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League of Legends Build Guide Author Solarus4494

Jungle Yi - No Boots!

Solarus4494 Last updated on October 11, 2010
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Master Yi - The Wuju Bladesman


People may ask, "Why jungle?" Well, I answer:

* Allows you to earn money really fast, and not having to worry about last-hitting or about letting your lanemate have some gold.
* Allows another carry on your team to level quickly while keeping up yourself level-wise.
* It's REALLY easy to set up ganks.
* Nothing is more satisfying than stumbling upon that low-health Xin Zhao trying to get the golem buff and making him ragequit after you steal the buff, kill him, and kill the teammate of his who tried to come help.

Summoner Spells, Runes and Masteries

I chose Exhaust and Smite for obvious reasons. Exhaust is SOOOOOOOO good for almost any situation. Solves fleeing victims, dangerous carries, and that Garen that's trying to Ult your 25-hp teammate. And Smite is needed for a jungler. I don't take any escape Summoner Spells like Flash or Cleanse because I feel if Exhaust and Highlander aren't enough to get you out of there, you're dead anyways. But if you don't feel comfortable with Yi yet, take either one of those instead of Exhaust.

For Runes, I take Armor Pen Reds for extra damages, Dodge Yellows for survivability, Mana Regen per Lvl Blues so you can spam Alpha Strike, and Health Quints for survivability. You may change it to be more offense or defense-oriented depending on your playstyle.

I go 21-0-9 with Cripple and Plentiful Bounty to boost your Summoner Spells. And instead of Greed in Ultility, I take Utility Mastery. You won't need the extra income, and having an extra-long Lizard buff is nice.



Phantom Dancer x2 - Allows Yi to skip Boots entirely. The speed boost, although minimal, should be enough to get you by until you build your second one. If you need that extra ZOOM, just use your Ult.
Infinity Edge - With the crazy crits from the x2 PD's, Infinity Edge is an obvious choice.
The Bloodthirster - Crazy AD with Lifesteal. What's not to love?
Madred's Bloodrazor - A pure anti-tank item. If the opposing team has a ton of squishies, build Wriggle's Lantern from your Madred's Razor instead. With your jungling role, warding the opposing team's jungle is natural.


Frozen Mallet - For a slow and health boost. I usually never ever get this due to Lizard Buff and Lifesteal.
Last Whisper - For really tanky teams/teams who stack Armor against you because they have half a brain.
Manamune - If you have mana troubles, feel free to get it.
Sword of the Occult - ONLY get if you are doing really good and are confident the other team sucks. Like, a 5-0 score by the 10 minute mark good.
Guardian Angel - For really long games. Gives extra survivability, and lets you towerdive three people and live.

How to Play

Early Game

Starting off, take the standard jungler's Cloth Armor and 5x Health Pots. Head straight to the Golems and hide in the nearby brush. Sometimes (although really rare), they'll attempt to gank you. Once the Golems spawn, Alpha Strike and kill them off with Smite and auto-attacks. Pop a Health Pot and go to the Ghosts. Be careful here. If your initial Alpha Strike doesn't kill any of them, back off and try again once it recharges. Make sure at least one dies from the Alpha Strike, and it should be safe to kill the rest. Head to the Wolves and kill them off, saving Smite for the Golems once they respawn. By the time you finish this cycle the second time, you should have enough for Madred's Razor and have emptied your Health Pot supply. Port back to resupply and keep on jungling until Lvl 6.

If any of your teammates managed to get their opposing laners low, always try to set up a gank. Pay special attention to MIA's and call them if your teammates don't. Ward the river when you can.

Mid Game

By now, you have Madred's and Vamp Scythe (maybe Zeal if you got a few ganks in). Go for the Dragon and the Lizard buff. If you're SURE the opposing team is laning, go for their Golem buff. Otherwise, try to keep out of their jungle. Especially if they have a jungler too. Start to coordinate ganks if you haven't been able to earlier. After a couple of kills, the opposing team should start balling up for protection. Then start helping your teammates push lanes the enemy teamball is not in. Be sure to ward Dragon and the opposing team's jungles if you can. Only jungle for a buff, the Dragon, or if in transit to another lane. At this stage, your help is needed in the lanes.

An important thing to remember once team battles start occuring is that Highlander is NOT an initiation tool. You have Alpha Strike for that. It is primarily an escape tool. Don't ever use it as a chase tool unless you are sure you can kill your target before it times out. During team battles, your primary role is to assassinate the opposing carry once the battle initiates, then haul your a** out of there. You aren't uber enough to take on the entire team yourself yet. Let your team soften them up before you jump back into the fray.

Late Game

Once you hit this stage, you've gotten most of your core items with the exception of maybe your 2nd PD, Bloodthirster, and your Bloodrazor. By now you can contribute more in team battles. However, your play style doesn't change. You Alpha Strike in, Wuju Style, wack-wack-wack-CRIT-CRIT-wack, Highlander, kill victim, get out of there, Medititate your health back, repeat. You also become a backdooring and ganking machine. Kill off towers like a boss and gank those stupid enough to get that Golem buff while you have it warded.

Thanks for reading my guide! Please give constructive feedback in the comments.