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Shyvana Build Guide by Letharg

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Letharg

Jungle Shyvana - That's the way you do it.

Letharg Last updated on November 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello! My Name is Letharg, and I've been playing league of legends for a short while. I found this website quite useful for beginners and after learning alot, I think it's time for me to help out aswell. Therefore, I am writing a jungling shyvana guide. Note that this is my first guide.

I will try to explain most things in a simple way because I'm not a pro, and I don't have played that much with her. I will try to keep my guide fresh and with support from the community I will be more than happy to update it regularily.

I hope you'll enjoy reading it, write some feedback, perhaps get some constructive critism, that'd be great!

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Pros / Cons

Shyvana is a very agressive champion, with proper items, she can deal tons of damage while also having quite a survivability.

Pro's :
Shyvana is easy yet fun to play.
Shyvana is one of the best junglers around.
Great farming skills.
Multifunctional skills:
Her w is great for chasing, farming, and fleeing.
Her ult is one of the best ults in the game, as you can fly over walls, push the entire team away and deal tons of damage. It even makes your basic abilities stronger! Now who doesn't want that?
Con's :
Shyvana will get targeted almost always.
Shyvana is quite weak without ulti.

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Basically the same as every other ad champion.
It is quite important to have the seals on armor and the glyphs on magic resist for that chunk of extra survivability.

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For masteries, I take 21-9-0, because shyvana is a very agressive champion, but you'll need that bit of extra armor. I have tried other masteries, but it ended out worse than this.

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Skill Sequence

I always pick twinbite first, because it's her main skill, it has a nice damage, short cooldown and is great for surprising enemies how strong you actually are when you do your first gank ;)

After that I pick her w, so I can farm/jungle more decently. It also has a longer effect for each basic attack you do during it's activation.

I always max q first, then w. I NEVER level e, because it just isnt needed.

Of course, ult at 6,11,16.

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The actual guide combined with items and stuff.

Because you are going to jungle:

Pick a vampiric scepter first.
after your first round, you'll have around 320-340 gold. Buy a cloth armor for extra durability, this will also allow you to do red buff in your next round and help others with getting blue buff. recall when you are low on health or there are no monsters around (in your jungle). Get a wriggles lantern (or madreds) and you are ready to really jungle. Ask others for help with dragon and kill him with a smite at the end. Jungle some more.

If you haven't already, look for targets to gank. Ask teammates to let your enemy push abit, harass abit and then own them. It doesn't matter who gets the kill (except the support) as you will always receive some gold. Also, kill monsters in the jungle whenever it's possible.

Now, you should get a pair of boots, I kept it at boots of speed because boots are very enemy team dependent. You should mostly get mercury threads, but ninja tabi are fine too.

Now, you probably want some more damage, more health, and more of everything. There is one fine item which will give you a decent amount of each. The phage. It is quite cheap, and will build into one of the best items in league of legends, the frozen mallet. Buy this item asap. It'll give you 275 health, 18 attack damage, and it'll slow your enemies. Perfect. This is just what we needed.

"But hey, aren't you forgetting some attack speed/critical strike?" Nope, you are just about to buy a zeal. "Why not instantly a phantom dancer? " A zeal gives plenty of bonuses for now, and if the enemy team manages to run away from your ganks and sometimes even own you, you'll want a stronger, and more reliable slow while having a stunning + 700 health!

But don't worry. You'll get to buy a phantom dancer now. It is after all a perfect item for shyvana. They are such big items. Phreak loves them.
By now you'll have a decent damage output, and have LOTS of health. So, which item is better than atma's impaler to make you even stronger? Perhaps infinity edge? Yep, so you will get that one after atma.

By now, your build is finished. You could buy a bloodthrister for more damage and lifesteal, a warmogs for more health (and damage), or any other item you might need, I picked trinity force once, but it's not a great item for shyvana.

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That was my guide. I hope you learnt something from it, or you may write a comment that makes me learn. That's fine aswell.

Glhf playing with shyvana. She is my fav atm ;)