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Tryndamere Build Guide by Dalems

Jungle Tryn - Fury

By Dalems | Updated on August 14, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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This is a quick and easy guide for all that want to jungle tryn on the fury system.
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19 for all the needed buffs minus havoc for utility

1 in defence cause no where else to stick it

10 in utility so that we can have red buff the maximum amount of time for optimal ganking.
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Crit quints - Help get those early crits in the jungle for easier time and more crits early for ganks.

ArP Marks - Duh?

Armor Seals - So that we can jungle these are a must!

Attack speed Glyphs - To jungle easier these can be replaces with whatever but AS is not bad to have.
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Wriggle's Lantern - for killing dragon at level 6-7 and easier jungle
Berk greaves - for early game boots and AS
Zeal - AS, MS, Crit.... what more do you want? wait to upgrade until you have...
Infinity Edge - This makes you do damage an a lot of it
Phantom Dancer - Run faster, Hit faster, Crit more...Umm yes
at this point in the game you should decide what order you are going to get the next items.

Are you doing great? Bloodthirster
Having trouble with CC's when you press R? Quicksilver Sash+ trade boots for Mercury treads
People built armor? Last Whisper

With these items you should be able to chop people to tiny bits very quickly and easily.
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Grab Vampiric Scepter and go to the 2 golems. If someone from bot is nice enough to leesh them have hem do it it makes the rest of the jungle easy. If not well people are *******s and just jungle yourself.

Smite on golem and kill one finish camp. Use fury to heal if you didn't get leesh oher wise keep fury.

Kill wraiths. Use fury to heal
Kill wolves. If you got leesh on golems and you think you can take on blue buff you need like 3/4 of you health go for it. If not blue pill and buy cloth armor.

Go to red buff pop potion after taking some damage to make you hit harder with Bloodlust. Smite red buff.

Now gank! if you have mocking shout gj if you don't make sure that the lane you are ganking CC's the gankie and get a kill.

You can solo dragon when you have Wriggle's Lantern and Berk greaves or just wriggle's with some help or lucky crits.

You can solo baron with Infinity Edge, Berk greaves, Wriggle's, Zeal, Vampiric scepter], [[Last whisper
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Skills- summoner and spells

Ghost - so that you can get places on the map faster, get around team fights and do more damage, dive with your ult and run out.

Flash - aka Spinning Slash just use it wisely and you will have no need for flash.

Smite - Jungling is impossible without it + you can use it to secure Baron and Dragon.

Skill sequence - tryns damage is linked with his skills very minimally compared with other champions so I choose to get his utility skills Bloodlust+ Mocking Shout first to arsure more kills when ganking and to be more usefull in team fights.
Mocking Shout is a fantastic slow and AD Debuff make sure to tag as many people as possible with it in team fights.
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Always farm! This is your job until you get your items and start wrecking people. If you are done with your jungle and no ganks are open...Counter jungle. You must constantly farm to be of any use.
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Hope people jungle Tryn more and don't feed lanes with him.

Dalems OUT!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Dalems
Dalems Tryndamere Guide

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Jungle Tryn - Fury