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Shyvana Build Guide by TkG Mars

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TkG Mars

Jungle Shyvana

TkG Mars Last updated on March 12, 2012
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Hello and welcome to my Jungle Shyvana guide! Shyvana is a truly awesome character with great potential for normal and competitive games. Let me take this time to be honest. I am not a pro player, nor am I in a high ELO bracket. However, I've had a lot of success using this build and feel that it's worthy of sharing. I decided to make this guide because I felt the current Shyvana guides on Mobafire were somewhat lacking. I wasn't satisfied with their build orders, or wasn't satisfied with a generic Jungle Guide with an included Shyvana build. So please read my guide, try it out, leave me some comments, and vote me up if it helped you out!

My overall design for this build:
1. Maximize survivability utilizing her Dragon's Descent passive, armor/MR runes, and moderate defensive and health focused items.
2. Great DPS through the combination of armor pen marks, Atma's Impaler, Wit's End, and AoE magic dmg with Sunfire Cape and Burnout.
3. Awesome mobility with movement speed quints, burnout, flash, and dragon's descent.

Bottom Line: Outlast enemies, melt squishies, and have the mobility to initiate or escape team fights.

3-12-2012: Guide Launch!

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Swiftness: Shyvana relies heavily on being faster than her opponents. It is imperative for her to be able to repeatedly catch her target in order to proc Phage. Eventually Frozen Mallet will make this much easier, but these quints really help out for early and mid game. In addition, the added passive movement speed helps her get around the map faster.

Desolation: These quints are a worthy runner-up. They provide phenomenal late game DPS. I just feel that the added movement speed is more beneficial. Also, I don't feel that any armor pen in addition to the marks is needed. Don't forget about Flame Breath's debuff that reduces armor by 15%.

Desolation: Who doesn't like armor pen? These runes will provide enough armor reduction to do some serious damage to those squishies. These marks are the ONLY option for my build. See below for attack damage/speed discussion.

Resilience: Flat armor is great for starting out in the jungle and facing other bruisers or AD early game. Again these are your ONLY option.

Shielding: Getting melted is never fun. Magic resist will go a looong way for you in any encounter, and especially team fights. In addition, Shyvana can get away with using these runes instead of flat MR for a couple reasons. The first is just the nature of being a jungler. Early game encounters with the enemy AP just don't happen that often. Also, the passive on her ult at lvl 6 will boost her MR enough so that we don't have to get the flat MR. Straight up, these give you the most bang for your buck.

Flat MR: if you're absolutely terrified of their AP early game then go ahead. Otherwise, see above.

Where's the Attk Speed/Dmg Mars?
Shyvana doesn't need additional attack speed or damage. Let me repeat, Shyvana DOES NOT NEED extra attack speed or damage. Many people run these runes and proceed to jungle her starting with a Vamp Scepter. This is the WRONG way to jungle Shyvana. Here's why.

Many people will harp on about how much gold you waste by buying 5 pots. However, the cloth armor/5hp start allows for a very aggressive jungle strategy. A quick red buff and gank will more than make up for the health pots. In contrast, the Vamp Scepter start will basically force her to back early or make at least 2 jungle passes before picking up the red buff.

You can't always rely on getting an early gank though. So why go with armor pen? Proponents of attack speed or dmg will say that it considerably speeds up her jungle time. THIS IS A LIE! Shyvana's insanely fast jungle time comes from the nature of her abilities. So if we can still jungle just as fast (or nearly) what do we care about? Killing people. Especially killing people late game. And what is the hands down best rune for physical dps? Armor pen.

The bottom line: Shyvana doesn't need help in the jungle, she needs help killing people. I don't care about spending a little extra $ for 5 health pots in the beginning.

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Why focus on the offense tree?
I choose to put 21 points into the offense tree because I have already put sufficient emphasis on defense into my build through runes and items. In addition, the movement speed quints give me added utility as well. This build's late game DPS is good, but putting 21 points into offense tips the scales and makes it great.

Shyvana really benefits from the added attack speed, armor pen, and life steal that this tree offers. In addition, she deals a significant amount of damage as magic damage. Arcane Knowledge really helps her out in team fights, and who doesn't like CDR?

