you want to be able to twinstrike moar and you will provide more damage to be honest) you and mid gank top and then pew pew baron.
This can also just be done with prefferably your solo top but if mid is free you can use them.

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Let me know What you think.

I'm going to add pictures in soon so everythin is a lot clearer (items and jungle route etc.) But what else do you want/what can I do to improve this for YOU! Lemme know. Peace.