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Warwick Build Guide by Ohgodagain

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ohgodagain

Junglescious: An Updated Warwick Guide

Ohgodagain Last updated on August 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This guide is aimed to be an updated Warwick jungle guide for the most recent patches. It is a culmination of other guides and what I've found to work best in my experience. It describes your core item build and skill layout. I'll also briefly go into jungling, ganking, and other useful bits of information.

Warwick is the best jungler, by far. Who is worried about a clown, or a pirate, or a knight in the jungle? No one. You're the wolf beast of it. You own it.

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I've dabbled in various combinations from resilience seals, magic resist glyphs, ArP, and so on. The bottom line is you want the fastest jungle time possible. Warwick is already a little lacking there so I suggest a full attack speed page, minus the marks which will be ArP. Our survivability will come from our items and the spread from the defense mastery tree and utility... but more on that later.

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Our runepage makes up for our lack of offensive tree depth. As you can see, our tree is quite diverse. It helps us with our early game jungle speed. It gives us some magic penetration for our later. It gives us utility for our buffs, and it gives us some added beef. The reason you want to go a little deeper in the utility tree is for the 1/1. Your and is one of the best surprise ganks in the game and you want to be able to do it as often as possible.

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If you've studied the math on the Wriggles Lantern vs Madreds Bloodrazer debate you know that you're giving up some damage, but not much at all. In return you're getting a truckload of surviability and utility. It's worth it. The only time I'd ever suggest building the Madreds is if the team you're up against literally have three or for beefies that will be building defensive items. There's just no reason otherwise to give up your Wriggles and Wits. It's a powerful combo and you'll find against squishes, who you should be targetting anyway, go down just as fast.

The item purchase list above is your core. After that it's game dependant. You might need to get beefier for your team. A Banshee's Veil or Randuin's Omen might be in order. Maybe you're filling more of an AD carry role where The Black Cleaver would be awesome.

That's one of the strong benefits of Warwick. He's extremely flexible and still deadly even if he does build a little tankier than normal.

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Your job is to be awesome and keep wards going. Other people might not be as awesome as you and don't realize how important wards are so you might need to buy more. No matter what when you go back to town you should be buying, at minimum, two wards. With your Wriggles that gives you three. If no one else on your team is warding, ask. Still no? Buy more. Three or four a trip not including your wriggles. It will win you games.

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Jungling / Ganking / Team Fighting


One of the powers of Warwick is he can literally start wherever he wants to. You can be extremely flexible in your jungle path. So how do you decide where to start? I usually go on a path that will, at level four, put me closer to the lane I want to try and help the most. What do I mean? Say your bottom lane is two melee up against a support and ranged AD carry. I'll probably start at blue buff and work my way down. Maybe the top lane looks like a bad combo. That'd be a good time to start at the small golems and work up. It's very interchangeable and flexible. Any Warwick jungling guide telling you that you have to do it A to B to C is wrong and not sensible.


Warwick, if he's going to gank at level four, absolutely needs red buff. So, how is it done? First of all, the lane has to be pushed to your teams side. There's no chance of you being able to pull off an early gank otherwise. If people are asking you to and they are auto attacking creeps and at the halfway point of the river or worse kindly tell them this. Even worse and extra impossible is if your target to be ganked has an escape mechanism. Just forget about it. However, if they're pushed to your teams side start salivating.

Timing is everything. You're going to want to ping and get your lane to engage your target at the same time you come around from the river at the back. Use smartcasting with your and start spamming shift + as you get close to hit them as soon as possible and apply red. After that it's elementary. If they flash, you flash.

Ganking post level 6 is a lot easier. You have a deadly combo. Flash + Infinite Duress can catch anyone off guard. However, I wouldn't reccomend doing this combo if your target is full health and your team mate in the lane has no form of stun. What you're going to want to do is hit them once with , then , then after they start running your will almost be good to go again and you can finish them off.

Team Fighting:

Your job can be more complex than just jumping on their best carry. Let me explain. If you're on a team that has no good initiate from your tank you're going to need to do it for him. You need to try and pick off one of their squishies with your combo for everyone else to follow. Thankfully with our item build you should be durable enough to survive this. If you're lucky and you have a great tank and you don't need to initiate then your job becomes a little more simple.

Let's use... Katrina for example. She's your target. You're going to want to bee line for her but not use your Infinite Duress just yet. Against champions that have a deadly combo or damaging ultimate you want to save your ultimate for theirs. Katrina is a perfect example for this. You get in her face, use your , , and maul her and save your ultimate for when she gets desperate and uses hers.

On the alternative let's say your target is Brand.

Brand can pump out big damage without a gimmicky ultimate... kind of. If you stun him but not kill him he's going to be able to ultimate anyway, so when do you use yours? You use it when he's the biggest threat to your team. If your team is bunched up, if he's isolated, if you're low on health, if he's low on health, those are all good times to use your ultimate. It's very situational and you'll have to learn by trail and error.

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is absolutely essential. Not so much to speed up your jungle, but to secure buffs and dragon. You're going to want to save your Smite until it will nearly, aside from one more auto attack from you, kill your buff. Same goes with dragon. Never, ever, especially if one or more of the champions on the enemy team are MIA use your smite instantly. If you've done it before and used Smite instantly it will only take one time for you to be threatened with a gank and have to run away from your blue or red buff with just one, two hundred hitpoints left on it that you could have Smited to finish off.

You go back, it's gone. It will piss you off. Save the rage and save your Smite.

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Blood Scent

Toggle , please. You never want to let your ganks know that you are coming. There is an annoying delay, however. It's about three seconds. The best time to pop it is just as you're on the border of your targets light radius and are running in. By the time you get there and hit them once it'll be functioning just in time for them to start running away.