Those Last 9 Points
I choose to put them in defense. I feel the added armor and health synergize better with my overall build. Also, Summoner's Resolve gives 10 bonus gold for using smite. Yes please! It's like having a miniature Gp5 item.

However, the utility tree is a viable option. You may consider using this tree if you want to be super mobile with a reduced CD on flash and even more movement speed. Or if you lack the quints of swiftness. Runic Affinity is also very nice for jungling.

Bottom Line: 21 in offense is mandatory. Be sure to take Arcane Knowledge. The remaining 9 points are personal choice.

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Summoner Spells


Mandatory. Dragon's Descent + Flash + Burnout = "You can't catch me, I'm a ... Dragon Lady?"
Flash + Burnout + red buff = gank on even other mobile champs.
Flash + .... I could go on, but you get the picture.
You want another summoner? Tough ****.

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Why no Vamp Scepter Mars?
See runes section

Start with the standard jungle armor + 5 health pots. Do your thing (see jungle section below) and get boots right away. Shyvana relies on being faster than her enemies. Boots are mandatory first time back. If you can, buy a ward and some more health pots.

Wriggles and Merc Treads are pretty self explanatory. It's amazing what you can do with just these two items. Do I want Armor, MR, Attack DMG, Tenacity, minion pwnage, and a free ward every three minutes? YES PLEASE!

Why Wit's End before Phage Mars?
I'll tell you why little padawan. Since we so cleverly beefed up our defenses with runes and her passive, we can get by without buying a health item right away. Wit's End even adds more MR to our repertoire. In addition, the added attack speed and proc will sky rocket your dps at this early point in the game.

In addition, phage gets a huge boost from having Wit's End first. Since Phage only has a chance to proc, it basically relies on attack speed to work. Remember how we skipped attack speed runes in favor of added defense? Yeah you're getting the picture. Both item's are relatively cheap so you'll have your Phage in no time, don't worry.

The Final Three
Atma's -> Frozen Mallet -> Sunfire Cape
I choose to get Atma's before finishing Frozen Mallet for a couple reasons. The added armor that Atma's offers will seriously hinder the other bruisers and AD champs that are just beginning to scale up at this time (Mid Game). In addition, the passive will still give you a decent amount of attack damage. For example, 2000 hp = 40 bonus AD. Getting Atma's first means that the Giant's Belt leading into FM will immediately help you in two ways. Trust me, it works better this way.

Why Sunfire Cape?
1. Added health goes towards Atma's passive.
2. Even more armor means that you should be taking somewhere around 40% dmg from AD champs, effectively boosting your health pool.
3. Passive magic damage synergizes almost too well with Burnout.
4. Cheaper than alternatives.
5. Doesn't it kinda make sense that a dragon-lady-thing should be on fire?
6. Looks cool ^-^

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Jungle Route and Skill Sequence

The Starting Sequence
Wolves -> Wraiths -> Red (save smite for red) -> Golems -> gank
Shyvana's speed in the jungle means that this gank will be around level 2-3. You should be level 3 after the golems, so you can often catch them down a level. In addition, this extremely fast gank is not anticipated as frequently as the standard level 4-6 gank of other junglers.

After that just farm your jungle and help lanes accordingly. Oh and one more thing, GIVE YOUR AP CARRY BLUE! There is no reason for you to have blue, especially since we took the CDR mastery.

Tips on Being a Good Jungler
Buy wards. Your primary role as the jungler is to assist your team. You do this through ganks, lane relief, and MAP AWARENESS. Warding entry/exit points to the river and the enemy jungle is crucial. And no, wriggles lantern is not enough. If you have a good support bot, they usually have dragon warded. This means it's your job to ward around mid/top/and the enemy jungle. Don't go crazy with wards, just get 1-3 each time back (depending on stage of game early -> late).

If you really want to have map control, pick up an oracle's in mid game. Shyvana roams a lot and is pretty hard to kill (at least the way we've built her) so an oracle's goes a long way against another competitive team that wards.

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This build maximizes Shyvana's survivability with great DPS and mobility. I hope it helps you win many games with our favorite dragon lady.

Please remember to up-vote and leave me comments below. I'm dying to hear what you guys think, and any success/horror stories!

Feel free to add me as a friend in-game or send me a PM.

- TkG Mars