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Master Yi Build Guide by fasteggss

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fasteggss


fasteggss Last updated on April 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Master Yi was the first champion I considered to be OP. I think we've all been there. Everyone Ive talked to considers Yi to be the original OP. It makes perfect sense why that would be the case. When you first start out you don't value defense or CC, so an offensive powerhouse like Yi would be OP in anyone's eyes.

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Pros / Cons

- Does tons of damage really quick with build one
- Can escape easily
- Hard to counter (a thornmail doesn't counter your life steal)
- Among the highest attack speed in game
- Can be pretty tanky and still do damage


- Easy to kill early on
- Often focused
- Requires some practice to gank well

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why solo mid?

- Going 1v1 is way better than going 2v2. You are quite squishy early game, easy to harras, so if 2 champions focus on you early game you will die pretty much in 80% if not used a Flash or ulti to get away.
- Lvl up faster to 6 and gankonanza!
- You are much better mid killer than many ranged that go solo mid often. Often you will end up with kill every 2 lvls ending up with 3 or more kills while reaching lvl 6. Other champions like Ashe are totaly useless before lvl 6. Ashe has to go to base to replenish mana and kill on lvl 6 while her ulit is ready and that is not always sure kill (clense?)
- Taking tower down with Yi is matter of seconds while other champion is dead leaves you pretty often on lvl 4 tower kill on mark of 5-6 min and free to help other lanes.
- Safe creep killing. You need to last hit your mobs. on double lane you are often pushed back by range char and not earning money that you DESPERATLY NEED. Beeing in mid will let you farm alot easier.
- Mid is the best place for ganking after coming back from base.
- Close to other lanes for help and getting even more kills.
- Getting lvl advantage on 4(or even 5 if harrased and killed alot) witch is very viable (Wuju style maxed = 35(70) AD bonus! that is nearly an Infinity Edge bonus damage. So you have a free IE on lvl 9!

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Unique Skills

This is what makes Yi the fastest jungler in the game if you max it first. Players generally don't and I think that's a huge mistake. This skill has a percentage chance to one shot jungle camps. The more points you put into it, the higher the chance. This is vital. Faster jungle times lead to more ganks.

When you max this last and you're not AP, its uses are few and far between. One early point into this will give you the chance to fend off the last few ticks of an Ignite, or maybe save you from a Karthus ult. I don't put points into this until I have to, because its so situational.

This is a big part of what gives Yi so much carry potential. He has 70 bonus AD built into him... How awesome is that? Also you will most likely get first blood with this skill.

This is what makes Yi the beast that he is. Attack speed, movement speed, and CC reduction sounds good by itself. But if you get a kill while this is active, the cooldown will completely reset. So Yi has the potential to have his ult active for the entire duration of a team fight. That's insane.

When to use: Save this for champion fights. If necessary you can also use Highlander on turrets, Dragon and Baron.

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Ah, the main part, what you were awaiting for (or at least what I was looking at on Jungle build =D).

Jungling is all about knowing where to go, when to gank, how to ward, when to kill dragon/buffs and so on... I'm not pretending I masterized every aspects to the perfection, but I may have a more or less good idea on how to do.

A lot of junglers don't know when to stop jungling, it's because they are focusing on their little tiny forest. As a lot of guides say, you need to have a good map awarness (knowing where is everyone at any moment, thanks to the minimap, the control map you have thanks to you ward and your allies' communication). Even more because you are the jungler. A lot of things will rely on you to get succesful. So before we go for an in-depth analysis of the jungling Yi style, we need to focus on the other tasks you have to do as the jungler.

General Tasks a Jungler has to do
• Be aware of what's going on in the different lans
• If the solo-top or the mid guy needs to port back, go cover his tower while he does
• If you are covering a lane for someone ask him if he wants you to push his lane or not
• Don't stay too long on a lane, don't steal his gold, your partner needs to level up (once I was middle and the jungler denied me 40g, I tried to kill two minions of the next wave and I died...)
• If a lane is doing bad, gank there in priority (the enemy will likely be pushing/overextending because they have the upper hand) Even if you don't kill someone you can make them waste their summoner spells, or give the upper hand to your partners in a matter of HP pools
• Always aim for a gank when you see overextending opponents
• Don't wait too long for a gank, if you see your opponents are not overextending aim straight back to your jungle, you can't afford one single moment of inactivity
• Warding. Use the regular Sight Ward and use the Vision Ward if there's a chance your opponents also warded the place you wanted to look at. Ward the Dragon, ward your buffs, ward the ganking bush of the top and bottom lanes, ward your jungle entrances... Ward wherever you think there's a chance of getting surprised. Don't waste too much gold anyway, ask the two lanes to ward their bush, ask the bottom lan to ward the dragon... Divide the cost among your partners. Wards are especially useful if there's another jungler, warding your entrances will almost lead to a fail counter-jungling.

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Jungle Routes

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Early Game

Bot lane: This is your main priority. Shutting down this lane affects the entire enemy team. How? Because getting a double kill in this lane leads to getting a free Dragon in many cases.

Mid lane: Generally, theres only one champion per team that will deal a significant amount of AP damage. So obviously, shutting that champion down will give your team a major advantage. This lane is next on the list, but its also the hardest lane to gank because of its small size.

Top lane: This is the furthest lane from Dragon, which is a very important early game objective. By choosing to play top lane, you're basically telling your teammates that you can take care of yourself. So dont ***** and complain if you get your *** kicked and your jungler only ganked once or twice. The jungler cant babysit top unless mid and bot are doing well on their own.

Counter Jungling

This is something that I don't bother with very much anymore. After the jungle changes, its not worth the risk in most cases. The only time that I do counter jungle, is when its obvious that I can. If I'm near top and I see that the enemy jungler is ganking bot lane, that would tell me its safe to see if his blue buff is there.

Regular jungle camps aren't worth any risk now that the re-spawn times are so short.

Sharing Buffs

Red buff is going to be better off in your hands then anyone else. You need it early game to boost your gank potential, but you should be getting every red buff for the entire game. Yi can proc it more then anyone else.

Blue buff is a different story. You want to take the first one, but you should be giving the rest to your mage in most cases. Yi's mana costs went down, so he can definitely jungle without blue buff. But there are some cases where I do take Blue. If someone like Vlad or Kennen is mid, I'll take blue buff because they don't use mana. Its going to be more beneficial to me. I'll also take it if I have a bad mid. There's no point in giving a buff to someone that's already died twice by the time 2nd blue buff spawns. That's a good sign that your mid is just gonna die again and give away the buff while hes at it.

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Team Work

Focus is the most important aspect of team fighting and it should be discussed with your team every game. One mistake people make is calling out one enemy champ as the focus. You cant always focus the same champ due to different circumstances, so you need to prioritize.