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Gangplank Build Guide by Terror#44850

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Terror#44850

Jungle Tankplank?!

Terror#44850 Last updated on June 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well, this here is my first build on mobafire. I have about 1100 combined games under my belt. This build seems very, very awkward.. but it works.. very well. Anyways.. Jungling GP is awesome in many aspects with my build. Flying out of the bushes with your raise moral, dropping your ultimate on someones forehead and picking up some kills at low levels.. Its very fun.. and most of you will find it interesting and somewhat fun/enjoyable :)

These are just a few matches from today.. Ive had ALOT of better ones, but that is to just kind of show you :)

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Pros / Cons

- Alot of health
- Good damage output
- VERY survivable
- Good at catching others off guard..
- Not alot of jungling gangplanks :)

- Not a lot of magic resist, so AP hurts
Honestly not a whole lot of cons.. Of all the games I played, I cant complain about anything at all..

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I use these runes to make it easier on me, and more viable..

- 1 Greater Quint of Fortitude - I think the little kick to health helps you out in the beginning, doesnt make a huge impact late game.

- 2 Greater Quint of Furor - I like using the critical damage quints due to the fact that its bonus damage.. Anything can be put in its place if need be, I enjoy the little boost the in crits late game.

- 9 Greater Mark of Desolation - These bad boy's do just what they say.. Penetrate armor.

- 9 Greater Seal of Resilience - These are a MUST for the jungle.. The jungle in my honest opinion would be very very difficult without these seals, and also helps when you go in for a gank against melee a champion.

- 9 Greater Glyph of Vitality - I love using these just so I can have a little health upgrade every level. Its a small little boost, but it makes a difference early game in my eyes, especially after you get a warmogs and atma's. These are optional, not a must. You can easily put in health regen, maga regen or whatnot :)

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The masteries I used were 21/0/9. I used this because it seemed the most beneficial. Being 21 points down offense gives you some decent damage output and also a few points into things that help you go a little faster in the jungle. The other 9 in the utility line that I used also seems great to me. I love ghost on gangplank, so I put the one point into ghost then the other into the health/mana regen. The bonus XP of course, that is a must. Then the last point into the increased duration of neutral monster buff.. Would be nice if it was 2 points, but it doesnt kill ya.

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The items I use makes you have great survivability and still dish out the damage in the end. Start with the vamp scepter in the beginning for the life steal, then wriggles to fly through the jungle. Boots are obvious ;) Then an avarice blade for a little crit and gold per 10! Then after that start to build into your warmogs (giants belt first for me), after warmogs get the atma's impaler to start critting and doing a little damage. After that, build a phantom dancer for a little movement speed and crit for some easy ganks. I sell the avarice blade and I like building an infinity edge, I think the 250% crit damage after you have the whole build is quite nice. Then finally a bloodthirster for the lifesteal and bonus damage or whatever item suits you!

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Creeping / Jungling

Its actually not that hard to jungle on him! Start at wolves, parrrley repeatedly, slaughter them, head to wraiths and smite the big one for an instant kill, use raise moral when you can, and parrrley once again and kill the 3 others. Go to golems, use raise moral, should have enough mana for 1, possibly 2 parrrleys depending on how often you used it beforehand, kill them, I usually leave there pretty low on health, I go back and get my cloth armor and head back out to blue, then red doing the same thing.. I usually take dragon after that, make sure to have wriggles and full health or it will be a challenge and or impossible. And I am usually level 6 when I take dragon :) And if I am feeling a little saucy and no one needs a gank and what not, I go for a stroll in their jungle :) kind of a rinse, wash, repeat deal.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence is pretty simple. If your playing this build you obviously know how to play GP already.. For the most part. I usually wait for a gank after I have red and blue, pop raise moral for the move speed and just slow them down with the red rune, and parrrley them to death.. After you have your ultimate, ganks are MUCH easier, especially if you have the red and blue rune. I dont put a point into my heal early game due to the life steal and giants belt early game. BUT, that is just me, please do what suits you!

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All in all, its quite a fun, and different kind of build. After you get moving in the jungle, and get a hang of everything, you should be able to fly through the jungle extremely fast, and gank at the perfect times for your team. Using the items you will be a pain to kill during your ganks, and still dish out the damage at the same time. You do not have to use all the items and also runes I used in the build, but they work very well for me :) Remember to pay attention to the map as your going along in the jungle, especially after hitting level 6, you can easy pick up some assist or even kills with your ultimate! Stay on your toes and make em walk the plank! err, just kill them.

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If you have ANY questions, tips or things that worked for you, or suggestions, just leave a comment and Ill get back to you :) Some kind of feedback would be nice, so I can get a feel what others think! Thanks for checking my build out, hope you all ejoy it!