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Tahm Kench Build Guide by Buffpeanut

Jungle Tahm Kench - Standard health

Jungle Tahm Kench - Standard health

Updated on July 10, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Buffpeanut Build Guide By Buffpeanut 3,929 Views 0 Comments
3,929 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Buffpeanut Tahm Kench Build Guide By Buffpeanut Updated on July 10, 2015
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Creeping / Jungling

Level 2 & 3.
Pick whichever skill order you like. E is safer but W is faster.
Using E in Jung.
Try to take half the damage you would expect to take, then use it again to shield. Overall you'll take less dmg.
Level 4.
1 extra point in W gives you the AoE clear that you need prior to Cinder.
Pre-6 Ganks.
They are not the best. If you can last a Q, run in for 2 autos and THEN W the champ to bring them back then you'll be laughing, but it doesn't work like that. Other champs are more mobile than you and often flash. You can't gank successfully unless the enemy is pushing VERY hard.
Map control.
Think Nunu. You have a lot of Camp control and your enemy jungler just can't sneak a dragon on you (because you have it warded and can ult). Focus on counter ganks and farming, kinda like Meteos when he was good.
Camp difficulty.
Krugs: Ez mode.
Gromp: Hurts pre-cinder.
Chickens: Not on first clear.
Wolves: Meh.
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Pretty standard. Lead with Q when ganking. The cd is fast enuf to use again if you landed the first/they don't flash out.
If you're new, remember you can't eat an enemy until you have 3 stacks. This makes teamfights awkward for you.
Use it to shoot minions a lot.
Try to always use your shield when you think you've taken 1/2 the dmg you expect to come from the trade. Practice this.
If you're gunna die and haven't shielded yet, expect to get CC'd.
The timing for this is difficult at first. It takes ages.
Allies might take a few weeks to warm up to staying with you.
Also see below.
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Team Work

Once you have R, you can gank. Aim for bot lane and just yolo it. Works often.
You should constantly look for ganks like a TF/Panth, but remember you don't have hard cc like they do. So always try to bring a bud if you can.
Ward. Get a Sightstone. Use the vision to counter gank and contest. That is your strength!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Buffpeanut
Buffpeanut Tahm Kench Guide
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Jungle Tahm Kench - Standard health

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