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Tristana Build Guide by WaterMan

AD Carry Jungle Tristana [Patch 6.21]

AD Carry Jungle Tristana [Patch 6.21]

Updated on October 27, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WaterMan Build Guide By WaterMan 109,727 Views 1 Comments
109,727 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author WaterMan Tristana Build Guide By WaterMan Updated on October 27, 2016
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S5 Jungle Tristana

Disclaimer: While this guide is not satire, it most likely won't carry you to Challenger. This build is
a favorite of mine, and really fun to play, so I thought I'd make a guide. Enjoy!

BTW first guide, please be gentle.

Hi guys! I'm Harambe Shaft, a Silver 2 Tristana player. I used to play her in any role before her rework (R.I.P DFG AP Trist).
Her Season 4 jungling was very weak early, but was a monster late game, due to Feral Flare. However, I feel she's much stronger in the Season 5 jungle, due to both the jungle rework and the Tristana rework.

I know i'm only Silver, but hey, this is really fun to play and it doesn't hurt to try new things.
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Old Tristana Jungle vs. New Tristana Jungle

Old Tristana Jungle

    - Her E was a single target spell that was a Damage over Time spell (DOT)
    - All of her damage-dealing spells scaled solely off of AP
    - Her Q used to cost mana (they did eventually make her Q have no mana cost, but also reduced her E damage early to compensate for that)
    - Pretty hard early game
    - Mid game jungling was really easy (Feral Flare)

New Tristana Jungle

    - Her E now scales off of AD as well as AP
    - Her E is now AOE
    - Q has no mana cost
    - Early game is way better (better E and smite bonuses in jungle)
    - Mid game is still really good (Devourer & BotRK)
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Pros / Cons


    High mobility in team fights
    Really good chasing
    Decent ganks
    Overall a fun champ to play


    Early game is pretty weak compared to other junglers
    Pretty long CD on jump
    Can be easily counter-jungled early
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Passive: Draw a Bead

Her auto attack, Explosive Charge, and Buster Shot range all scale with her level.
At level 18, her auto attack range/Explosive Charge/Buster Shot range is 669. With the new Rapidfire Cannon, that increases it to 819.

Q: Rapid Fire

For 5 seconds, Tristana's attack speed is buffed by 30/50/70/90/110%

As well as the attack speed buff, the Q passive is also great for clearing.

Riot got rid of the Q/E interaction where if you had your Q active, and AA'd enemies proc'd with E, the CD of your Q would go down by 1.

W: Rocket Jump

She jumps, dealing some damage and slowing enemies by 60% if she lands on them. CD is completely reset when she gets an assist or kill. This is great for chasing/escaping.

In addition to being reset on kills/assists, Tristana's rocket jump now resets when you fully proc your E on a champion. More resets = more fun.

E: Explosive Charge

Tristana puts a charge on an enemy unit. The charge will explode after 4 seconds. When she auto attacks the unit with the charge on it, the charge will do 25% more damage when it explodes. This stacks up to four times.

This got recently changed, so it automatically explodes upon hitting the 4th stack, and both Rocket Jump(W) and Buster Shot(R) add a stack.

This skill is great for clearing, as it deals AOE.


R: Buster Shot

Deals 300/400/500 magic damage, and knocks back the enemy/surrounding enemies. Good for disengage/disrupting channeled abilities. Really good for ganking, as you can get behind them and ult them towards your teammates.
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Stalker's Blade (Devourer)

Devourer is a must on this build. Along with the blue smite, this helps you a lot in ganking.

Try to farm the jungle as much as you can, and gank when you can for that easy stacks.

Infinity Edge

Infinity Edge is a core item with an ADC. Must Have

Statikk Shiv

With the new Statikk Shiv update, this gives you a beefy auto attack upgrade.

Beserker Greaves

Beserker Greaves

Attack speed for more autos.

Rapid Firecannon

This new item is perfect on Tristana. Attack speed, 30% crit, and a charge that gives you an empowered auto with +150 range.


Best lifesteal option for Tristana. 20% Lifesteal and good AD stats.
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How to Clear

I start E, for the AOE damage.

Take Q second, to proc your E faster.

Take a point into W, just in case you need to escape/gank.

Your ultimate is very good for ganking, as you can knock back the enemy towards your teammates
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Jungle Path (Before Preseason Rework)

Always start Krugs and smite (for smite buff)

Then proceed to Red Buff, kill Raptors and back.

Buy Hunter's Talisman, wolfs > Blue Buff > Gromp

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