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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xplosion5k

Jungling, beefy and dps renekton. Which one to choose?

Xplosion5k Last updated on May 15, 2011
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This build is new, and wil therefore be changed pretty often. If you like it, please check it every now and then for updates.

It's gator time! Well I've got three different ways to skill this beast. I would appreciate if you would try it out, read and ask questions (if something seemes wrong) before you comment.

The thing that i really like with renekton is that you can skill him defensive and yet deal lot's of damage. Therefore I've tested him and found 3 different ways that I like to play him.

So fellas. Nasus's brother is back in town and he will kill all that stands in his way untill he can get his vengance and take down Nasus.

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Due to the patch, I got a bit more offensive mastery build on the dps renekton. You might also wanna one of the defensive items and switch them out with an item giving you pure AD, but I will not change the build as I still think those items helps you a lot. What you might do is get both the sunfire and the banshee vail after bloodthirster and the black cleaver. But it is al up to you.

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Passive: Reign of Anger- Renekton gains 5 Fury per attack. Having 50 or more Fury empowers his abilities with bonus effects but drains 50 Fury when they are used. Out of combat, he loses 5 Fury every 2 seconds. When Renekton is below 50% Health, Fury gains are increased by 50%.

Instead of mana, Renekton has Fury. This increases each time you hit a minoin. Every one o your abilities, except your ultimate deals a lot more damage when fury is over 50. Therefore, use your fur wisely and you will become great!

Q: Cull The Meek
- Renekton swings his blade, dealing 40 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 (+0.6 per bonus attack damage) damage to nearby enemies and healing for 10% of the damage dealt, up to 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150.

When Renekton has more than 50 Fury he deals 50% additional damage and heals for 15% of the damage dealt, the healing hard cap is tripled. Consumes 50 Fury.

This is the skill I think is Renektons best. This is because it can be used often, it heals some hp and it deals a nice amount of damage. It also is the best framing skill. It damages every enemy close to Renekton. And with fury this skill becomes even better. This skill is jus lovely.

W: Ruthless Predator- Renekton's next attack swings twice, dealing 5 / 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 (+0.75 per attack damage) damage per hit, stunning his target for 0.75 seconds and applying on-hit effects.

When Renekton has more than 50 Fury, his next attack will swing three times dealing 5 / 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 (+0.75 per attack damage) damage per hit and stunning his target for 1.5 seconds. Consumes 50 Fury.

This ability is the one thatwil get you all the kills and assist. the stun doesn't last for that very long (unless you have fury, then it actually lasts for 1.5 sec) but it still gives you a nice oppotunity to let your team catch up, or just deal heavy amons of damage without your enemy being able to do anythig to prevent that. But, you really do not need this skill upgraded more than once. This is because the duration of the stun does not increase and your 'E' and 'Q' ablity is used more often outside combat than this one. Therefore the cooldown is not too important. But make sure to use this skill wisely.

E: Slice and Dice
- Slice: Renekton dashes forward, dealing 45 / 75 / 105 / 135 / 165 (+0.6 per bonus attack damage) damage to targets along the way. If he hits a target he gains the ability to use Dice.

Dice: Renekton dashes, dealing 45 / 75 / 105 / 135 / 165 (+0.6 per bonus attack damage) damage along the way. When Renekton has more than 50 Fury during Dice, he deals 50% additional damage and shreds the armor of targets he hits by 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 for 4 seconds. Consumes 50 Fury.

This skill is also a very nice one. It's a vary nice farming skill because if you hit an enemy you can use it again and because the cooldown reduces when hitting an enemy. But thi skill is also very nice when it comes to pure damage of eney champs or just snnoying harassment. You spin in and then spin out. You mostly ge away because you can use slice and dice almost without a pause. But this skill also let's catch up with enemies and even come in front of them, blocking their path. This is just a lovely ability

R: Dominus
- Renekton empowers himself with dark energies, gaining increased size and 300 / 450 / 600 health for 15 seconds. While empowered, he deals 50 / 75 / 100 (+10% of ability power) magic damage to nearby enemies and generates 5 Fury per second.

Ahh! Dominus! This skill is awesome! You now don't really have to care about your fury. This is because he regenerates 5 fury each second, which is much! You also gain a nice amount hp base hp when active making you even a bit more beefy. Thi always comes in handy. But as almost any ultimate ability, it has a long cooldown. So be sure to use it at the right time.

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Introduction to beefy Renekton

Hp is they key. With this build the normal skin fits best. Your armor and weapon is both old, and therefore you will show your enemies that with such ****py equipment you still survive. This is because of your insane hp. Your enemies will flee!

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Introduction to dps Renekton

Damage man! This will **** your emenies up! With this build the galactic skin fits best. Both of your armor and weapon are new and high tech. With a really sharp blade you seem dangerous. Chop em up fella!

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Introduction to junging Renekton

Run around in the outback! With this build the outback skin fits best. You are a lonesome traveler doing whatever you like. The wild is a harsh place. Surviving there makes you tough. Therefore by chosing a "Down Under Outback Style" you will create fear!